One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.
So, coming off the previous chapter, we saw that the Hero Association was going to sell Psychos as a prisoner to this escrow organization called Tsukuyomi. And this turns out that this is the same organization that took Tatsumaki when she was a child. And that being said, Tatsumaki was actually aware of their intentions of going after Psychos.

So, she told Fubuki beforehand so that they had a plan going forward in order to get Psychos at that Tsukuyomi wouldn’t be able to, and it led to them all converging in the Hero Association and the resulting battle, like Saitama falling through the ground into a monster containment facility. But we’ll come back to that because coming into the beginning of this chapter, we see the fight between the Tsukuyomi guy and Tatsumaki continuing.

And yeah, as it was established, Hashimaki is way stronger than this guy, and he’s pretty much aware of it himself too. But the next thing that he does here is one of the most interesting and weird things I’ve ever seen in this series. So somehow he activates this capsule of quote-unquote “sleep medicine” inside of Fubuki and then threatens to break a capsule full of deadly poison, you know, in order to get Tatsumaki to stop. And at first, I was like, “Wait, when did he put this inside of her?” And then I was like, “Did I miss a subtle little panel of her, like, flicking it in her mouth or something?”

And it’s like, “No, it actually turns out this happened way beforehand because this was premeditated.” Because he says that he slipped it into her daily Beauty supplements, which I guess is like Biotin and other stuff, but he was able to do this because he had a mole in the Blizzard group.

And now you’re also thinking, like, “Wait, who is that? It has to be like one of the three major members, right? Eyelashes, Mountain Ape, and Lily?” And I was like, “Oh, that’s interesting. If one of them turned heel, and I was like, “Maybe not eyelashes, maybe Lily,” but now it turns out that it’s none of them. It’s just some random new member that I guess was introduced in these last couple of chapters.

So that kind of takes the emotional weight off of one of the established characters being the traitor, but this guy who is the traitor is clearly a part of Tsukuyomi because we see that he is an esper but also has like this scar on the left side of his face, which indicates that he is an artificial esper, which Tatsumaki says that this Joker-looking guy is as well. And I also think we’re seeing the scar here to specifically indicate that, yes, these are artificial espers because it also matches up with the scar that Gearsper has.

It’s possible that Tsukiyomi is responsible for Gearsper’s esper powers, and there may be a deeper connection between Gearsper and another character that is similar to Tatsumaki and Fubuki’s dynamic. Gearsper mentioned that witnessing Tatsumaki’s full power allowed him to unlock his own abilities, which allowed him to perform an impressive feat against Neon. It’s conceivable that Gearsper is the male equivalent of Tatsumaki and the other character is the male equivalent of Fubuki. However, this is all speculation on my part.

I may have mentioned this topic before, but I wanted to reiterate my thoughts on it. Tsukiyomi’s potential involvement in Gearsper’s powers is intriguing, and the similarities between these male characters and Tatsumaki and Fubuki could add an interesting layer to the story. Nonetheless, until more information is revealed, this is simply conjecture.

But anyway, like I said, Tatsumaki complied with the Joker guy when he had threatened to release the poison capsule in Fubuki. And then he just like literally folds her psychically, you know, in an attempt to take her as well, because Tsukiyomi is all about taking a person, experimenting on them, especially the Natural Born ones, and the three powerful ones such as Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Psychos.

And as he’s about to leave, Saitama winds up destroying all of those monsters from the facility that he fell into at the end of the previous chapter, saving everyone in the process, but also giving him an excuse to be in this area at this moment in time.

During a pivotal moment in the series, Tatsumaki was able to locate a dangerous capsule that had been hidden inside Fubuki. The situation was tense, but Tatsumaki remained focused and determined, using her telekinetic abilities to pinpoint the capsule’s location within Fubuki’s body.

