Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

One Punch Man is better than Mob Psycho. That’s it. That’s the blog. I will no longer elaborate. No, no, I’m just kidding. But for real, One Punch Man is better than Mob Psycho, trust me. And yeah, yeah, I know Scamboli told you otherwise, but I mean, who the hell is Scam Bully anyway? He’s probably like gay or something. I don’t know.

Mob Psycho and One Punch Man are both series written by the author. One, Mob Psycho, was serialized on April 18, 2012, and received an anime adaptation on July 12, 2016, and the anime was… Okay, that’s what I would have said if I was a complete idiot. Mob Psycho was exciting, new, flashy, crazy. It was one of the best things to come out in a while, but it was also very down to earth and oddly quite humbling for someone like me.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Mob Psycho was pretty much the reason I started this channel, which is weird since, you know, most of my channel was literally just One Punch Man. I’m sorry. I got One Punch Man’s first appearance. The scene was in 2009 in the form of a webcomic and then became a manga in 2012 and was a remake drawn by Yusuke Morata. And finally, in 2015, it received an anime that took the world by storm.

Now, of course, this blog is purely my opinion. I personally think they are both really good series. I mean, that’s pretty obvious. ONE just creates absolute bangers. He’s an amazing author. I mean, you could literally swap the faces of the main characters and they still look relatively the same. And you could say this is a coincidence or that it’s just the quote-unquote “art style,” but, you know, it’s got me thinking. I have a bit of a conspiracy on my hands.

I’ve been told that if I ask for you to subscribe, there’s a higher chance that you will actually do so. So, you know, this is a pit stop for you to just, you know, go down there and leave a like and subscribe. But yeah, yeah, continue with the blog. Mob Psycho is about a pretty normal school boy that isn’t really popular and overall lacks presence.

Apart from the fact that he can literally move things with his mind. Mob is also an assistant to a self-proclaimed psychic and objective best character in the series, Reagan Arataka. Now, let’s talk about the characters. The characters in this anime are very enjoyable, more specifically, Reagan, Dimple, Teruki, Ryo, Toichiro, Ritsu, and of course, Mob. All of these characters have their own unique quirks and personalities, which, of course, is always great since lately lots of other series are pretty unoriginal.

Mob Psycho is good at building up and developing the characters in ways that One Punch Man doesn’t. In the anime, Teruki is a good example of a good character in Mob Psycho, or even Mob’s brother, Ritsu. Teruki was once a really annoying bully, and after fighting and pushing Mob to his limit, he changed and helped Mob later on in the series. And during their fight, not only did Teruki’s character develop, but also Mob did a lot. There are also many good character moments in the series that are both funny and very sad.

For example, Reagan is the character that interacts with Mob the most, and many times they do dumb stuff, which is really lighthearted and fun. And sometimes, you know, it gets pretty deep and pretty sad at the same time. Reagan and Mob have a falling out, and we mainly focus on Reagan, and we just see how lonely and miserable his life really is without Mob.

And all this time, he convinced himself that Mob was the one that needed him most, but day by day, he realized that he was the one that really needed Mob more. And after this incident, the interactions between Mob and Reagan in more serious situations had changed drastically, which is just… it’s great. Like, it’s peak Mob Psycho. But One Punch Man does this as well, but it’s cooler. One Punch Man introduces characters in a way that you expect a character to be introduced in a series called One Punch Man.

Saitama meets Genos by slapping a mosquito monster to death. Saitama meets King and plays block games with him for like half of season 2. Why do you ask? I don’t know. It’s just One Punch Man. Genos and Saitama’s relationship is hilarious, and it’s even expanded upon in the manga. And boy, oh boy, if you read the manga or if you are caught up with the manga, then you would know the crazy stuff that has been happening over there.

Saitama is a hero for fun. He doesn’t do this to save people or act as the face of justice. He does it because it’s fun. But as he grew to ridiculous levels of power, that sensation of fighting a strong opponent had disappeared. And I feel like this is where One Punch Man, on a personal level, really gets me. Saitama is unmotivated, bored, and is frankly pretty lazy. And this was me like a year or two ago. And to be honest, I’m still those things.

