All About Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter

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In today’s post, we will be looking at some of the most popular Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter.
The Hunter x Hunter series is one of the most well-liked action anime series there is. As children, we learned a lot of important lessons, including the true meaning of friendship, the dark side of humanity, and so on. Sure, some lessons were hard to handle.
Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter
This book is jam-packed with amazing characters and uplifting quotes that can help you change your perspective on the world. Supporting the female characters in HxH are their unforgettable personalities.
The Hunters in Hunter x Hunter represent a wide variety of professions. They may take the battle to protect humans, or they may be members of evil organizations such as Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ant.
With so much buzz in the anime community about Hunter x Hunter, a lot of fans are interested in learning more not only about the show’s main characters but also HxH’s Side Characters and other Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best girls in HxH and their incredible feats here.

Cheadle Yorkshire – The Association’s 14th chairman Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter

Cheadle Yorkshire
Cheadle Yorkshire is a Zodiac and one of the most decorated Hunters of all time. She was the Association’s 14th chairman, and currently holds the title of Chairwoman.
She is also a member of the Science Team, formed specifically for the expedition to the Dark Continent. The name given to her was ‘Dog.’
Cheadle is a composed, intelligent individual. Because he has a clearly established moral compass, it’s easy to see that Cheadle is a person with deep values and convictions. She’s composed and calm, firmly devoted to Isaac Netero, and has no liking for Pariston.
Among all Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter, Cheadle is in charge. With the annexation of their territory, they now have access to all the advantages that come with it. We asked tons of people how they feel about Cheadle, and their feedback was that she’s a brilliant, intelligent, and pragmatic politician with a winning attitude.


Ponzu becomes a hunter among Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter alongside Gon and Killua as they participate in the hunter exam.
She is one of the strongest participants who’s able to clear the third stage and is able to enter the fourth stage of the exam. With a lot of chemicals in their inventory, and competent expertise in using them, she was able to quickly take out her opponents.
Ponzu always has a big yellow hat with lots of bees in it. Those bees help her in difficult situations by attacking and flying away from the danger zone. She is a new user and uses her ability to manipulate bees at her own will.

Spinner Clow

Spinner Clow
The Amateur Hunters were founded by the beloved Korosensei along with Kite and Spinner Clow.
She loved to explore different wildlife and wanted to be a professional animal hunter.
The young girl was beautiful, and she had a great deal of respect for Kite because he paid the equivalent of a whole mine to buy it. Spin is also commonly known as Spinner by her comrades.
Kite was born in the mining area of a small town. Though he is surrounded by lots of swans, they were not able to save him from Gon and Killua when they left him alone with Kite.


Cluck is one of the twelve Zodiacs chosen by Issac Netero, and she’s short-tempered and always willing to raise her voice. She possesses a fierce, confident energy that navigates in fearlessly no matter what challenges she faces.
Cluck is a protagonist, a human without powers at first. However, she does have access to her ability which eventually manifests itself in a very interesting way.
There are incredibly dangerous creatures out there — even in the world of hunting. But one particular individual found a clever way to keep away from these predators: sending messages via email. That woman is known as “Chicken” by her group of hunters.


Gel is a professional hunter among Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter who is one of the 12 members of the Zodiacs, led by Issac Netero. She is known to her colleagues and other hunters by her codename, “Snake.” She has a pale skin tone, slim frame, and beautiful long, black hair.
Gel is one of the strongest hunters in the Hunter Association, but she has a vast knowledge of chemistry, biology, and medicine. She’s also a poison hunter. She can also transform her hand into a snake to attack others and is proficient in using Nen.
Gel has a lot of potential, but will take some time to fully realize it.


Pyon is a Zodiac and hunter of Paleographs. The Intelligence Team, as well as her other teammates, was established in advance of the trip to the Dark Continent.
Rabbit is a codename for the woman famed for being known as Iron Lady in her prime.
Pyon has a reputation for speaking informally and being very laid-back. They might at times come off as frivolous, but nonetheless are always willing to lend a helping hand if needed.
She also despises being ignored. When this happens, she will get angry and scream at others. A strong and competent enough hunter, Pyon is just as lethal in his own right.
She has the highest authority within the Hunter Association and between Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka was ranked 77th in strength, significantly higher than most of the pro hunters at the tournament.