As the scene played out, something truly remarkable happened: Tatsumaki transformed the poison capsule into a needle-like shape, much like she had done previously with a pillar during a battle with Orochi. This remarkable display of power and ingenuity was both interesting and strange, and it added an exciting new dimension to the already intense fight scene.

With the capsule now in the form of a needle, Tatsumaki was able to use her telekinetic powers to launch it out of Fubuki’s stomach and towards the Tsukuyomi guy’s eye. The precision of her attack was truly impressive, and it demonstrated just how skilled and powerful Tatsumaki truly was.

Overall, this moment in the series was a true testament to the creativity and imagination of the writers and artists involved. By taking a seemingly mundane object like a poison capsule and transforming it into a weapon of incredible power, they were able to add an entirely new layer of excitement and intrigue to the already gripping story. And with Tatsumaki at the center of the action, it’s clear that anything is possible in this thrilling and unpredictable world.

Like, this is gnarly, like one of the most vicious things we’ve seen a hero do to another human, to be honest. But it turns out that he has a resistance to the poison, which is understandable, and then Tatsumaki straight up hits him with the Chibaku Tensei, and I guess he’s done, or at least for now. And it looks like Tatsumaki has, you know, won the day. She has Psychos and Fubuki back, but no, it turns out that this is just the beginning of Tatsumaki going back into “heal” mode because we see her reiterating that rhetoric to Fubuki about basically exiling herself from everyone, namely the Blizzard Group.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.

But Tatsumaki basically just wants Fubuki to be alone and almost to be like entirely reliant on Tatsumaki herself. It’s like, yeah, it’s really messed up, but also another reason that Tatsumaki is like this is obviously because of her upbringing, which is also tied to Tsukiyomi.

And this sequence goes so far as to where Tatsumaki is like threatening to, excuse, could say, pseudo-kill the Blizzard Group because she’s like, “I’ll just kill you enough to where you won’t die enough to make sure you’ll never work again as Heroes.” So yeah, Tatsumaki full-blown heal mode here, something that she’s always been teeter-tottering with throughout the series. Like against Saitama, she was full-blown baby face, but now she’s definitely dipping back into the heel territory for sure.

But it’s very necessary considering where we’re going to be going in these next couple chapters because Saitama shows up and grabs Fubuki by the wrist. So like I said, Tatsumaki going heel here is necessary because of Saitama showing up, and he’s like, “Good grief, you siblings are just like each other. This is going too far just to lecture your sister. Why should Heroes have to beat each other up?” And that’s where the chapter ends, so it’s like things are getting super spicy now because it’s also been culminating to this, right?

We’ve been waiting to see Saitama confront Tatsumaki or vice versa, just these two finally to butt heads, and now it’s finally gonna happen. And Saitama does have some motivation here because he knows that Tatsumaki is technically responsible for destroying his apartment, so that’s like his big beef here.

And mix that with the mood that Tatsumaki’s in right now, the situation that’s going on, it’s all coming to a boiling point. And that being said, there’s probably going to be some kind of altercation in the next chapter, right? And I’m sure we’re all thinking, like, what would happen in a fight between them or a quote-unquote “Saitama fight”? Now, also keep in mind, Saitama is currently not as powerful as he was against Cosmic for Garo in Chapter 167, or at least I assume that he is.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 review: Saitama Finally Confronts Tatsumaki.

Like, I think that when the future Saitama fused together with the present Saitama, his quote-unquote power level kind of reset, so he’s back to the level, I guess, he was at when he got blown away by that gamma-ray burst. So it’s like that Saitama versus Tatsumaki, and I think we’ve seen near her full potential, right, against Orochi? It’s like how much of a challenge for him, and I’m not really sure. It might be basically in the same tier as like released Boros, maybe, maybe even first Boros, not really sure.

But that’s why it’s so interesting, and I just hope we get to see something really spectacular in these next couple of chapters. But let me know what you think about this chapter in the comments, guys, and if you liked the blog, please give it a like. Have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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