Ichigo’s REAL Quincy Powers: Isshin Kurosaki & Mother Story

Ichigo's REAL Quincy Powers: Isshin Kurosaki & Mother Story

Ichigo’s REAL Quincy Powers: Isshin Kurosaki & Mother Story

Ichigo's REAL Quincy Powers: Isshin Kurosaki & Mother Story

What makes us shown in protagonists, the strongest magic? No muscle, no training, whatever you say, the correct answer is actually a parent being dead. And thus begins the tale of Ichigo Kurasaki. The Witch’s wacky dad still missing the long gone mother of the household, yet in the seemingly normal home, Ichigo could see spirits.

And one day, he could even see a girl, a very tiny girl who called herself a Shinigami. Well, that was the start of a crazy adventure. But everything about Ichigo’s origins was shrouded in mystery and eventually, Ichigo’s progress seemed to be impossible without uncovering his roots.

And by shown in law, there is always something special about missing parents of the protagonist where knowing that much dreaded truth makes them several times stronger. You are technically correct.

From the start, it was already insane that Ichigo had a huge reserve of ryatsu, even surprised Rookia when she transferred her powers over to him. Well, this of course was due to his heritage.

Come on, nothing is just ever coincidence. Ichigo had his own latent Chinagabi powers all thanks to his hyper father, Ishin. Was no ordinary man. Instead, he too was a Shinigami some 20 years before the current events. And I’m not talking about some Average Joe, but as he declared in the Aranco arc, he had ryatsu equal to that of a captain.

Talk about underplaying his own powers though, ’cause Ishin actually was the captain of the 10th division of Got a 13. Yep, before our chibi Captain Hitsugaya took over, Rangiku had Ishin to pester with her habits. In fact, Hitsugaya was the third seed in the 10 division and was promoted Captain later on.

This is probably because Rangiku couldn’t be the captain thanks to a dude with glasses in the past, you know, stealing a huge part of her ryatsu. Anyways, I’m leaving that aside. Ishin was a great Captain, that’s for sure, but his ancestry is worth looking at as well because he is also a descendant of the Shiba Clan, which is one of the four noble Shinigami families.

Yep, the same family that Kukaku and Kyan belong to, except that in Ishin’s case, he was the head of the branch side of the family. So, yes, that’s why Tayan looks eerily similar to Ichigo. Being from such a reputed family, you can probably guess that Ishin had an incredible high amount of ryatsu and was extremely skillful.

This was also reflected in how Ichigo’s ryatsu surprised the likes of Yokai because he himself was from a noble Clan. However, Ishin was also devoted to his job as a Shinigami and would personally look into issues in the Soul Society often.

And perhaps this empathy fee is what led Ichigo’s life to transpire as it did to some extent because during the time Ishin was a captain, Aizen had long since begun his awful experiments with the whole Gyoku, turning civilians and Shinigamis into Hollows. He had successfully eradicated BuddhaHara and others from the Soul Society as well.

Whilst Asian did say that the Got e13 was already investigating the incidents, he took it upon himself to confront the criminal.

This was sadly the start of some unfortunate circumstances. Asian encountered a hollow in the human world, and he already denied the participation of any of his Squad members, keeping their safety in mind.

He also sent the deputy Shinigami in charge of protecting the Naroki townhome, but Ishin hadn’t known that the danger would be too much for him to handle. Because the hollow he came across was odd both in appearance as well as ryatsu, it was a black Hollow, and Ishin noticed whilst fighting it that it felt as if he was fighting against a Shinigami.

Not just that, the creature also fought like a menace rather than a Mindless Hollow. As the fight went on, Asian entered Karakura town and warned that Deputy Shinigami to get away, sensing that the hollow was about to shoot a zero, and asked it who was pulling the strings in Seoul Society.

Well, Ishin’s hunch was pretty damn accurate because that was probably a Shinigami that turned into a hollow which was unable to even speak or understand anything because it was no longer a sentient being. Seeing such, Asian ripped out his own bottle and Jitsu in order to finish the hollow off.

