The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

The Dance of the Fire God: The Hinokami Kagura – The Chosen Breath and the Original Breath Style of Demon Slayer. What are the Mysteries Behind This Archaic Breathing Form, and Why Does Our Boy Tanjiro Know It? In Today’s Blog, Let’s Take a Look at Sun Breathing’s Backstory, All of Its Forms, Where It’s Used in the Story, and Ultimately Decide How Powerful It Is in the World of Demon Slayer. I’m Super Excited to Get into All of This, so Without Further Ado, Let’s Just Jump Right into It! What’s Up Anime Fan Base?

Welcome Back to Anime Analysis, a Channel Dedicated to Discussing and Analyzing All Things Anime Has to Offer. Today, I’m Explaining All That You Need to Know About the Hinokami Kagura, Otherwise Known as Sun Breathing. If You Enjoy This Content and Want to See More Explained Blogs Similar to This, Make Sure You Smash the Thumbs up Button and Leave Your Suggestions for Future Explained Blogs in the Comments Below.

As a Disclaimer, There Will Be Spoilers as I’ll Be Delving into the Manga to Explain All Things Sun Breathing. If You Have Yet to Read the Manga and Don’t Want to Be Spoiled on What’s Coming in the Upcoming Seasons, I Suggest You Check Out Now.

Passing Along Every Generation and Marked with the Trademark Hanafuda Earrings, the Hinokami Kagura Was Passed on from Father to Son Every Single Generation. From Sunrise to Sunset on One Day of the Year, the Dance Was Performed to Ward off Evil Threats and Prevent Diseases. Only Taught and Known by the Commodore Family, This Beautiful Dance, Separated into 12 Distinct Segments, Are All Performed One after the Other.

With Tanjuro Kamodo, Tanjiro’s Father, Stating That One Is Never Tired or Exhausted as Long as You Understand How to Breathe Properly. Unveiled by Shinjiro Rengoku, Kyojiro’s Father, the Hinokami Kagura Was Later Revealed to Be None Other Than Sun Breathing, the Hidden and Almost Forgotten Breath Style Passed down by None Other Than Yorichi Sugikuni, the Progenitor to All Demon Slayers.

If You Guys Would like to See a Character Analysis or Explain Blog on This Beast of a Character, Let Me Know in the Comments down Below. Being Invented by Yorichi, This Breath Style Is One Which All Others Are Derived From. Since Yorichi Was Truly the Only One Who to Its Full Potential, Being This Way, He Derived All Other Breathing Styles to Suit Individual Swordsmen Strengths. In Total, Five Styles Were Derived from Sun Breathing Which Are Water, Thunder, Stone, Flame, and Moon Breathing Techniques.

After Surviving His First Encounter with Yorichi, Muzan Was So Scarred from His Encounter with a Sun Breather That He Went on a Crusade to Kill Anyone That Is Seen Wearing This Special Hanafuda Earrings, Leading Him Directly to Tanjiro’s House in the Beginning of the Story.

The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

This Breathing Style Is First Seen When Tanjito Squares off against Lower Moon 5 Rui as He Remembers His Father’s Special Dance While He Was a Child. His Father Tells Him That as Long as He Learns How to Breathe, He Will Essentially Be Able to Dance Forever, Implying That Mastering This Breath Style Comes with Essentially an Infinite Amount of Endurance.

Although Tanjiro wasn’t able to defeat Rui using the Breath of the Sun, we see him become more and more proficient at it as the story progresses. The next time we see this breathing form is when Tanjiro uses it on NMU to increase his strength and decapitate the demon train using the second form, Clear Blue Sky. By becoming a staple in Tanjudo’s arsenal, we see him shift away from his initial breathing technique, Water Breathing, and transition more into Sun Breathing instead.

It’s even mentioned by Tanjiro himself that he feels his body is more suited to Sun Breathing than Water Breathing, clearly highlighting his family Bloodlines’ affinity for this breathing style. So you may be asking, what are the different forms of Sun Breathing? And I’m glad you asked because that’s the point of this blog, and we’re going to jump into them right now.

In total, there are 13 forms of Sun Breathing, second only to Moon Breathing, with a whopping 16 forms. If you guys are interested in a blog covering Moon Breathing, type hashtag Kokushibo down in the comments. The first form of Sun Breathing is Dance, a high-powered vertical slash. This was used against Rui to cut through his demon-enhanced red threads. The second form is called Clear Blue Sky, where the user spins their body horizontally to create a slash spanning 360 degrees. This was used to deliver the final blow on Lower Moon 1, and the Moon Breathing Third Form, Moo.

Sun Breathing Fourth Form is called Burning Bones, Summer Sun, where the user unleashes a large circular slash that defends from upcoming frontal attacks. Sun Breathing Fifth Form, Setting Sun Transformation, is one of my favorite breathing techniques. They use our back lips into the air and deliver a sword slash that aims to decapitate their opponent.

This was used when Tanjiro absolutely bodied Akasa during his Rampage via the no-self state. The sixth form is called Solar Heat Haze, where the user unleashes a horizontal slash that seems to fail to hit the target but, in fact, does land. It kinda reminds me of something you would see out of Mist Breathing with its illusionary properties.

Sun Breathing Seventh Form, Beneficent Radiance, the user twirls in the air and delivers powerful slashes that surround and encase the enemy. Sun Breathing Eighth Form, Sunflower Thrust, this breathing technique allows its user to unleash a single pinpoint thrust-like attack. Coming up on the ninth form of Sun Breathing, we have Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance, where the user unleashes incredibly fast sword slashes, which take the form of a dragon, each made up of their distinct flames. This technique is capable of hitting multiple targets all at the same time.

Sun Breathing 10th Form, Firewheel, the user jumps behind their opponent, delivering a downward sword attack in a circular motion that takes the shape of a wheel. Sun Breathing 11th Form is called Fake Rainbow, where the user performs a high-speed twist, creating after-images to avoid a multitude of attacks. These after-images are so realistic they’re capable of fooling demons with enhanced senses of vision. Sun Breathing 12th Form, Flame Dance, is a two-combo strike starting with a vertical slash followed by a horizontal one.

And last but not least, you have the 13th form, Sun Breathing’s ultimate technique. The 13th form is the continuous repetition of all 12 forms that we just mentioned. By doing this, the user increases the accuracy and agility of their movements and eliminates fatigue altogether.

The Ultimate Guide to Sun Breathing: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Strongest Breathing Style in Demon Slayer

This was designed specifically for destroying each of Muzan’s 12 vital organs, which includes seven hearts and five brains. Tanjiro only realizes this once he sees Yorichi perform all the forms flawlessly through his connection with his ancestor Sumi Yoshi. So, having explained all the forms and their backstory, it’s clear that Sun breathing is the strongest breath form in the entire series, bar none.

Being capable of going toe-to-toe with the Demon King of Pop himself, Muzan, and being the breath form that all others are derived from, I’d love to hear comments. What’s your favorite Sun breathing form? If you’re new to anime analysis, make sure to subscribe to get a weekly dose of anime content directed straight into your YouTube feed. But until then, thanks for reading guys, and until next time, stay curious anime fam.

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