Makima’s 27th Death

Makima's 27th Death

So today i will tell you about “Makima’s 27th Death” in this blog.


Look at those captivating eyes! Don’t you start to fall in love with the control demon because of this?

In Chainsaw Man, Makima was the biggest manipulator and the torment of Denji’s existence. She played both my friend Denji and all of you who wish to work for her, that’s correct.

I’m happy for her because she truly won Chainsaw Man Part 1. I’m sure you’re wondering, “And then she passed away? Did Denji murder her? How did she succeed?”

The Flawed Control Devil

You’re correct, however Makima is the control Dev and has a flaw in her ability that prevents death. Huh? It is known that prior to the Gun Devil attack, she had been slain 26 times.

Yes, Naruto is the reincarnation of Denji’s nightmare, but she is nothing like the horrible control demon that Denji fought to the death.

Can I remark that she appears innocent? That she is aware of her? Ah, oh God. She may be cute, but Nayuta is still the head and controlling devil, it is obvious.

However, despite sharing the same name, Nayuta is very distinct from Makima, as shown by a wealth of data. Makima was merely one of the control devil’s several incarnations.

Makima’s Grand Scheme

So let’s go back in time to make sense of Pachita’s role as the control devil as well as Nayuta’s story. Makima’s grand scheme severely destroyed Genji’s life.

The only way to get out of his Pachita contract was to make him so happy that, when he lost everything from his normal life, he would be irreparably damaged. The two individuals in his life who had the most significance for him—his family—Power and Aki, were indirectly forced to die by her.

Because of this, Denji lost the will to live, and the agreement was broken. All of this was done at Makima’s request so that she could either dominate Chainsaw Man by doing so or perish trying. She was merely a fanatic of the legendary demon throughout the operation. Makima and the Japanese Prime Minister had a contract, which made Makima’s assassination nearly impossible.

According to this agreement, any fatal harm done to Makima while she is employed by the government will be distributed to a random Japanese citizen, such as you dying on the toilet, what’s your night, or worse, not sound the alarm for anime boys. Makima was raised and educated by the Japanese, who helped shape her worldview.

They would be able to influence the world in their favor, just like the control devil. Fujimoto emphasizes that via their own selfish goals, people caused their own extinction. They played a part in establishing Makima in this way, which is extremely ironic given that they tried to control the outward manifestation of their own worries.

She could have been raised differently, as evidenced by her most recent rebirth as Nayuta, as is well known. This clarifies how Makima became corrupted and convinced herself that everything was done for the purpose of peace, which is now compared to Nayuta’s reincarnation, in which Denji shapes her perspective on life. Makima could now only be killed by truly not killing her.

Makima’s 27th Death

Denji, however, transformed her into food and devoured her with love. Even my man says it. “This is how a man tastes,” someone said. Goddamn, you were right! The control devil was condemned to hell and then resurrected on earth once again since Denji ate Makima in his human form rather than Chainsaw Man, which made me want to become vegan.

This time, it took the form of Nayuta, a little child who had no recollections of a previous existence except from her innate affection for all of Makima’s dogs that Denji was walking. She was born in China, and Kashime stole her as soon as he learned about it in order to keep her out of the hands of the authorities.

Although Kashibe had already determined that Denji was Nayuttha’s Guardian, Dengie recognized her bite as being Markimas. Denji has a dream that night in which Pochita informs him about the Control Devil’s fantasy. Because of her nature as the Control Demon, Makima could never establish an equitable relationship built on genuine love and affection.

Instead, she could only do so via fear and submission. When Makima ultimately wins Denji’s Puchita heart in Chapter 96, this becomes rather clear. She expresses her wish to eat and sleep a lot, as well as to live a happy life with her partner, out of concern that if the government raised Nayuta, she would end up like Makima.

Denji’s efforts to provide Nayuta a normal life—one that includes appropriate nutrition and education—things that he himself was never given as a child—were spurred on by the wishes of both Kishibe and Pachita, who both wanted him to create a world full of love for her.

Did you know that Nayuta of the Prophecy strongly influenced Nayuta and Denji in Chainsaw Man in Fujimoto’s earlier one-shot? Nayuta is portrayed as a demon child with violent inclinations in this one-shot, and both of their character designs are fairly similar. Despite Nayuta’s unpleasant personality, her brother Kenji swears to care for her and defend her at all costs.

But in the one-shot, Nayuta has horns on her head, just like the demons in Chainsaw Man. It’s obvious from the video that Fujimoto’s earlier work served as inspiration for their dynamic, so if you learnt something new there, be sure to click “Like” and share it. But unlike her ancestor, Nayuta isn’t shown as a code killer.

So now we can see how different Nayuta and Makima are, despite the fact that they are both Control Devils. For instance, while they both adore their dogs, Makima had complete control over them, thus they obediently followed her instructions just as she desired Denji to. The fact is, Makima doesn’t see any distinction between people and her dogs.

She is superior to us, formed with a lofty purpose, much like a divine being, and feels compelled to defend the general populace. This is particularly evident in Chapter 95, as she instructs Chainsaw Man on proper behavior and likens Denji to a dog. In reality, she was acting out of compassion for people.

She craves the Chainsaw Satan, yes, but she wants to use him to eradicate all evil from society and end suffering permanently. Her understanding became burdensome as she repeatedly witnessed these harmful things killing humanity. Her philosophy changed to ensure that disasters never occur again so that people won’t have to think about such terrible things in the future.