However, he was struck from behind by someone, and, well, he guessed it, it couldn’t have been anyone other than Eisen himself who had been watching the scenario play out all this while. Ishin did the Shinigami who attacked him to reveal himself, but it was no use. In fact, the wound Ishin had taken made him incapable of using his Bankai and forced him on the defensive and a lethal battle.

Even then, then, Ishin somehow managed to sever an arm of the hollow but was in rain because it continued to tacken him and almost fired his Hero at point-blank range that was sure to not only just take Ishin out but also kill him. But that’s where our Damsel in Distress saved the prince. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. Yeah, okay, fine, it’s a universe situation.

This is where Masaki Kurosaki comes into play, and like Ishin, she wants to not an ordinary woman. Of course, I get it, and I will say it: why does she resemble Orihime so much? Well, what is this kind of sauce anyways? Coming back to Mommy Kurosaki, she was, in fact, the last and sole bearer of the Kurosaki name and had a huge burden to bear on her shoulders.

Even though she was pretty young, she was one of the last few active pure-blooded Quincies. Since she had no family to house her, she was taken in by the Ishida family, but that wasn’t just out of kindness. He was, in fact, meant to marry, but you can the father of every you has to maintain the pure blood of Quincies.

This weighed heavy on both Ryuken and Masaki’s mind, even though they both suppressed it to uphold family traditions and Customs. These Customs were extremely strict in directing the behavior of the Quincies, and one of them directed that pure-blooded Quincy’s shouldn’t spill blood easily.

However, such restrictions weren’t lacked by Masaki, but she couldn’t do anything about it because she doesn’t want to be ingrate, you know. She had to uphold the wishes of the ones who gave her a shelter. Still, a primal instinct to save people overpowered her will to remain bounded by Customs.

Hence, she followed the Asians and the hollows. We ought to the scene of the fight. Her betrothed man, Ryuken, strictly reminded her that she shouldn’t get involved, but she did. The timing was just right to save Ishin from dying, but she failed to hit the mark because of the hollow’s speed.

She realized that the only way to kill this hollow was to let it bite her so then she could land a fatal attack at close range. Well, she certainly did defeat the hollow, but it self-destructed, and Ishin took the impact of the blast. But don’t worry, that wasn’t enough to kill him, so the battle ended well. However, the consequences were far from over.

Well, the first thing was that Masaki and Ishin fell in love with each other at first sight. They kept thinking about each other and how, despite the differences as a Shinigami and Quincy, their assumptions and perceptions weren’t quite accurate of the counterpart. But apart from that, there was some serious aftermath as well.

Whilst everyone, including Ryuken, Masaki, and Ishin, went about their lives like normal, Masaki’s health kept regressing until one day she collapsed. She had a hollow hole in her chest, and you can rush to find a cure. Eventually, Urahara and Ishin came to know about the situation, and Urahara proposed a solution to crawl the fight between the two men.

After years of studying holification or the harder, he broke the news that Masaki would never be the same as before. Whilst this process strengthens Shinigamis by crossing the boundaries between them and Hollows, this process is featured for Quincy’s and it attacks them at a very rapid rate.

Ichigo's REAL Quincy Powers: Isshin Kurosaki & Mother Story

Luckily, Urahada knew of a cure, but it would be detrimental to her abilities as a Quincy. Yes, the solution was quite depressing because the only way to save Masaki was to introduce an opposing power into her to contain the holification. And of course, the only way to do that was for Ishin to give up his Shinigami powers that were opposite of the Quincy powers and transfer his soul into a gigai.

However, knowing that he was sacrificing his life at the Shinigami, Ishin didn’t hesitate one bit and agreed to save Masaki. This, in turn, tended his life to Masaki’s until the hollow eating Masaki’s soul left or when she passes away. In Masaki’s inner world, Asian appeared to save her from the hollow and killed it with his Getsuko-ten.

