True Strength, True Love: How Tatsumaki love Saitama

True Strength, True Love: How Tatsumaki love Saitama

Do you guys how Tatsumaki fell in love with Saitama?

In this blog “True Strength, True Love: How Tatsumaki love Saitama”, i will show you how Tatsumaki love Saitama

The Beginning of the story why Tatsumaki love Saitama

Chapter 179 of One Punch Man begins with a happy family on their way to their brand new home in the Hero Association’s complex, which only happened to cost them a 35-year loan.

But wait a minute, would you look at that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Caped Baldy holding a child. Saitama vs Tatsumaki has escalated to something that we never imagined.

Tatsumaki love Saitama. They fly across the city within seconds while hugging, and this prompts Tatsumaki to call him a pervert.

Okay, look at this disgusting. In anger, she spins Saitama into the ground with full force, but nothing phases him. This entire time, Saitama has refused to let go of Tatsumaki’s hand, which makes her blush. She screams, “You something or something? No, he’s angry that you destroyed his house and doesn’t want a child to run away.”

However, the ruthless strikes again, as Tatsumaki has confirmed Fubuki is into him. She becomes enraged, screaming that he is out of his mind, while still blushing, of course. When they first met, Tatsumaki labeled Saitama an eyesore, while he thought she was a little lost child wanting to go to the toy store.

The running gag thus far is that Saitama ignores Tatsumaki on every given occasion, but of course, that doesn’t stop the entire community from shipping them.

Easter Eggs

And what if I told you that we found another Easter egg in the canon murder case that is too impossible? OVA zombie man is stabbed and killed by Tatsumaki, but why? Well, that’s because Saitama’s riz affected her.

It shows that Tatsumaki is the culprit, and she was very drunk. Saitama told her that she is a child and shouldn’t drink adult sake. Feeling humiliated by this, she takes revenge by drinking as much as she could from Saitama’s bottle of sake, which results in her committing the murder.

So what does that tell us? Well, in a shipper’s mind, this means Tatsumaki has sought Saitama’s acknowledgment since the moment they had met, but her insecurities have stopped her from accepting him. But at the end of the day, my man is a boobs guy. I mean, just look at this drip. And now let’s just compare the two sisters.

Listen, I don’t mean to judge, but one clearly has the edge over the other, let’s just say that, shall we?

Tatsumaki takes offense to that. Saitama has the audacity to think that she would run away from somebody so weak, which is when she admits that, “You know what, alright, maybe he is a little bit stronger right now.”

Tatsumaki doesn’t want to risk killing another hero, but she is gradually increasing her psychic output, while Murata, you think we’re not noticing, but trust me, we are. I think you love these psychic sisters too much anyway. She flicks a side hammer that sends him flying into nearby rocks, but it does not, in fact, as she begins to power up further. He calls it fun. If it would be a cool roller coaster to ride on, this fun, bear in mind, has been picked up by nearby Hero Association as an abnormal tremor two kilometers away that would need S-Class Heroes to help defend it

So I just like to give my deepest condolences to the S-Class hero unlucky enough to be tasked to try and get in between these two fighting. You shall be missed. Shut your ass up, you don’t even belong here! Meanwhile, Tsukiyomi escapes from Tatsumaki’s prison by digging underground and fleeing by car. And finally, this creep has a name, Mr. Hollow.

The Tornado of Terror

But in their wing mirror, they see a gigantic tornado, which is of course Tatsumaki, the Tornado of Terror. Tatsumaki violently pulls debris towards Saitama, who just nonchalantly puts it to one side like it’s nothing more than a slight inconvenience.

In fact, he just lands on the boulders like it’s nothing, causing massive craters. This tornado right here easily puts real-life versions on a minute scale. For example, the 2013 El Renault tornado reached a width of 2.6 miles and speeds of up to 301 miles per hour.

I think it’s safe to say that we’d all be pretty terrified if we saw this thing in real life, right? But let’s have a look what this kid in the family car has to say, shall we? Huh, uh, let’s drive closer so that we can speak to touch the microwave one. In fact, news just in, we have an exclusive live feed of the point of view from this kid watching Saitama versus Tatsumaki right now.

  True Strength, True Love: How Tatsumaki love Saitama

That is absolutely cute. Okay, but let’s also have a moment for Murata blessing us with his pen, upgrading even the most NPC looking characters into goddamn hot waifus. A stray piece of debris from the tornado almost hits their car, but Saitama saves them, telling Tatsumaki to pay attention to the things around her. Angry once again, nothing new there, she fires another boulder outside.

Tama, who effortlessly deflects it away straight at the car this time. That’s a Mackie defends it, calling Saitama dangerous and a Baldi. He responds accordingly, of course. “You say to me?” She tells the car to piss off as her angle reaches an uncontrollable level. As she then prepares one final attack to finish off Saitama, as she doesn’t believe he has what it takes to protect Fabuki.

Oh boy, she has no idea. The reason why this ship works is that Saitama is one of the only people on the planet capable of surviving a Tatsumaki temper tantrum, thus allowing Saitama to use himself as a way for her to vent her feelings through destructive fights and tire her out.

Saitama shows concern for Tatsumaki in the One Punch Man audio books, despite claiming to lack emotions like love (i think Tatsumaki love Saitama and so do Saitama). Tatsumaki falls in love with him, and their similar labels of being strong but isolated lead to character development. King inspires Saitama to reach his full potential by becoming more emotionally connected to others, rather than focusing only on his power. Humans are fueled by emotions, and lacking them can limit potential. In Hammer’s life, characters go from strangers to friends.

Genos is the first person to reach the finish line as Saitama consoled him, stating his heart had grown stronger as he didn’t throw his life away. Therefore, he couldn’t have been weak. Likewise, he is now saving Fubuki and even Tatsumaki too as he’s trying to end their constant fighting because he understands that for their hearts to grow stronger, they need each other. After all, humans are a social species. Under the cornerstone of our emotion come from the love and connections we make. Therefore, Fubuki and Tatsumaki will never become the heroes they aspire to be without accepting each other.

Both want to become the strongest there is, yet when faced with the actual strongest there is, Tatsumaki will discover that being strong doesn’t solve your problems, but people do. Just look at how busted Saitama became after feeling guilty about losing Genos to Garou.

That is why the manga is superior to the webcomic. As one, the creator has changed the direction of the story. If we compare Tatsumaki to the webcomic and manga, in the first version, she came across as a hypocrite and pretty much a murderer as she had no remorse for anything she was doing whilst fighting. It even civilians could have died.

But in the manga, her insecurities are displayed in full for Saitama’s power to break down those barriers to make her realize that he is a good match.

Let the war begin in the comments. Give me answer about: “Does Tatsumaki love Saitama?”

Alright, Fubuki or Tatsumaki, who should Saitama smash? It’s Fubuki.

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