Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

Best fights in One Punch Man! Now, when talking about the best fights in One Punch Man, I mean a few come to mind. Such as Saitama versus Boro’s child, Emperor versus Phoenix man, Flashy Flash versus Hellfire and Gale, Tatsumaki vs Psycho Saroji, Cosmic Gara vs Saitama. Hell, even put Platinum vs Goro versus Flashy Flash up there. But one of them stands above them all. Now, I know this is my opinion, and I’m sure a few of you are pretty angry at me for not choosing Saitama versus Cosmic Garou, which is a close second. But all I can really say is, you’re wrong! And I’m just kidding. I don’t really care.

You can know your favorite fight could be, I don’t know, Zombie man versus Pure blood, for like, I don’t know. I don’t really care. But I’m just here to talk about Garou versus Dark Shine. By the time this blog releases, we probably would have hit 4K already, and I just want to say I love you. Thank you. The reason I really feel like I like Garou vs Dark Shine so much is because one, it’s really cool, and two, the fact that these characters literally couldn’t be more different from each other.

From appearance to their personalities, to their personal goals, etc. And maybe I’m overanalyzing these guys, but I find that really interesting. Dark Shine as a character is really shallow and only cares about winning for his own self-esteem and image. And I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Dark Shine probably doesn’t even care about saving people as much as showing off his, quote-unquote, “strength,” or completely overwhelming his opponents.

And this is also where I think of Saitama as well because Saitama is a hero for fun, but we see that a good part of the reason Saitama decided to become a hero was to save people and, in simple terms, do the right thing. For example, when Saitama came back to save Suryu from Goketsu, it was clear that Saitama did this for the sole purpose of saving a life and once again being a hero. However, when Darkshine came to fight Garou, sure he did technically save Puri, but did he do this to solely save Puri? I don’t think so.

Darkshine even after shortly says “this will be fun” when he’s about to face Garou. He really just wanted to see how strong he was compared to the infamous hero hunter Garou, which is what led to his eventual defeat because if Darkshine knew the boundless potential of Garou to continuously grow, he would not be as eager to face him as he initially was. It is even stated by the narrator that is he really looking forward to a fight? No, he was looking for the thrill of victory.

He would not throw himself into a struggle without a clear outcome or victory or defeat. And of course, this is a complete contrast to Garou because we’ve seen Garou throw himself into fights regardless of if he would win or not. Ironically, Garou is instinctively better suited to be a hero than Dark Shine, the actual hero. And what exactly are each of them fighting for? Dark Shine’s reasons for fighting, as we’ve discussed, is very shallow.

There’s no real deeper meaning or purpose to what he’s doing. But Garou is completely different. Garou fights the heroes to expose their hypocrisy, and it’s clear that Garou does not like the way monsters go about things.

So he fights them as well because surprise surprise, Garu actually isn’t really a bad person. Garu has been portrayed to be brutal and sometimes even evil, but we see on multiple occasions of Tario glimpses of him being an actual good person. Garou was always meant to be a hero, but went about it in a completely different way, and this all stems from when he was a kid. We see that he was bullied for defending monsters, and from then he decided that he would bring about justice in his own way and unify everyone under absolute evil, and that’s what he kind of did, you know, until old time travel.

But you can see the complete differences between these two characters, and there’s a reason Dark Shine lost, and that’s because his reason for wanting to fight in the first place, Chis, was not strong enough. There was no real purpose for him to win apart from boosting his already massive ego, and as I said before, compared to Garou’s reasons for winning, it’s almost like a sorry excuse. Like Dark Shine is a very, very shallow character.

I can’t stress this enough. I’m not going to act like Garou is the most complex character to ever grace manga, but in this particular fight, he is far more complex and deeper than Doctrine, in my opinion. And complexity doesn’t equal winning a fight in most cases, but in this fight, I’m just saying you could make some inferences to suggest that. And can we really talk about a One Punch Man fight without talking about the art? The art in this fight was out of this world.

Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

I mean, the art in all of Morata’s fights are, you know, amazing, but there are a few panels in this fight that really made me think, “Yeah, this was the one.” This is the one. I couldn’t be more appreciative to Morata for what he’s done for One Punch Man, because without him, I say One Punch Man would not be nearly as big as it is today. And of course, without ONE’s amazing storytelling, we also wouldn’t be here today reading this Japanese comic about a bald guy punching things, AKA Peak fiction.

And I just want to take a bit of time out of this blog to talk about the channel, and if you don’t really care, then you can skip to the time frame shown on the screen. But if you’ve made it this far, then I’m sure you care. But let’s talk about how things are going to change around here. I’m sure you guys have seen that I have not been uploading as frequently, and I’m sure you have also seen that in exchange for this, the overall quality of my content has also increased.