Menchi is the top-rated professional hunter, based on her exam passage rate. She’s also the examiner for the second stage of the Hunter Exam.
Her personality is unique and different from other characters in Hunter x Hunter. She is short-tempered and a genius individual. Menchi likes hearing anything positive about gourmet hunters and foods.
Professional gourmet hunters use a variety of knives to put down opponents.

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger
Biscuit Krueger is a hunter and one of the main characters in the Greed Island Arc.
Being hired by Battera means she’ll be attending a live auction for their latest video game and clearing the title in a meeting with Matthew, their head of product.
After meeting Gon and Killua during the game, she became their teacher. She teaches them about nen and its uses.
Biscuit is also popularly known as Bisky, and is one of the most popular female characters in HxH. After watching past episodes, fans have noted that Rin enjoys using her skills in the show to deceive opponents and use her cuteness to her advantage.
Stone hunting is a serious business. It takes patience, sharp eyes and keen senses to find sources for rare collections like Agnes did. Biscuit can more effectively use the transmutation and modification skills.
Her physical strength and endurance have reached new heights since she transformed into a huge, muscled woman. Her intelligence and analytical skills have helped her hone her understanding of the fighting arts.

Kite (as Chimera Ant)

Kite originally was a professional hunter among Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter who learned all her abilities from Ging Freecss.
After a fearsome creature killed him, he was reborn as different. This particular ant is a young girl with long red hair and a tail on her back.
Kite is a lively child who loves playing with toys and swords. She became very mature in a very short time after regaining her previous memories. Nen is a power-full ability that can be used by even children.


Mosquito was a Chimera Ant Soldier under Commander Yunju. Her personality was cold, and she enjoyed making fun of their opponents. Even though she eventually died, she received amazing recognition for her vulnerability.
Whether it’s in strength or power, like all Chimera Ants, Mosquito is more powerful than an average person. She attacks her enemies by lashing out with a stinger from her venomous tail, distracting them with a sting of her venomous lips.
When one of her arms is bitten off, she doesn’t seem to be in any agony. Instead, she’s enraged at the mosquito. She can fly because of her wings.



Hina is a Chimera ant who served as a Squad Captain in Leol’s Squad. She go by the name Hirin, before deciding to change it!
She traveled to Meteor City in search of Gyro after the Chimera Ant King was killed with Bizeff, Welfin, and others. As a person, Hina is very upbeat and innocent. She has a typical teenage girlish attitude and isn’t worried about the appearance of her talent.
Leol believed in her strength and said she was one of the top two warriors on his squad. Hina lifted and threw away a massive chunk of rubble that was holding Bizeff down, letting him experience her extraordinary power.

Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia
Palm Antarctica was originally a female hunter among Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter before being turned into an ant soldier by the Royal Guards.
She was the assistant to Knov, a professional hunter, and she held great respect and love for him. A skilled and beautiful young woman, Salt performs a number of slinky moves in the show at her climactic fight with Kurapika.
Sometimes she’s extremely kind and gentle. Once reborn as a Chimera ant, her personality changed. Now that she feels calmer and more intelligent, she enjoys her daily life more and is less suspicious of others.
Palm is an enhancer with the ability to increase her strength and power to a greater extent.
She’s incredible at fighting people. With her hair, she forms a defense for herself using her senses. She also gathers information from their opponents and it makes her particularly good at tracking them down.

Zazan – Strongest Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter Among Chimera

Zazan is a Chimera ant that was originally made as a female for ant warfare. However, she is actually a male Scorpion in disguise.
She has been given the rank of Squadron Leader by Queen Chimera. After the death of the ant queen, she instantly left to make her own kingdom and became known as the new queen.
Zazan doesn’t like to follow the orders of her ant queen. She allows her subordinates to kill and eat anyone at their own discretion. She couldn’t escape her honour or power hungry nature.
She had excellent leadership skills, which is why she was able to create her own small kingdom. Zazan is one of the strongest Chimera ants who put up a tough fight against the best member of Feitan’s phantom troupe, Feitan, and also the strongest Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter.
The deadly poison that thrives in the deserts of their home country is lethal to any professional hunter wounded or unaffected by it.
Nen users are able to manipulate and control their own bodies. With those abilities, some nen users can also enhance their senses or produce energy blasts.

