The Evolution of Garou’s form: Exploring All of His Forms in One Punch Man

The Evolution of Garou's form: Exploring All of His Forms in One Punch Man

Today, we will be explaining all of Garou’s forms in One Punch Man.

There is a total of five forms to cover, along with his God form at the end. Is there a form in which he is strong enough to defeat Saitama?

The answer may not be what you think. Even in his regular human form, Garou‘s strength is superhuman, and he is easily an S-Class level. He is an extremely skilled fighter who adapts to combat and uses the advantage of the opponent’s weak spots to give himself the upper hand in fights.

His super learning ability allows him to mimic other people’s fighting styles. He used this ability against Genos where he copied Watchdog man’s fighting style and movements. Furthermore, by analyzing his opponent’s line of vision, posture, and muscle tension, he can effectively predict their next attack.

Garou is also incredibly fast, being able to effortlessly dodge a Firebase attack from Blue Fire and rip his arm off before the hero could even realize what happened. He is also able to sense that people are watching him as he realizes he is being watched by two monsters, despite being engaged in a battle against Metal Bat at the time.

As well as being able to sense killing intent very clearly, his senses are also sharp enough to enable him to deflect a barrage of shots from a Gatling gun flawlessly without letting a single shot hit him.

Red Garou’s form

The Evolution of Garou's form: Exploring All of His Forms in One Punch Man

Red Garou’s form, after being pushed to his limits in a series of fights against teams of A-Class and S-Class Heroes, Garou’s evolution begins. In this Garou’s form, his hair and one of his eyes turn red. He fought against both Bang and Bomb simultaneously in this form but was almost beaten to death. One of Garou’s defining traits and a factor that allows him to keep fighting even when on the brink of death is his sheer willpower.

This willpower is evident throughout the battle against his former Masters as he was always able to continue fighting despite all of the injuries. His idea of becoming a genuine monster and spreading fear across the world plays a big role in his incredible willpower, motivating him to accomplish his goals no matter how many difficulties he may face. So far, Garou is nowhere near Saitama’s level, but his most powerful forms are yet to come.

Half Monster Garou’s form

Half Monster Garou’s form, after being almost killed in a fight against Royal Ripper and Bug God, Garou’s power explosively increases, and his clothes merge with his body, causing him to slowly transform, and only his face remains untouched. As a result of being pushed to the brink of death and overcoming it, his limiter starts to break, and he is identified by Gyoro Gyoro as being a half monster.

This is Garou’s first major transformation but is far from the last one. His senses and abilities increased dramatically, and he is able to fight his enemies even while he is asleep. In his half monster form, Garou was able to put up a good fight against Super Alloy Darkshine, although he suffered great injuries from his attacks. As a result of appearing to break his limiter, Garou’s abilities can increase immensely in a very short period of time.

As their battle rages on, Garou’s abilities increased to the point that he can match the S-Class Hero’s full power super Ally bazooka, who his own attack without any difficulty or damage. His strength eventually increases to the point where he was able to pressure and harm the hero both physically and mentally before Tatsumaki interrupted their battle.

He later went on to fight far more powerful foes, such as Overgrown Rover, Yoro Giro, and Orochi in rapid succession before being defeated by the latter complete monster first form. Eventually, Garou nears his transformed monster state with most of his body morphing, devilish horns appear on his head, and his clothes are reduced to only his pants and scarf.

Not a single trait of his former face remains. During his fight with Bomb and his evolved state, the latter was surprised by Garou’s escalating fighting style and commented that through his battles, Garou has combined various techniques and refined them into his own style. As Bang arrives, the master and the student face off again.

The two engage each other, and it seems like a balanced matchup. Garou manages to make his former Master bleed after a brief Clash. Garou suddenly takes this stance of exploding heart release fist, utilizing his new fighting style. Garou is able to overwhelm Bang, pushing him back and significantly injuring him.

Garou then demonstrates his roaring Aura Sky ripping fist to the shock of his master. They both attack each other one last time and attempt to land a finishing blow. Bang successfully punches Garou in the face, while Garou simply grazes Bang’s chest. However, the shockwave from Garou’s blow is still strong enough to cause his former Master to fall to the ground defeated.

After his battle with Bang, Garou was able to swiftly combat and overwhelm three dragon-level monsters in a fraction of a second. Later, he was capable of keeping up with Flashy Flash and Platinum S in combat. All three of them were so fast that a geometric structure of light was created from the speed of their fight.

After Flashy Flash’s defeat, Garou engaged in a one-on-one battle with Platinum S and increased his speed even further, exchanging seemingly hundreds if not thousands of blows with the foe within milliseconds. Complete monster second form after Saitama punches Garou and sends him crashing into the ocean, Garou gets out, now totally wet and angry.

He feels so much rage and views Saitama as a block to his ambition of becoming absolute evil. He begins to transform again, protrusions appear on his back and shoulders, and his horns get more curly.

