One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS Tatsumaki – The end

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS Tatsumaki - The end

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS Tatsumaki – The end

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS  Tatsumaki - The end

All right, so coming on for the previous chapter, we’re seeing the fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki continue, but in this chapter, it’s going to be coming to an end finally, not that I needed it to, but we’ll talk about it. But in the beginning of this chapter, we’re seeing the hospital where Forte and Air are.

Previously, we saw that Air got shot in the throat by the remnant of Evil Natural Water, and that he was being fixed by some of these new doctors that we saw in the Hero Association. I speculated before that these guys are from the organization Bolo Tai. Kind of looks like the organization, I at least from G4, and they’re talking about cybernetic stuff. And now we see that they fully have done that, and now even his eye is cybernetic too.

I think this means that for sure Air is going to be like one of the Rogue agents going forward because, you know, I said that these guys are from the organization, you know, they’re all making robots, and it’s going to go into the next Big Arc of the series that I’m not really sure when we’re gonna go into it. It could be the next Big Arc, or they might go into ninja stuff afterwards, but anyway, just look out for Air to be important, and he’s gonna be like, uh, you know, a cyborg bad guy pretty much, which they were kind of setting him off for anyway.

Also, if the audio sounds weird, I’m sure sorry, guys. I’ve been in Tokyo these last couple of days, but right now, I’m like outside in a park because this is like the only chance that I had to record this blog, so forgive me for that, but I’m trying.

Anyway, we see Saitama coming back to the apartment where Forte’s at the hospital portion of the Hero Association after fighting Tatsumaki, and this is the sequence where Forte essentially realizes that Saitama is truly the one above all. Like before, he was still in delusion about it because he didn’t really get to fight him.

He wound up getting hit by a car because he had his headphones on, and that’s why he’s recovering in the hospital right now. But now that he sees that Saitama is like fighting Tatsumaki in this City-leveling event, the perspective that he sees is crazy, so he realizes they’re like, “Oh, okay, yeah, there’s no way I can beat Saitama. He’s very likely to be the one above all.”

And like I’ve also said in these reviews for the last couple of months, I don’t know what the future of Forte’s character arc is or what his significance is later on in the story, but he seemingly will have a big one. I mean, aside from just protecting Rover and Black S.

Well, we’re coming back to Tatsumaki fighting Saitama, and we’re seeing the Blizzard Group observing it because, you know, originally, they were kind of banished by Fubuki and Tatsumaki, but then Eyelashes like, “Nah, we’re going back to Fubuki, and we’re sticking with her.”

But as they’re watching this massive City-leveling event happen, the one Mohawk member is like, “What is headquarters doing? Do they even know what’s going on?” And he’s looking at his I don’t know risk communicator thing, and I guess we don’t know what’s going on with this guy because he comes back at the end of the chapter.

And I’m just gonna fast forward to that real quick because after everything resolves, he looks at Fabuki and he’s like, “Um, Lady Fabuki actually,” and she looks to him and they go, “Huh,” and that’s where the chapter ends. So, I’m probably missing something here because, to be honest, I haven’t been able to go over this chapter the way that I’ve wanted to since, like I said, I’m in a park right now. But I think this is probably gonna be like a twist thing that’s leading into the next chapter.

It could be something to do with Psychos, most likely. I guess that’s what it is. But anyway, back to Saitama taking on Tatsumaki. We’re seeing that she’s starting to gasp, and it’s understandable. I mean, she’s fighting Saitama, you know, who’s the one above all, of course, and she’s going all out like she hasn’t been able to do for and she still is recovering from a battle with the Monster Association and all that stuff.

So, this is kind of like her excuse to stay protected in the eyes of the power scale, I suppose. I mean, obviously, we knew that she was never going to defeat Saitama, but this is just, you know, bringing it down to her ultimately coming to her limit. But then we get some narrations, and it says that she had assumed that such an opponent was only possible on Blast. So, later on in this chapter, we’re gonna find out that Blast is more of the crux of Tatsumaki’s character than what we originally thought.

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS  Tatsumaki - The end

But anyway, we get this amazing sequence where Tatsumaki makes like this tidal wave of debris and like Earth, and it consumes Saitama, and it’s amazing. But we knew that this wasn’t going to do anything because it’s like effortlessly unharmed, and it’s like that’s the problem here. Tatsumaki is only like throwing rocks and stuff at him, and Saitama’s been like talking crap on that since the beginning of the series.

He’s like, “Oh yeah, all you could do is throw rocks. Like, that’s not gonna do anything. It’s like not even a gamma-ray burst is hurting Saitama. You need to do some crazy stuff.” So then she gets desperate and just starts grabbing Saitama, like the being of himself, and tries to lift it this way. And this goes back to an iconic sequence for the webcomic where she originally tried to lift him, but it’s playing out better in the manga here, in my opinion.

But she’s also saying like, “You know, I’m using so much force to blow him out to space. How is he still staying on the ground?” And this goes back to what we talked about before. I was like, “Yeah, she’s probably gonna try to throw him into space.” And I thought that maybe we were literally gonna see that play out, but no, she’s kind of just saying that. I guess that was her intention. Like, that’s how much force and how heavy Saitama is.

I mean, if I was really trying, I’m sure he can come as heavy as the Earth, if not even heavier. I know that sounds weird, but I’m just saying Saitama can probably come as dense as a planet if he needed to. I mean, he sneezed away Jupiter. Come on, guys, it’s not too unrealistic.

But Tatsumaki continues to get gassed out trying to lift Fubuki, and Taitama’s just like, you know, you view human relationships too lightly. I mean, you’re being stopped right now by the power of Fubuki’s miracquaintance, and that was like, you know, the big burn a couple chapters back, Saitama calling Fubuki her acquaintance, and clearly, that affected her just as much as it seemed to affect the audience because, you know, there’s definitely something there between Fubuki and Saitama, if not more so on the side of Kabuki if anything.

