Satoru Gojo: The Limitless

Satoru Gojo: The Limitless

Satoru Gojo: The Limitless 

Satoru Gojo: The Limitless

Today we’re going to be taking a look at everything you need to know about The Limitless. Satoru Gojo who is the main user of The Limitless in the series, is one of the most terrifyingly powerful sorcerers in existence. As both a naturally talented fighter, an extremely intelligent human being, he also happens to be the recipient of one of the rarest combinations of abilities in the series.

This blog will cover 3 major topics, The Limitless, its interactions with the Six Eyes, and some of the lesser known abilities that The Limitless provides. If you’d like to get into all of the nitty gritty details of The Six Eyes, their origins, and everything they have to offer then there will be a link to that blog below.

First things first let’s go ahead and dive into The Limitless. The limitless has 3 basic states, with one advanced state, along with the capabilities of being developed into a domain expansion with a handful of other miscellaneous powers granted on the side. The first state of The Limitless is it’s neutral state known as Infinity.

In both the anime and the manga, Gojo’s enemies tend to not be able to land a single scratch on him no matter how they try to attack him. Both Cursed Techniques and Physical attacks are rendered more or less useless because the attacks seem to stop completely just before reaching his body.

This complete stoppage however is more of a visual effect as what’s happening in reality is that anything that comes in direct contact with the aura of Infinity is actually infinitely slowed down to impossibly slow speeds giving the appearance that they’ve been stopped completely to the naked eye.

This is taken from a concept in mathematics where no matter how many times a number is divided, the results of the division will never equal zero. Instead the numbers will infinitely become smaller and smaller decimals. This is essentially what’s happening to the speed of the attacks that Gojo deems to be worth blocking with Infinity.

By using the extreme amounts of mental processing power, and detailed levels of cursed energy detection granted to him by The Six Eyes, Gojo has been able to improve his usage of Infinity to allow it to automatically process which things are and are not safe to allow through the barrier. The combination of the Six Eyes and The Limitless allows Infinity to sort incoming items by their amounts of cursed energy, mass, speed and shape.

Satoru Gojo: The Limitless

It’s unknown if Infinity is currently able to sort out poisonous items, but it’s mentioned to be a goal that Gojo was working towards during his school years.

Normally for the average Jujutsu Sorcerer having their cursed technique active 24 hours a day would fry their brains from the constant overload of work and deplete their cursed energy to the point of physical exhaustion, but because of the many benefits of the Six Eyes Gojo is able to calculate a reverse cursed technique to constantly heal his brain from any stress that would have otherwise rendered him unable to continue.

The constant use of Infinity is also aided by The Six Eyes ability to process Cursed Energy so well that the amount that he loses is basically close to zero. Essentially making Gojo an untouchable monster for the majority of his enemies in the series.

Infinity is an extremely powerful form of defense, but it isn’t invincible. There are multiple ways of dispelling Infinity and in some rare cases, ways to get around its automatic threat sorting properties.

The most prominent ways of interrupting Infinity’s protection is through the use of extremely rare cursed tools such as The Black Rope and the Inverted Spear of Heaven, which have the ability to disrupt and nullify the effects of not only The Limitless, but all Cursed Techniques respectively.

However, with Gojo being both extremely intelligent and an experienced fighter, this has never been shown to stop him from defeating his enemies. The second way to completely get around Infinity is through the use of a very rare technique called Domain Amplification, which coats its users in an aura that dispels all cursed techniques on contact.

This however is an extremely rare ability, and it limits the users of Domain Amplification to only being able to use physical attacks. In the event that Gojo is aware of something that isn’t covered by Infinity’s automatic threat detection, he can choose to have Infinity repel it manually just as he used to before further developing the technique.

Assuming they ever ended up in a physical confrontation, The Angel shown in the culling games who erases all cursed techniques can also presumably stop Infinity and all of the abilities of The Limitless. The final known way to bypass Gojo’s defense is to avoid dealing with it all together and to choose to seal him away with an item such as Prison Realm.

But as shown in the manga, this is much easier said than done. State 2 of The Limitless: Blue Blue is the Strengthened form of the limitless which increases the cursed energy output of the technique and causes somewhat of a magnetic effect.

Blue by itself has tremendous offensive capabilities and can be used to both instantly mangle the body parts of Gojo’s opponents, or to force two targets to collide to the point of crushing each other.

Satoru Gojo: The Limitless

The way the magnet effect works is by essentially creating a vacuum of negative space that forces the surrounding area to try to force that space to be filled. This results in the two targets on either side of that negative void to be forcefully pulled together at a speed and force that crushes them together instantly.

