10+ Most Remarkable Female Characters With Scars

10+ Most Remarkable Female Characters With Scars
10+ Most Remarkable Female Characters With Scars
Female Characters With Scars

Tsukuyo (Gintama)

Female Characters With Scars Tsukuyo (Gintama)
I decided to make a post on anime girls with scars because of Tsukuyo from Gintama.
In order to become the guardian of the woman she admires, she scars herself.
When her feminine side appears after meeting the Yorozuya trio, it is really cute.

Mahiru Banba ( Akuma no Riddle )

Female Characters With Scars Mahiru Banba ( Akuma no Riddle )

The main character of Akuma no Riddle is Mahiru a.k.a. Shinya.
As a former assassin, she has developed two personalities; a shy and mysterious one, and a violent and rude one.

Frederica Sawyer (Black Lagoon.)

Frederica Sawyer (Black Lagoon.) Female Characters With Scars
Known as Sawyer the Cleaner, Frederica Sawyer excels at disposing of bodies in Black Lagoon.
In a gruesome manner, she disposes of her enemies with a chainsaw.
As a result of a past throat injury, she uses an electrolarynx to speak.

Pepper (No Gun Life)

Pepper (No Gun Life)  Female Characters With Scars
In No guns life, Pepper is a minor antagonist character. She fought the main character once and lost.

Ageha Kuki (They Are My Noble Masters)

Ageha Kuki (They Are My Noble Masters)
Among the great four from They Are My Noble Masters, Ahega Kuki succeeds Kimiaru as head of the Kuki Group.
She was born with a cross-shaped scar on her forehead as part of Kuki family tradition.

Tokiko Tsumura (Buso Renkin)

Tokiko Tsumura (Buso Renkin)
In Buso Renkin, Tokiko Tsumura is the second most important character.
A member of the alchemist army, she is an alchemist warrior.
In the image above, you can probably tell from her expression that she is a pretty serious person. She dislikes people lollygagging around and asking about her scar.

A cute anime girl with a scar on her face

Chris (Konosuba)

Chris (Konosuba)
In Konosuba, Chris is a minor character. Her only memorable scene is when Kazuma steals her underwear with his new “steal” skill.

Mika Harima (Durarara!!)

Mika Harima (Durarara!!)
The character Mika appears in the action packed slice-of-life anime Durarara!!
She is actually a Yandere who is madly in love with a boy who is madly in love with a decapitated head of a Dullahan.
As a result, she decides to undergo surgery to change her face so that she could look like the head so that the boy would love her. This is how she got her scar in the neck.

Assassin of Black ( Fate/Grand Order)

Assassin of Black ( FateGrand Order)
She is a summon of Hyouma Sagara and becomes Reika’s familiar shortly after becoming a summon of Jack the Ripper.

Yuki Hanzomon (Release the Spyce)

Yuki Hanzomon (Release the Spyce)
A former leader of Tsukikage, Yuki is one of the main characters in Release the Spyce.
A member of Tsukikage sees her skills in battle and invites her to join them after seeing her training day in and day out as a child.

Rin (Toriko)

Rin (Toriko)
Toriko’s Rin is one of the main characters.
She is IGO’s third highest-ranking Gourmet Research Chief.
In order to manipulate the beasts’ minds, she uses perfumes.

A mature anime woman with facial scars

Nine Klaud (D Gray Man)

Nine Klaud (D Gray Man)
Seeing Klaud will make anyone think twice about anime girls with facial scars.
In D Gray Man, Klaud Nine is the only female exorcist general and one of the strongest characters.
Lau Shimin, her pet, is always with her.

Nice Holystone (Baccano! )

Nice Holystone (Baccano! )
Nice is a major character in Baccano! She loves bombs and is an explosive expert. She has scars on her body from an incident when she was a child.
As a result of problems with her left eye, she wears glasses and covers her empty right eye socket with an eye patch.

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)
In Bleach, Nel is introduced as a cute little loli (child).
They later revealed that she had transformed into a child after taking a blow to the head and had lost her memory as a result.

Inazuma (female form)

Inazuma (female form)
As we all know, Inazuma is a man from One Piece, but at this particular time (image above), he has become a girl due to the powers of another character.
He looks pretty neat as a woman, and he has a scar, so that’s all I need to include him.

Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

Balalaika (Black Lagoon)
Balalaika is the villain of Black Lagoon. She is the boss of Hotel Moscow. Before joining the mafia, she was a Soviet army captain.
She got battle scars from the Afghanistan war on her body.

Rider (Fate Extra)

Rider (Fate Extra)
The video game version of Fate Extra also features Rider as one of the characters.
In the Moon Holy Grail War, she was summoned as Shinji Matou’s servant.

Mizufa Trude ( Log Horizon)

Mizufa Trude ( Log Horizon)
Log Horizon’s Mizufa is a character.
A member of the Ten-Seat Council, she is a general of the Westelande army.

Miss Lady (Devil May Cry)

Miss Lady (Devil May Cry)
Dante gives Lady the name “Lady“, but her real name is Mary.
A human devil hunter who occasionally works with Dante to hunt devils, she is also proficient with guns, grenades, and other modern weapons of war.

That is the end of our 10+ Most Remarkable Female Characters With Scars

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