But we’re going into this flashback as Todd’s monkey’s like struggling and about to pass out of her past after like Blast saved her from the Tsukiyomi testing facility, and we see that she returned back to where they were keeping Fubuki, and behind Tatsumaki, like all of these Apollo-looking dudes, like these are other guys from Tsukiyomi, you know, appear to stop Tatsumaki. I’m assuming these are like artificial aspers as well, possibly, and she just instantly eviscerates them right in front of Kabuki.

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS  Tatsumaki - The end

And this traumatic event awakens Fubuki’s power, so it’s going back to the origin here, where Tom’s monkey is saying like, ‘I was the one who dragged Kabuki into a harsh fate, I have the responsibility to protect Fubuki without relying on anyone else.’ So this goes back to why Tatsumaki is so psychotically protective of Fubuki because of their tragic backstory and everything that Tatsumaki had to do to save Fubuki.

Yeah, she did drag her into this esper world and powers and everything, but she saved her from forcibly living with Tsukiyomi, even though I think Katsumaki and Fubuki’s parents sold them to Tsukiyomi, but that wasn’t revealed in the manga, so it’s still up in the air on what’s going on with that.

But in this flashback spiritual dream sequence, Tatsumaki is running after Blast and the narration saying that she has excessive expectations of Blast, and I’m sure Blast will respect her after she’s gotten strong, and I’m sure he’ll teach me a better way to leave my life. And she’s following after Blast, and it’s like everything is about Blast. And this is also interesting because we’re seeing that a lot of character stories are revolving around Blast, and he’s like the key character and event that’s causing a lot of their storyline.

We’re seeing it with my mask, and later on, we’re going to see it with another character who you never would have expected to be tied to Blast. But we see Tatsumaki saying like, ‘Blast, what should I do?’ and as he’s turning around before you can see his face, it comes back to real-time, and Tatsumaki’s waking up, and she’s seeing Saitama’s face but with the sun above his head.

This is an incredible sequence, and if you’ve been following my truth about One Punch Man series, this sequence means even more to you because this is like the raw Awakening the other gods, like in the Egyptian mythology. Or at least, in my opinion, Saitama is based off of Ra, and Tatsumaki is based off of Bastet. If you’re familiar with the MCU, Bastet is also the same God that was able to make the heart-shaped herb that gives Black Panther his powers.

But we’ve seen Saitama do this many times in the series. He’ll essentially save a character or awaken them, and the sequence will be with them awakening or opening their eyes to the sunlight coming off of Saitama’s head. And it’s because he represents the sun, and the sun awakens them and/or heals them or gives them their true purpose, showing them the light. He showed King the light, Genos the light, and a few other characters that I forget.

I think also Fubuki, and now he’s finally showing Tatsumaki the light. And it’s not a coincidence that, like right after the sequence, she’s finally warmed up to Saitama and she isn’t combative with him. And she kind of sees him as like an acquaintance, I guess you could say. She even lets him pat her on her head because he’s like esper or whatever. “You can live your life as you like, but if you want to go on a rampage, don’t break other people’s stuff,” and he like bats her on the head. He’s like, “I think you’d be a great hero if you’d abide by that.”

But then Fubuki shows back up, and she’s like, “You know, just as you said, my perception was naive. I will also fight alone like you.” And this is because, you know, Tatsumaki was like forcing the Fubuki group to leave her, pretty much the threat of killing them essentially, and Fubuki realized that, like, yeah, Tatsumaki’s never gonna let me have any other friends, never let them have this group.

So in order to save them, I need to exile them and just be subservient to Tatsumaki. But you know Fubuki is obviously not aware that Tatsumaki just had this huge character arc with Saitama, so now it was kind of all for naught. But it’s convenient that the Fubuki group is also showing up here, and Eyelashes is like, “You know, please just let us serve Fubuki. Come on, like, we’ll become stronger. Just, you know, we’re not really doing anything wrong here. Let’s just be this happy little family gang thing that we’ve got going on here.”

And Fubuki and the Fubuki group are going like back and forth, arguing. Saitama looks at Tatsumaki, he’s like, “Why don’t you just let them have it?” She’s like, “Yeah, it’s none of your business.” He’s like, “I couldn’t even beat a level wolf before I started muscle training. Also, before job hunting, that’s hilarious.”

That’s like Thomas says, “I couldn’t beat a wolf level,” but it makes sense because that’s how weak he was. But also, I think he’s kind of selling himself short here because when he was fighting Crablante, he was doing really well, and Crablante was kind of a strong tiger. But anyway, he’s like, “You know, even though they’re weak now, no one can tell what their limit is.”

And Tatsumaki is like, “You know what? I guess you’re right. Whatever. Let’s go, Fubuki. You know, I came here to deal with psychos, and I overused too much energy and unnecessary things, and I’ll let you guys off the hook today on this baldy’s request.” And Fubuki’s like freaked out.

One Punch Man chapter 182 review: Saitama VS  Tatsumaki - The end

She’s like, “I can’t believe she’s actually listening to him.” So yeah, this is like the end of the, I guess you could say, Psychic Sisters Arc (what it was referred to in the webcomic). But this is more so like Saitama versus Tatsumaki arc, but I guess it’s the end of it. And yeah, they’re all cool now, and I guess you can expect these characters to get closer, especially Fubuki and Saitama. But that’s pretty much it for this one, guys.

Let me know what you think about this chapter in the comments, and if you like the blog, please give it a like if you haven’t already. Have a great day, I’ll see you in the next one.

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