In the event that Gojo is facing a single target his usage of blue will twist all of their limbs together rendering them incapable of fighting, assuming they actually survive to begin with. One powerful derivative of Blue is an attack that’s rarely seen known as Azure Glow. This essentially works in a similar way to the first description given for Blue’s abilities but with the added twist of Gojo amplifying it to be a wide ranged AOE attack.

This version of blue allows Gojo to choose a point to act as a center of gravity capable of attracting everything in the area purely to crush it into dust in a wide radius. This was seen back in chapter 71 when Gojo tried to obliterate Toji only to find out that he had already moved out of the range of the attack.

As for its utility based purposes, The users of The Limitless can cast Blue on themselves to greatly boost their speed in an effort to overwhelm their opponents. The range of Blue also Stretches quite far, allowing Gojo to defeat his enemies without necessarily having to get close. This is also good incase a target attempted to flee from Gojo mid battle.

The Downsides of Blue are that it can be quite difficult to use as it requires precise manipulation of the user’s cursed energy, which is thankfully something that’s provided by The Six Eyes. Even with that being the case though prolonged use of Blue can still tire out its users to a degree, especially when used on a larger scale.

Another strategic weak point of Blue is that it can be difficult to keep it from also pulling in allies if they’re too close to Blue’s intended target.

Because the vacuum of space created by Blue doesn’t discriminate with its targets, assuming that a large scale team fight were taking place where the enemies are evenly mixed in with Gojo’s allies, using Blue would be out of the question as it would take too many of the lives that he’s trying to protect.

Even if Blue were used for its utility purposes, assuming that Blue touches a non target Gojo increasing his speed in this way would be like dumping a massive amount of energy on them which in most cases would kill an unintended target. For this reason, among many others, Satoru Gojo is the most lethal when he’s fighting alone.

State Number 3 of The Limitless: Red Red is a purely offensive technique that’s fueled by pumping The Limitless with positive energy. This entire process is made possible by a reverse cursed technique. According to pseudo Geto Red outputs at least twice as much energy as Blue by bringing infinity into reality and condensing its power into a small point hovering above Gojo’s finger.

The blast radius is incredibly large and will blast away almost anything caught directly in its path. As another large scale AOE attack, this is yet again, another reason why Gojo’s full power can only be unleashed when he’s alone. Advanced States: One of the rarest attacks that The Limitless can provide is also one of the most popular with the fans of the series.

The most powerful direct attack that Satoru Gojo can output is one that’s not even widely known in the Gojo family, let alone the rest of the Jujutsu world. This God level attack is known as Hollow Purple. By combining both Red and Blue, Gojo is able to create something that by all stretches of the imagination, should be impossible.

Because of the very nature of this technique defying all natural laws it’s also commonly called Imaginary Technique: Purple in the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga.

Hollow purple is a seemingly unstoppable sphere of pure destruction that obliterates anything in its path with no known exceptions. Because of the combination of the forces of Attraction and Repulsion Hollow Purple creates a distortion in the fabric of space at an atomic level.

Which is in part, possible because of the benefits provided by The Six Eyes. As for Gojo’s final known offensive ability in the series, he possesses one of the most terrifying Domain Expansions in the entire series. Originally used on Jogo in Episode 7 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Unlimited Void creates a literal empty void of space that appears to take the target to the very center of the universe itself.

The target is then presented with a barrage of limitless information that floods their brains to the point of them being unable to act. It’s an extremely odd phenomenon that paralyzes its target allowing Gojo to simply walk up to them and dispose of them as he pleases, sometimes even going as far as to rip his opponents entire head off.

Luckily, the effects of Gojo’s domain expansion don’t effect him or anyone that he’s directly touching at the time of casting. Unfortunately though assuming that there’s a curtain active like in the Shibuya incident, a prolonged Unlimited Void would crush anyone between the domain and the curtain.

Bearing this in mind, because of how polished Satoru Gojo’s abilities are, he’s able to limit himself to only using his Domain Expansion for a total of 0.2 seconds if necessary. This will help him avoid the consequences of involving innocents with low cursed energy by flooding them with as little information as possible.

Even though the civilians were only inside of Unlimited Void for a total of 0.2 seconds, they were flooded with roughly half a years worth of information, which would force them to be out of commission for at least 2 months before they were able to return to their regular lives with the help of rehabilitation centers.

Gojo also retains the abilities of self healing through reversed curse techniques, using curtains, reinforcing his body with cursed energy for increased physical power and damage reduction, flight, teleportation for himself and others, and all of the abilities of The Six Eyes which I go into detail about here.

That’s all for The Limitless in Jujutsu Kaisen! If there are any other breakdown topics you’d like to see covered on this channel make sure to comment down below on what you’d like to see in the future. And as always, have a great day guys.

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