One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

So in the previous chapter, we saw Saitama trying to de-escalate the situation with Tatsumaki, but also trying to bring her to justice for destroying his apartment. They wind up getting in this test of strength where Saitama won’t let go of Tatsumaki’s wrist and she keeps regressively using more and more power to the point of where she might cause casualties. Saitama realizes this and decides to grab onto her and jumps with her outside of the hero association so that they could go away, to avoid possible casualties.

He also realizes that she probably doesn’t care as much about civilians as much as the other Heroes do given her reckless abandon in the situation here. Coming into this chapter, we see that they didn’t go too far away and they wind up crashing into the ground and rolling around. Tatsumaki asks Saitama why he won’t let her go and he’s like, “Yeah because I don’t want you to run away, you might start destroying houses again.”

She’s insulted by this and says, “Are you out of your mind? Why would I run away from someone weaker than me?” Saitama finally decides to let her go and she’s like, “Yeah, you’re not too bad, I’ll give you that. But even if I strengthen the output of my psych power just a bit,” and she flicks Saitama in the head and sends them flying.

But he regains himself and it looks like he’s angry at this, but then Tatsumaki starts to go into her psychic tornado thing summoning rocks around her. We see that Saitama wasn’t actually angry at this at all and he’s actually kind of into it because he’s like, “That looks like that could be fun too.”

But then we cut away from that, we go back to the hero association with the group that we just left and they’re like, “You’re attacked by suspicious esper,” in reference to the Tatsumaki Joker guy. Tatsumaki kind of shibaku tensed him and that’s why we see that giant rock here. But the Tatsumaki guy wakes up because he’s been able to recover enough and he’s able to dig underground using his psychic ability. He winds up going into the parking garage and getting back to his car and driving away because it turns out that the traitor from the Blizzard group was driving the whole time.

In this sequence, we’re getting the name reveal on this guy finally and his name’s Apollo. As they’re driving away, they can see Tatsumaki fighting Saitama in the distance and upon just wait and see next time, “I’ll get you.” So yeah, we definitely knew that this storyline was going to be continuing afterward. I guess this is going to be like the main esper storyline that we have going on and Apollo could also be Tatsumaki’s final opponent being set up here, maybe.

One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

Also, he could potentially become one of God’s Akatsuki. I know I’ve talked about that here and there, but I don’t think I have a really blog about it. But I do think that God will eventually have his own Akatsuki, just like his own strong group of disciples that are similar to what he did with Cosmic Figaro. It’s possible that one of them will be this guy because I don’t think this is the ceiling of Apollo’s power. I do think he’s going to get stronger because it kind of has to be if he’s going to challenge Tatsumaki, especially towards the end of the series.

But Tatsumaki continues to fight against Saitama and she’s like firing off all these rocks against him, but we knew that this wouldn’t really do anything. And this is and he’s like bored by this because this is also nothing new to him. He’s dealt with this many times before, but we’re also seeing that the Hero Association is very aware of what’s going on here because they’re like, ‘We’ve detected abnormal vibrations on site two kilometers Northwest,’ and they ask if anybody can mobilize immediately.

But they were waiting for a response, so just remember this because I think this means that some of the S-Class heroes are going to intervene here and like step in with this Tatsumaki versus Saitama fight. And it’s going to be like S-Class because they say, ‘At this scale, we’ll need help from the S-Class,’ so who it’s gonna be anybody’s guess, but I definitely do think this is going to happen either in the next chapter or the chapter after that.

But coming back to Saitama versus Tatsumaki, she’s continuing to like throw these rocks at him, and one of them accidentally goes in like the path of this civilian family that’s driving to the Hero Association because they had just gotten housing there. And Saitama is able to destroy the rock and save them at like the last second, and he’s like, ‘Hey, watch it, that’s dangerous. Pay attention to things around you.’ And the response Tatsumaki gives is really interesting. She’s like, ‘Don’t act so pompous.’

So it seems like that potentially could have been a real possibility for Tatsumaki to accidentally have taken that family out, and she like kind of realizes it here. Like I was saying, Tatsumaki doesn’t seem to be the most caring about collateral damage or the civilians or at least as much as like the typical hero would. I mean, obviously she wants to save people, but she’s way more reckless than the rest of the heroes, way more temperamental and emotional.

And Saitama definitely realizes that. I mean, that’s the main reason he brought her out here. And of course, this further angers Tatsumaki, and she winds up throwing another barrage at Saitama. And as he’s deflecting them, one of the rocks gets sent back at the civilian car they drove away in. And he like blitzes at the rock trying to stop it, but before he gets there, Tatsumaki grabs the car and saves the civilians. She’s like, ‘That was dangerous.

One Punch Man Chapter 179 review: Tatsumaki Goes Crazy on Saitama

Watch where you’re deflecting things.’ So they’re kind of going tit for tat here, neither one of them able to gain the moral high ground. But I really like this sequence. It also shows that Saitama is not perfect and makes similar mistakes to Tatsumaki. But also, this is a really impressive feat from Tatsumaki as well because Saitama was really trying to go after that rock and save those people. Like he was moving really fast, and she grabbed the car before he could make it.

They continued to anger each other, and Tatsumaki continues her psychic tornado lobbing rocks at Saitama. And the chapter ends with her saying this to Saitama, ‘There’s no way I can entrust Fubuki to someone like you, so get away from her.’ It’s like Saitama’s like, ‘I want to go out.’

So yeah, this is continuing the whole “will they won’t they” thing with Fubuki and Saitama, because in the previous chapter, as Saitama was grabbing Tatsumaki’s wrist, he was speaking to Fubuki really formally. He was like, “Fubuki,” and she’s like, “Yes,” and then he was like, “I’ll do something about Miss Stubborn here. Do you take everyone and evacuate?” She’s like, “Understood.” And that triggered Tatsumaki. She’s like, “Oh, you’re awfully familiar with my sister, aren’t you?”

And we got a little sequence of Saitama saying that she’s just an acquaintance, which seemed to affect Fubuki. But yeah, Tatsumaki has made up in her mind that Saitama is interested in Fubuki and he’s gonna take her away from her because, as we’ve seen, she’s super possessive of Fubuki and, you know, kind of crazy. So this is the only thing that Tatsumaki even really cares about in this sequence – his possible interest in Fubuki.

But yeah, this fight will definitely continue in the next chapter, and I think at that point we’re gonna see some truly insane feats. Like, this is kind of just a warm-up right now. We haven’t really seen anything too crazy, but I think that’s reserved for like the next two chapters. So look out for that, and also let me know what you thought about this chapter in the comments. And if you like the blog, guys, please give it a like. Have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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