Satoru gojo: The Six Eyes

Satoru Gojo: The Six Eyes

Satoru gojo: The Six Eyes

Satoru Gojo: The Six Eyes

So as it stands, one of the pride and joys of the Gojo family, the Six Eyes, currently stands at the pinnacle of the Jujutsu world as being the most powerful ocular jujutsu in the entire series, while also just making its users completely broken.

Because of its immense power, its appearance, and the feats of its users, the Six Eyes have captured the undivided attention of both the characters in the series and Jujutsu Kaisen’s audience.

This busted little ability made its debut in chapter 15 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and Episode 7 of the animated series.

With Sotaru Gojo unleashing them on his opponent to serve as a teaching moment for his student Itadori Yuji. The debut of the Six Eyes was explosive, to say the least, with Gojo using its abilities to outright immobilize his opponent with minimal effort.

His Six Eyes coupled with the usage of Domain Expansion granted him an unavoidable instant victory. Even though Gojo already outclassed his opponent in every way imaginable, the power of the Six Eyes allowed him to do away with fighting entirely and just casually walk up to his opponent and rip his entire head off.

Unlike eye abilities in Shonen such as Naruto, while the Six Eyes can be inherited by any member of the Gojo family along with The Limitless, only one user of the Six Eyes can exist at a time. With the one who possesses the Six Eyes being the only person capable of truly mastering everything that The Limitless has to offer.

Given that the user has some level of combat prowess, possession of both the Six Eyes and The Limitless almost automatically makes someone one of the most powerful and capable Jujutsu Sorcerers of their generation. All of this serves as a direct explanation to Gojo saying, “Throughout Heaven and Earth, I alone am the honored one.”

Even though the current wielder of the Six Eyes, Satoru Gojo, holds many similarities to Naruto’s Kakashi, the creator of the series Gege Akutami assures his readers that this is not where he draws his inspiration from. The significance of the Six Eyes can be found in its alternative name of the Rikugan, which takes its origins from the words Rokujintsu and Gogan.

Rokujintsu represents the six divine powers in Buddhism that are said to be held by Buddha and the Buddhist saints.

These powers include The Divine Foot power, which allows you to move freely wherever you want to go, Divine ear power, which allows you to hear all sounds on earth, Divine mind-reading power, Divine fate-telling power to know the history and fate of all people, and Divine Enlightenment power, which is to know everything and arrive at a deep awareness of the world.

Satoru gojo: The Six Eyes

With Gogan meaning the eyes that contain the five senses needed to know the truth. Some of these can be applied to our current Six Eyes user directly based on some of his feats in the series. All of these things considered, if there is a direct correlation between these concepts and the Six Eyes, it would mean that we can still expect to see some growth and new abilities from them as the series moves forward.

Although this does give some insight as to the general concept of the Six Eyes, it doesn’t give you a complete picture of its abilities in the series. As mentioned before, the Six Eyes has the ability to amplify the capabilities of one that uses The Limitless down to an atomic level, allowing their mastery of The Limitless techniques to reach levels not possible otherwise.

The Six Eyes essentially makes it so that their wielder never really runs out of cursed energy, which is an incredibly powerful advantage to have in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. This is because The Six Eyes processes cursed energy so proficiently that the amount of cursed energy that’s lost when a user activates an attack is basically close to zero, being outpaced by their own natural rate of cursed energy regeneration.

The Six Eyes also allows their users to not only see cursed energy in extreme detail but also allows them to see the flow of cursed energy itself. This essentially gives them a head start on recognizing the upcoming attacks of an enemy by being able to pinpoint where their cursed energy is being focused in their bodies.

It’s kind of like being able to see slightly ahead in the future in all of your fights forever. One of the other Broken abilities of The Six Eyes is that they grant you increased mental and visual prowess, turning your brain into nothing short of a supercomputer. With them being able to see people, objects and cursed energy signatures clearly from several kilometers away and processing the positions and identities of everything in view instantly.

The user’s mind becomes so adept at processing the vast amount of information that the Six Eyes is constantly feeding them that one moment in reality for a normal human being is equivalent to one minute worth of time in the user’s brain. Though the incredible amounts of work that a person’s brain would have to do to keep up with The Six Eyes would usually cause an immense amount of stress, this is offset by The Six Eyes’ ability to calculate a reverse cursed technique to automatically keep their brain fresh at all times.

So long story short, when paired with The Limitless, the user basically becomes God.

Even though all of this sounds absolutely wonderful, and honestly, it is, there is one drawback to having this God-like power bestowed upon you. Even with all of the benefits listed above, The Six Eyes can still tire out its user a bit more easily unless their eyes remain covered, only being fully unleashed when their true power is needed.

This is the reason why characters such as Gojo and presumably other users of the Six Eyes are frequently seen wearing blindfolds, shades, or something heavy enough to cover their eyes from constantly exerting such an immense amount of power.

We could go much deeper into the interactions that The Six Eyes has with The Limitless and all of the possibilities that there are there, but for the sake of time, I’ll save that for another blog in the future.

Make sure to comment below on any kinds of breakdowns that you’d like to read next, and as always have a great day, guys.


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