So, I’m sure you guys see what’s going on here. You know, you get what’s you get what’s going on. I’ve decided that I was kind of bored of doing the old style of, you know, every other day upload to eight-minute unscripted discussion about the recent events in the One Punch Man manga. And not only was I bored of this, but I just knew it was not sustainable. And I know I could produce stuff of way higher quality if I wanted to, but I sacrificed that for quantity.

And I do want to cover other series and make blogs like this one you’re reading right now for other manga. But one thing that won’t change is the chapter reviews of One Punch Man because I just love covering the chapters.

But apart from the bi-weekly chapter review, I will be working on higher quality content that may be One Punch Man based like this one, or on some other series. But that’s all I have to say, to be honest. After seeing Puri beaten on the floor, Darkshine asks who defeated him, and that is when Garou, who at this point has not woken up from his slumber and is moving unconsciously, appears from the broken wall and stares down at Darkshine.

Darkshine smiles back and says, “This will be fun,” as he approaches Garou to start this crazy fight. Garou kicks off the fight and charges at Darkshine; however, with his insane durable body, Darkshine knocks Garou back and sends him flying. Garou then quickly recovers, and with his insane speed, he spirals around Darkshine and goes in with speedy kicks, which Darkshine counters by smashing him with his fist, causing Garou to wake up.

Garou wonders where he is and how he ended up here fighting Darkshine, but Garou being Garou does not let this face him and reads the situation and gets ready to continue fighting.

Darkshine then goes into punch Garou; however, Garou weaves underneath his huge fist and knocks Darkshine in his side and follows up with a downwards kick with his heel that smashes Darkshine into the floor. However, Darkshine, with no scratches, springs back up and continues to talk about how he will defeat Garou.

Garou then responds by saying he will take care of both heroes and monsters and that they are all done for. But Darkshine charges at Garou with killing intent to crush him, and as Garou tries to use the water stream technique, it does not work, and as Darkshine connects, all the bones in Garou’s ribs crack due to the impact and sends him flying through multiple pieces of rubble.

Just as Darkshine thought he had won, Garou sends rocks flying at his face, which does not affect Darkshine but surprises him as he did not expect Garou to survive his attack. Garou then comments on the hypocrisy of the heroes and begins to unleash a flurry of attacks at Darkshine, which forces Darkshine to go on the defensive and wait for an opening for when he slows down. However, Darkshine, after a while, starts to realize that Garou is not letting up and instead is increasing his speed, causing him, for the first time in his entire life, to consider the possibility of defeat.

After this, Darkshine begins to panic and throws a super aloe bazooka at Garou, which Garou responds to by throwing a punch back, and as they clash, Darkshine realizes that Garou had not only withstood his attack but had gotten considerably stronger in a short period of time. And of course, little did Darkshine know that Garou had begun to remove his limiter, which explains this rapid growth and strength. Garou then continues to attack Darkshine with speed, and as Darkshine tries to go in for a punch, Garou easily dodges and hits Darkshine in his abdomen, sending him flying backwards on the floor.

Garou VS Darkshine Explained & Full Narration

A Garou then mocks Darkshine about how he claimed he would stop him and menacingly looks at Darkshine as his new form is revealed. Darkshine then goes in to try and attack Garou once again, but he is quickly and easily countered by Garou’s newfound speed and power. The narrator then begins to reveal the true nature of Darkshine and say how Darkshine never wanted to throw himself into struggle but only wanted the thrill of victory, and when faced with a truly tough opponent, Darkshine simply crumbles and cannot overcome it.

And in this case, the hurdle he cannot overcome is the hero Hunter himself, Garou,” as a beautiful double spread of Garou’s power personified towering over darkshine is revealed. In a fit of panic, darkshine uses another Super Aloe Bazooka which connects with Garu, but Garu, despite taking damage, pulls through and seems to heal thanks to his new form. He charges straight back at darkshine, kicking him in the abdomen and sending him flying to the floor, and says he will take darkshine’s arms as he pins him down brutally.

Darkshine then lets out an eek in reaction to Garou’s overwhelming power, which causes Garou to remember the bullying he and Tario faced as he saw darkshine’s helplessness, similarly to those situations. He backs away and says, “It looks like I was bullying him,” and says, “That’s not the kind of evil I want to carry out.” At this point, it is clear that Garou is not necessarily a villain and is instead an anti-hero who, I guess you could say, is taking his approach and carrying out justice as he sees heroes as morally questionable and hypocritical in their acts.

Suddenly, Garou’s shoulder begins to swell and causes him to drop in pain as the surrounding area begins to fall apart due to the fight between Tatumaki and Psychos-Orochi. Darkshine is then put into a green bubble created by Tatumaki as he has floated out of the collapsing monster Association, lamenting on how pitiful he was and realizing that he had just lost this fight.

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