But after reading and watching One Punch Man, I was a little less unmotivated, bored, and lazy. Seeing Saitama going through this struggle masked with the comedy of the series is just so amazing. Mob, on the other hand, is a character that I’m sure many relate to. And of course, I empathize with Mob and understand the struggles he had to go through. Mob as a character is strong, and of course, he’s an esper. But deep down, Mob isn’t strong at all.

Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

He’s shy, timid, and not confident at all. And I feel like that down-to-earth type of feel is what gets a lot of people. And since there’s such a contrast to One Punch Man, people tend to point that out and see that as more of a negative towards One Punch Man, which I simply disagree with. Seeing Saitama punch through a monster in a single punch or seeing him fight monsters that push him further to show his true powers just fills me with excitement every single time.

That ridiculous and unrealistic strength, accompanied with Saitama’s contrasted blank face, makes for some of the best scenes ever. Now, the plot of Mob Psycho is essentially Mob trying to live a normal life whilst trying to suppress his powers and understand his emotions. And on the way, he faces obstacles that prevent him from, you know, doing that.

One Punch Man, on the other hand… I mean, it speaks for itself. Now, in the plot department, I feel like both series are just as interesting as each other. As someone who reads the One Punch Man manga and webcomic, I can guarantee that One Punch Man Season 1 and 2 are just the literal tip of the iceberg when it comes to the plot of the One Punch Man series.

And since Season 3 has just been announced to be in production and by a new studio, you can bet that One Punch Man will show you a completely new side to it that you’ve never seen before. And can I really talk about One Punch Man and not talk about the GOATs? Garo. This man plays a huge role in the next few seasons of the One Punch Man anime.

And I mean, I will say for sure that if the animation is anywhere near what Season 1’s animation was, then One Punch Man will arise from the dead like a flipping phoenix, and One Punch Man will just be as good as it was in Season 1. I was getting a bit too excited though. Anyway, when it comes to the animation of these two series, I’m sure we can all agree that both of these series are animated beautifully. And of course, One Punch Man Season 2 is… we don’t talk about One Punch Man Season 2.

But One Punch Man Season 1, compared to Mob Psycho’s animation, is just as or maybe even better, depending on your opinion. The crazy colors and abstract movement in One Punch Man fights are absolutely insane. And not to mention, the impact frame of punches and blows in the series are just euphoric. It’s crazy. The character designs of some of these characters are unique and very nice to look at. Well done, Madhouse.

You get a pat on the head because you did pretty well with One Punch Man Season 1. And the same can be said for Mob Psycho as well. The animation in the series is mind-blowing. Things are flying everywhere, people are flying everywhere. It’s just very enjoyable to look at, very abstract, very cool. Well done, Studio Bones. You also get a pat on the head, I guess. Comedy. Comedy is a very crucial and integral part of a series since, to be honest, this is what makes or breaks a series in this genre.

Obviously, One Punch Man’s comedy definitely hits, and pretty much all the jokes land for me. And something I really appreciate about One Punch Man is the fact that I don’t feel like the series is trying to take itself too seriously or it’s trying too hard to be funny. And it doesn’t take itself too seriously, as I said, because at the end of the day, One Punch Man is a series poking fun at these stereotypical superhero tropes. One Punch Man also does not force the jokes or puns or whatever it is.

Superior Power: Why One Punch Man Reigns Over Mob Psycho 100

Everything just feels natural and normal. Mob Psycho is also very funny. Like, it’s a very funny series. And most of that comes from Reagan, which acts as sort of a double-edged sword because most of the time when Mob Psycho attempts to be funny without Reagan being present, it normally falls or just kind of falls flat in general. It just fails to, you know, hit the same way as opposed to him being there or being the one to deliver the joke or whatever it is.

Now, if I was to come to the final reason, I really think One Punch Man is better than Mob Psycho. It simply comes down to what I value more in a series. One Punch Man not only resonates with me on a more personal level than Mob Psycho, but also is what I prefer to watch/read when it comes to, you know, this type of genre, etc.

And at the end of the day, the people who like Mob Psycho better will like the counter blog to this, while the people who like One Punch Man will like this blog more. That’s just how life is. So, um, if you love Mob Psycho, that’s cool. I also love Mob Psycho. But One Punch Man is just better. Deal with it.

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