When she woke up, despite Ishin telling her that it was an accident and he just simply lost his powers, she sensed that it was a lie. In fact, she even realized her own powers were sealed inside her body, making her unable to fight anymore. Either way, now saved, Masaki went on with her life.

After graduating high school, Masaki moved out of the Ishida home because now she loves a new man. There’s no point of us staying with Ryuken. It’s kind of awkward at this point, right? So attending University, she would visit Ishin time and again as they started dating. Eventually, they would marry.

After Asian graduated from college and opened a clinic, they lived happily ever after. No, this is a shown in manga, guys. You know what happens. She dies. Yes, sadly due to the fact that Masaki having her powers taken from her and again Ishin is a human at this point, they couldn’t fight back against the hollow Grand Fisher.

This tragically left Asian to look after his motherless children all alone. Ichigo also experienced some trauma due to this event because, you know, it’s kind of his fault anyways. So, when Ichigo was born, he was a crossover of Shinigami, Hollow, and a Quincy. If Shinigami’s power were merged with the Hollow, which is why White Ichigo was actually Ichigo, Shinigami powers.

On the other hand, old man zangetsu becomes the manifestation of Masaki’s Quincy Powers. So, the past of both Ishin and Masaki was extremely crucial in deciding the powers of Ichigo. In the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, he had to come to terms with his origins and understand his powers to fully unlock the latent potential within.

But this moves us on to Ichigo’s sisters. Yes, you can’t forget about them. We get introduced to Yuzu and Karen Kurosaki at the beginning of the story itself. These fraternal twins are both responsible caretakers of the Kurosaki house, even when their father goofs around. Despite being four years younger than Ichiko, Yuzu and Karen were also destroyed about losing their mother Masaki.

Even Karen, who used to be a crybaby, decided along with her sister that they should both mature before time in order to face the adversities together with the family. They both are truly as strong as their mother, but what about their powers? You know we all are thinking about that, right?

Well, going back to how Ishin and Masaki’s power were all gone, we know that Asian lost all of his powers already, and Masaki’s Powers would also fade away with time. This explains why she lost her life against the Grand Fisher Hollow. So, it was only by chance or should I say, Hollow, that Ichigo received all the powers he did. But it wasn’t the same for Yuzu and Karin.

However, due to Ishin and Masaki’s high spiritual power, Karin could at least see Hollows, but Yuzu couldn’t even see an outline of other spiritual beings, only blurry images like Chuck did before his powers increased.

This is why only Cotton knew that Ichigo was a Soul Reaper because she could actually see her brother literally run around with Shinigami clothes. She could see him clear as day. Along with that, Hitsugaya commented that Cotton’s spiritual pressure was higher, better than that of our average human, which is why she could see him.

But even Karen’s Powers weren’t powerful enough for combat or barely anything that Ichigo was capable of. Ichigo getting his powers to become a Shinigami and the savior of the world was faint itself, but because literally God was involved with him from day one, as we already know, Yahweh Yach, how would you like to pronounce him, was the father of all Quincy’s, and his blood flows through every single one of them.

And since Masaki was a Quincy, that too, a pure-blooded one, a piece of Yahweh’s soul was engraved into Ichigo’s as well. It’s revealed in the Thousand-Year Blood War that old man Zangetsu, who Ichigo had been learning fighting from all this time, was actually Yahweh. Ichigo’s entire life was directed by Yahweh’s decision, even beyond Eisen’s foresight.

This is also why Ichigo’s progress through the Thousand-Year Blood War seemed exactly like Soul Society and the Arrancar arc, all until facing the final boss. It was all Ichigo’s fate, but only his courage could break through the almighty all-searing eyes. Yahweh might have guided Ichigo into the palms of his hands, but he hadn’t planned to get defeated.

Ichigo’s courage had made Old Man Zangetsu’s mind waver, and it had also cut down Yahweh’s invisible powers. Despite being a mix of Hollow, Quincy, and Shinigami, more like that was the reason he could defeat Yahweh. So, in a way, he was destined to stand up against Yahweh from the very beginning of Ishin and Masaki’s first encounter.


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