On the other side, Nayuttha’s dogs riot all around her in Chapter 120, forcing her to fight them in order to eat her own food. This indicates that she does not utilize her control abilities on them and that she views them as more than just manipulable objects.

While Denji was contemplating his existential crisis, “I smell like a wet dog, oh my God. Does it also have a white dog odor?” Nayuta answered, “But that’s a lovely smell,” in response. As is well known, Denji had previously been told that he stinks, which had caused him to feel self-conscious and wonder if his foul scent was the reason that no girls liked him.

Nayuta’s response, however, made it plain that she employed Denji for more than just exercising control. Instead, she feels a strong sense of protectiveness toward him. She even took on some of Denji’s mannerisms, like his drawl, but in chapter 120 she suddenly changed into a dog after sensing Arthur wasn’t good news for him.

As Nayuta even established a restriction for Denji to no longer be friends with Asa, this may initially appear to be a controlling situation, but according to Nayuta, “Every woman you encounter attempts to murder you, right? Why do you think this stock is different, exactly?” We can therefore conclude that Denji told Nayuta everything about the past when she confided in her. Instead of relying on the incompetent Genji to defend himself, Nayuta took matters into her own hands and bargained reasonableness, proving Denji’s assertion that she is highly smart.

However, by this episode, it becomes abundantly evident that Nayuta regards Denji as someone who is rearing her on her behalf. She even begs him for permission to have ice cream every day, showing us that she can’t use her abilities on him just yet. This is due to the fact that the Control Devil’s ability to subjugate only functions when the devil thinks the other person is beneath it.

For instance, Makima viewed all people, including Denji, as prophetic dogs, making it possible for her to exert whatever influence she desired over them. Even yet, she was unable to use her power on Kishibe, giving the impression that she didn’t genuinely consider him to be less than herself. Denji and Nayuta are in a similar situation because she regards him as her guardian.

With Nayuta, Denji’s character development is also very clear. Even when she asserts in chapter 120 that Denji is her property, he defends himself and asserts that he is his own. In contrast, Denji was obedient toward Makima to the point of feeling sorry for him. He begged her to let Power die and even handed up control of his entire life to her because he had no concept of boundaries with her.

Denji, however, has a sense of self and decides what he is willing to give up in order to give Nayuta a regular existence. He places Nayuta first by choice rather than by necessity.

Contrary to Makima, who ironically didn’t even see him the entire time but instead discovered Pochita inside him by smelling him. In Nayuta’s instance, the sense of smell returned as well. She was unable to place the exact reason why she sensed something was strange about Arthur, but she had a gut instinct that Denji should be kept away by sniffing one of the four riders.

In contrast to Makima, who mistreated Denji with her skills, Nayuta uses her abilities to look out for and take care of him.

Another fantastic Easter egg is how these plants exhibit Nayuta’s nurturing character. Contrary to what might initially appear, Yuuji Itadori did not neglect this plant as much as Denji did, which led to its death. These plants are aloe vera, and Nayuta has overwatered them, causing them to droop.

While Makima sees everyone and everything as a weapon for her ideological belief to achieve peace through dictatorship, she is obviously concerned about the people and things around her. Another interesting truth is that Makima’s character was inspired by films about violent parents, which explains why her deeds seem so heinous and genuine.

To get what she wanted, she was willing to gaslight Denji, a victim of abuse, but this lack of compassion ultimately proved to be her fatal weakness. But how can you instill empathy and human-like emotions in a devil? Hence, treat them accordingly and instill a philosophy that values morality and compassion.

As a toddler, Nayuta leads a simple existence and aspires to Denji’s approval above all else so that she can enjoy ice cream every day. These subtleties demonstrate to us that her demanding temperament isn’t quite as evil as you may believe. Even her ban on Asa was removed from the ice cream. In reality, Nayuta is simply developing in a manner similar to Denji.

Both of them were pleased with Sly’s spread in chapter 97, but as time went on, they grew more demanding, demonstrating how hard Denji is working to inculcate his attributes in her. Nayuta is bright like her, demonstrating to us that he’s building a connection based on love for her, much like a baby would imitate all its parents do.

Denji, for example, slightly developed Power’s personality. It just goes to demonstrate that while a devil’s core nature cannot be changed, their environment and upbringing have a significant influence on their behavior. Pochita is the best illustration of how demons are more human than people like Aki think, at least in terms of humanoid Devils.


In contrast to Makima’s impression that Chainsaw Man was cruel, he grew to love and understand Denji and to feel human feelings like empathy and love, as well as to comprehend Makima’s own yearning to find love and compassion via him.

It appears that Devils mature considerably more quickly because Nayuta has already developed into an older youngster, yet it is unknown if she will ultimately become as ferocious as Makima. Finding out that Asa and Yoru are really the war devil who wants to murder Chainsaw Man could be the catalyst.

Given Nayuta’s attachment to Denji and her view of him as her property, if Nayuta learns that Yoru has been attempting to turn Denji into a spinal cord weapon, well, good luck to you, Yoru.

In essence, we can see that Makima was the real winner of Chainsaw Man part one because, whereas Denji was left with nothing, Makima became one with Chainsaw Man, realized her desire to be consumed by him, and was reincarnated to experience the sincere devotion she had always yearned for.

Don’t forget to see about how Makima, the most horrible devil, duped everyone in Chainsaw Man part one if you want to learn more about peak fiction.

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