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki
One of the things that Shizuku Murasaki does is help to support the other members of the Phantom Troupe in times of need.
The female manga protagonist of Hunter x Hunter has short black hair and a slim body. Because of her personality, she’s very calm, emotionless, and uncaring.
Shizuku has short-term memory loss, so she frequently forgets her work and the names of people she meets. She is considered an expert at pickpocketing, and did all of the important work for her team, such as removing all observations.
Shizuku is a conjurer who creates an invisible vacuum cleaner named Blinky by using her Nen abilities. She uses Blinky to suck up all non-living materials, and remove any traces of evidence that Troupe may have left behind.

Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine
The third and the youngest member of the Phantom Troupe is Machi Komacine.
This woman is short-heeled, beautiful, and wears ninja garb. She always seems to be without any emotions, giving a cold and calculated reaction to every situation.
Machi has great instincts that allow her to make the right call at important times. She’s quite intelligent and skilled at winning the game by outwitting her opponents.
She is one of the strongest Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter because she possesses great physical strength, excellent speed, and a sharp reaction time.
Machi is a transmuter-type nen user and knows many other Nen techniques.
She can easily reattach limbs and sew up wounds with her needle-thin stitches. She also uses her nen threads to attack and capture her opponents.


Pakunoda is one of the nine members of the Phantom Troupe who, unfortunately, has very troublesome abilities.
The most distinctive feature of her character is her incredibly beautiful, sensuous and curvaceous body. She is an confident and brilliant woman who will always be loyal to her leader, Chrollo Lucifer.
As a sidekick, Pakunoda has less physical strength and speed than her other teammates. Prudence has two guns at the ready and is quite the markswoman. She can wield multiple guns with ease and is always armed to the teeth.
She is a psychic who reads the minds or memories of others using her ‘special ability’ called psychometry.
Pakunoda is capable of implanting her own memories into others by shooting conjured bullets into their heads with a machine called the Supershotter.
Because of her rare and useful ability, she managed to hold an important position in the group.



Tsubone’s granddaughter Amane is the butler at the Zoldyck household.
In order to save Gon Freecss, Silva and Tsubone are going with Killua and Alluka on their trip.
Her grandmother was devoted to Silva and would not be hesitant to carry out any task he gave her because of that. Her confident and independent attitude is occasionally interrupted by flashes of arrogance.
Amane was born into an affluent Zoldyck family, and grew up to become their skilled combatant and resourceful servant. Amane is incredibly resilient and has survived an illumi-engineered car crash.
Quickly kicking aside and bending an iron bar that was being aimed at Killua and Alluka, she displayed a strength and speed beyond what is commonly thought to be possible.


Tsubone plays a very important role in the Zoldyck household, especially considering his most valuable trait: experience and skill.
To save Gon Freecss, the Zoldycks left and traveled incognito. As a person, Tsubone is devoted to Silva and will carry out his orders without hesitation.
She is the only servant in this story who addresses Killua as “Killua-chan” and Alluka as “Alluka-chama.” Tsubone is strong within Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter, in that she can take out Killua with one hand, and she generally tries to stay away from conflict.
This is the kind of physical time and mental energy that Gotoh does not have. Her extremely simple presence makes him break out in a cold sweat, and Illumi seems hesitant to fight her.
The woman is not only a talented fighter and stunningly beautiful, she also has access to her own video feed from the manse.

Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo Zoldyck
Kikyo is the mother of one of the series’ main characters and is married to Silva Zoldyck, who owns a massive company in the series. This is a tall lady with dark hair wearing a dark purple dress and bandages.
She was a member of the Zoldyck family and had excellent assassin skills and a caring family business. Kikyo is very protective of Killua, but it sometimes can’t help the feelings she has for him due to her high hopes and love.
One of the things that makes Alluka so special is that she hasn’t yet been affected by Gran’s power. However, if she did, her true abilities would be triggered, and that essentially means the whole family would be in jeopardy.
Her nen is fairly unknown throughout the series, which means she is a manipulator-type of nen user.


The Castell was a dark-skinned women with grey eyes and purple hair.
She might appear to be cold and callous, but she’s actually extremely kind. One of her biggest accomplishments has been working with the Phantom Troupes, a group of masked warriors who use their talents for good.
At such a young age, she killed an individual on the blacklist alongside 100 men. She is always willing to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the Zoldyck family, especially her younger master, Killua.
Canary never used her Nen abilities, but she had knowledge of how to use the Nen technique. One skill that makes her the perfect assassin is Shadow Step, which lets her dodge between multiple enemies.

Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck
The main character of Hunter x Hunter is Killua Zoldyck, and he has a younger sister named Alluka – important characters among Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter.
She may belong to an infamous assassin family, but that doesn’t mean they’re great at just killing people. There are multiple uses for the skill set.
She shares her body with Nanika, a mysterious dark creature who has extraordinary powers. Alluka has a young age, lovable personality, and a playful and warm demeanor.
But after Changing into Nanika, she became a very evil and uncontrollable individual. She is very close to her brother, Killua, and shares a great and lovable bond with him.
She doesn’t have any fighting skills, durability, or strength. In her role as the host of Nanika, Alluka has an unusual power that allows her to do anything in exchange for a wish.
Her ability to grant wishes was considered a kind of magic by the people in the magical world around her. The series doesn’t provide any hints about what kind of power Hinata is hiding under.


Reina lived in NGL with her mother and brother Kurt.
In her younger days, she was a very innocent girl who treasured family and friends. Having an older brother like Kurt was a blessing for Karen because they were always finding interesting things to do together.
After her confrontation with a giant crab-like creature, she is devoured by its queen alongside her brother. Not only did Reina become a vampire, but she also became an ally to her best friend, Kurt. At the end of the series, they are both revived as Shidore and Colt.


Retz was Omokage’s younger sister and a traveling puppeteer. As a person, she was an extremely kind and joyful young lady.
Retz was afraid her brother would use her to grasp Gon’s attention. Overall, she was a very kind and endearing young lady who regarded Gon as the brother she had always wanted. She has complete control over her puppet without any strings to the controls.
Her talent of holding the Soul Doll, along with the fact that she uses her puppet to construct an Illumi Zoldyck doll, tells us that she is most likely a specialist like her brother.

Neon Nostrade

Neon Nostrade
Neon Nostrade is the only daughter of Light Nostrade, and she belongs to the infamous mafia family known as the “Nostrade Family”.
She is headstrong, but also selfish. She collects human body parts as a hobby. If a childlike person has the will to achieve what they want, then Neon is an example of that.
The character of Namane is a special nen user with a very rare, unnamed ability There are hundreds more examples.
Her ability to predict the future led to a poem she wrote unconsciously.


Baise is a character from Female Characters In Hunter x Hunter with distinct facial features, but she’s often referred to as one of the more attractive women in the anime.
Jeneveth Matoi is chosen as one of the bodyguards for Neon Nostrade. She’s been advance in the fighting arena with her quick reflexes and impressive legs.
Baise is a nen user who manipulates people emotionally, and creates a very rare ability called “Instant Lover.” Kissing someone makes them your servant. Whoever you kiss has to follow all your orders without any thought. Whatever you say, they are duty-bound to do it.


Komugi was one of the major characters in the Chimera Ant Arc of Hunter x Hunter.
The United Trading Federation Champion is a professional board game player who is well-known throughout the world. She is a very intelligent and simple young girl who has a childish personality. Komugi always maintains a friendly, polite exterior but her facial expressions tell the truth.
She’s a lifelong champion of underserved and/or underprivileged communities. While she has often helped her family financially, it was never her intention to do so. After becoming a great player, she took an oath to kill herself whenever she lost any single match.
After playing Gungi against Meruem, the Ant King, Komugi’s personality changes. She found love and devoted her life to him.
She’s shown that she has extraordinary mind power by being able to defeat Meruem in every match, something that would be near impossible for someone like Meruem who has superhuman intellect and skills.

Mito Freecss

Mito Freecss
Mito is Gon’s foster mother.
What a beautiful lady! She is raising Gon as her own son after his father, Ging, left him just after two years of his birth. She has white skin and dazzling eyes. As a young girl, Mito spent most of her time playing with Ging.
After Ging leaves the island, she takes full responsibility for Gon. She also gives him a good upbringing and helps to shape his development. When choosing to make a change, sometimes it can be difficult finding the truth in what’s going on. She encourages him to tell his parents about this decision and that it will be okay.
She has a lot of affection for Gon and doesn’t want him to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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