One Piece Jolly Roger Ranked From 20 To 1!

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Today I’m going to rank One Piece Jolly Rogers, starting with the lamest looking one to the most badass one.
A Jolly Roger is a pirate flag that typically carries with it a symbol of the pirate crew. The Jolly Roger represents what’s most important to pirates, and because of this you’ll find them on various One Piece products and in some anime logo quizzes.
One Piece Jolly Roger
This shows how important the Jolly Roger is for pirates around the world, and how it is respected over and over.
For example, Dolflamingo punished Bellamy for losing under his flag and tarnishing its reputation.
Knowing the significance of the Jolly Roger, Luffy willed to take it in the face of his foes during the Davy Back Fight. Unknowingly, he drew them a new, crappy looking Jolly Roger instead.
On the other hand, raising Jolly Rogers is considered a threat to the government and those who raise it are treated as criminals by the Marines.
Now that I explained how One Piece Jolly Rogers are seen within the anime, let’s get back to the actual topic!
Check out my ranked list of One Piece Jolly Rogers and see how they are rated!
Ranking One Piece Jolly Rogers-Lamest to the Badass

20. Bellamy Pirates

Bellamy Pirates
The Jolly Roger design from One Piece is one of the worst I’ve seen personally. There’s nothing pirate-ish about this version (except for the crossed bones in the background, maybe?) I know Bellamy likes to stick his tongue out a lot, but this just isn’t a good Jolly Roger in my opinion.

19. Foxy Pirates

Foxy Pirates
This flag is pretty funny, and I don’t know what to say about it. I just don’t like the design, that’s all.

18. Sun Pirates

Sun Pirates
The only reason the skull and bones banner is on the bottom of this list is that it’s plain and simple. It doesn’t have the trademark skull and bones, nor does it produce any fear or intimidation. But knowing about the pirate’s backstory for how this symbol came to be, I guess we can’t blame them for not having some more regal banner.

17. Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Pirates 1

Another one of my least favorite One piece flags belongs to the Donquixote pirates. However, their smiling face makes sense, which could be seen as is just Doflamingo’s view on things or an ironic reference to the “Smile” fruit.

16. Drake Pirates Drake pirates

Drake Pirates Drake pirates
The famous pirate symbol known as the Drake Hackett’s Jolly Roger is a pretty good flag, but it is not a pirate one.

15. Firetank Pirates

Firetank Pirates
The unique design of this pirate flag is a representation of a figure from the Mafia who goes by the name of Capone Bege. In it, you can see his devil fruits, which are styled after the classic Skull and Bones. Besides the look of the flag, I honestly do miss the classic skull and bones design.
Capone is the name of a notorious real life American gangster. If you’re interested in seeing a list of real life people who were referenced in anime, check this post out.

14. Big Mom Pirates

big mom jolly roger
This flag pretty much sums up the theme of the Big Mom pirates, but as I mentioned before, I prefer pirate flags to be intimidating. As you can see, this one is not intimidating at all and doesn’t really fit their general style. I think it shows a lot more love and concern than what we usually find in these flags.

13. Kuja Pirates

Kuja Pirates
Skull and snakes – a notorious combination. As with most other One piece Jolly Roger, this one also carries a design that references its pirate crew.

12. Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates
This is one of the most standard One piece pirate flags. After hundreds of episodes, it’s only natural that this flag became one of my favorites, and also the logo for One piece. It is also a favorite merch design for the anime, with luffy Jolly roger printed One piece T shirts, pocket watches, hats and other items that are irresistible to a fan.
Fun (sad*) story about my One Piece pocket watch: I bought a One Piece pocket watch a few years ago. A few days later, it broke from just being worn and I was excited to wear it to class. Sadly, it’s been broken for nearly 3 years now and I’m never wearing watches anymore! After searching all day and not finding it, I stopped wearing them because of the hassle.

11. Arlong Pirates

 Arlong Pirates
I love the fishman symbol of the Arlong pirates’ flag. This design has a ton of great features, but I gave this a low score because I think that the bones are too forced and don’t match the symbol as well. The design would be top-notch if not for that flaw.

10. Heart Pirates

Heart Pirates
This pirate flag represents Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates. It shows the connection between Law and Doflamingo and tells the story of how they became pirates as well as what their origin story is.

9. Roger Pirates

Roger Pirates
I’ve never seen a pirate flag as elegant and refined as this. This particular flag bears similarities to the Whitebeard Pirates — the rival crew of the Roger Pirates.

8. Buggy Pirates

Buggy Pirates
Although Buggy is the roguish, lovable pirate in the series, his flag actually denotes what type of business he runs. I love the eye-shaped symbols that make it look pretty badass.

7. Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard Pirates
I love this flag! It’s so awesome and it deserves to be on this list. But I highly doubt Whitebeard would want it up here. Though if we’re just talking about symbolism and where this flag should stand in the top five, I think this is where it should rank. At least, that’s where I would rank the original flag shown in the anime.
There are a lot of cool looking re-envisioned versions of the Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger that I think would rank much higher in this list.

6. Red Hair Pirates

Red Hair Pirates
Pirate Black Eye patches reminds me most of one Kratos from God of War. Eventually, this flag transforms into the true embodiment of badass-ness.
Here’s a sentence rewriter I wrote after looking at various source text that could be rewordes:

5. Kid Pirates

Kid Pirates
Kid Pirates sets their Jolly Roger apart from the others by including cool knives and fire, along with all-too-cool sunglasses. The combination of the cutlery and accessories makes for a very interesting looking boat.

4. Hawkins Pirates

Hawkins Pirates
I rank hawkins pirate flag on this list solely for how disturbing it looks. It combines two different concepts: voodoo/dark magic and pirate, which is a pretty unique and creative idea.

3. Beast Pirates

Beast Pirates
The One Piece flag is simple to recognize and deeply rooted in the anime and manga series. The team behind it, the shiver-inducing Beasts Pirates, also has a skull that has the same markings as Kaido, their captain.

2. Thriller Bark Pirates

Thriller Bark Pirates
OK, you’ve made it to the finale. Here comes an actually scary one. In addition to the skull decorating the shirt, they added bat wings that symbolize Gecko Moria, captain of the Thriller Bark pirates.

1. Blackbeard Pirates – The Best One Piece Jolly Roger

Blackbeard Pirates
The flag of Blackbeard is the scariest looking of the other One Piece Jolly Rogers. Its design is simple though, with only two extra skulls and two additional pairs of cross-shaped bones. But its dark vibe matches very well with how Blackbeard’s pirate group operates.

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