Full evil Garou’s form

Let’s just say that his demonic features are now more visible, and Garou now resembles an epitome of evil, with his body getting far bulkier than before. While the transformation is going on, Garou is able to hold a little conversation with Tario, a kid that he saved before, and tells the young boy to watch closely while he shows him the powerlessness of Heroes.

Garou’s strength and speed are massively increased in this form. He attacks Saitama, landing a punch at point-blank range. While the force and speed of the punch appeared to be insane, however, Saitama doesn’t even get scratched from it, shrugging it off like it was nothing. This already sets the tone for the entire fight as Garou is still very far away from Saitama’s levels.

The One Punch Man slaps Garou and sends him flying away, reinforcing the fact that while this transformation might have increased Garou’s overall strength, it changes nothing in their battle. As the fight continues, we see Garou use Saitama’s lack of martial art skills against him. He is able to quickly land a hit on Saitama’s bald head, following it up with a punch to Saitama’s face, and completes the triple combo with an elbow.

This is really a move that you will be proud to pull off in a fighting game. Garou continues to get more and more impressive in this form as he counters Saitama’s attack, throwing him to the ground. His impressive streak does not end there as he unleashes God Slayer instant attack, a move that utilizes lightning-fast punches and pummels the Baldi until Saitama is eventually able to break away.

Garou wouldn’t let him rest as he attacks with the God Slayer ascending combo, a move that sends One Punch Man crashing into a building. The destructive effect of this attack is something that I can’t wait to see animated.

God Garou’s form

The Evolution of Garou's form: Exploring All of His Forms in One Punch Man

Garou receives a serious headbutt from Saitama, which frustrates the hell out of the wannabe monster and causes him to undergo yet another transformation. We will soon talk about Garou’s Cosmic God form, but let’s first explain his final monster form. As Garou begins to transform again due to his anger, he gets bulkier and bulkier as his muscles increase in size.

Another noticeable feature is that his body is seemingly covered in armor, and his horns are a bit different. But the standout feature here is the demon wings that he develops in this form. Yeah, you heard that right, Garou can now fly. As they continue with their battle, even Saitama acknowledges Garou’s strength increases in this form.

With a combination of speed and strength, Garou begins to flex his newfound power as he punches Saitama into a volcano and flies right at him. I don’t know about you guys, but some of Garou’s designs remind me of demons in Black Clover, and to be honest, all the forms look so cool. As the battle rages on, we get a real test of durability for Garou’s new form as Saitama gets a clean punch in at his opponent.

Surprisingly, Garou receives little to no damage as he easily shrugs off the strike. It has to be said that Boros received severe damage from taking these punches while Garou just tanked one to the chin. He seriously deserves some credit for this. Over the course of the fight, Garou begins to get more and more frustrated as he cannot harm Saitama in any way.

The One Punch Man even deflects a slew of attacks from Garou with just one hand, showing their vast difference in strength. Garou resigns himself to his fate that Saitama is stronger than him as he states that Saitama is the embodiment of unfairness.

At this point, One Punch Man hits him with some regular punches and a final punch that destroys a lot of his monster armor, and a lot of his body reverts to his human form. Cosmic form, this is the form Garou assumes after escaping the body takeover by God in his fight against Saitama. Its appearance is that of a featureless void filled with galaxies and stars. His silhouette is reminiscent of how he looked after his fight with Super Alloy Dark Shine.

How strong is Garou in this form, and most importantly, can he really defeat Saitama? Having received powers from God, Garou has also gained knowledge of all energy flow as well as the behavior of all forces in the universe. He is apparently able to control the energies of the universe as he pleases.

This allows him to deliver extremely powerful blows of cosmic energy. In this form, Garou has become the symbol of fear that brings all heroes to despair, in other words, the absolute evil. He is able to use his energy manipulation combined with his punches to generate Atomic blasts.

These blasts are powerful enough to be detected by nuclear detection tools. Psychos refers to these blasts as divine power, likening them to Homeless Emperor’s energy spheres. Garou is also able to use his energy manipulation to summon the same phenomenon of the gamma-ray burst.

For those of you who don’t know, gamma-ray bursts are immensely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. When he uses this power, the area around Garou becomes a miniature Singularity and he releases two parallel beams of energy in the direction he desires. This attack is powerful enough to make Saitama think that it would be bad if it only even grazes the Earth. One of the new abilities this form has granted Garou is Shaki.

It is the secret martial arts technique that borrows the power of nature by imitating the movements of living things. Garou refers to them as modes, which he thinks sounds cooler. Using this ability, the techniques Garum copies also get honed to perfection at incredible speed, rendering the original user soon unable to catch up to the duplicated techniques.

As of making this blog, Saitama’s and Garou’s fight hasn’t yet finished, but from what we have seen, he is fully capable of holding his own against Saitama and even landing some punches against him. This is definitely the most epic battle in One Punch Man that we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait for the next chapter.


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