In Chapter 628 of One Piece, we’re told for the very first time about a mysterious character called Joy Boy.  And over time, he’s turned into maybe the single most important character  in the entire story next to Luffy So let’s dig in to every single thing we know about Joy Boy for a fact as well as everything that has been hinted at.

Why do we know only so  little about this character? Well, not having years ago.  People who know One Piece know that   these dates line up perfectly with a  time period called the Void Century. The Void Century is an entire one hundred years  of history that’s just…gone.

The World Government,   the organization that controls the entire  One Piece world, eliminated every shred   of information and history connected to  this time period. Almost nothing at all   remains. No archaelogoical ruins, no books,  it’s all just vanished with barely a trace. Except for one big exception,  of course: The Poneglyphs.

These   big indestructible blocks are scattered across  the world in a mysterious language. One of the   only people in the entire world that knows  how to read the poneglyphs is Nico Robin,   the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates. And it’s thanks to Robin reading a poneglyph  that we first heard the name Joy Boy in the   series.

While the crew was on Fishman Island,  Robin read a poneglyph there and told us that   it described a promise between Joy Boy  and Poseidon from over 800 years ago. Poseidon is one of the ancient weapons and their  power is always reincarnated through the Fishman   Royalty of Fishman Island. Whoever holds the  power of Poseidon can command the Sea Kings,   gigantic, super powerful sea creatures.

Right now   the power of Poseidon belongs to  the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi,   who Luffy saved during the Fishman Island arc  – always leave it to Luffy to save a princess. The promise between Joy Boy and Poseidon 800  years ago had something to do with using the Sea   Kings to lift up the massive ark called the Noah  that sits at the bottom of the sea.

It probably   involves bringing the fishmen to live among the  surface along with the other races of the One   Piece world. However, for an unknown reason, Joy  Boy was unable to hold up his side of the deal.   The poneglyph isn’t actually just a historical  record – it’s an apology to Fishman Island. It was also around this same time that Joy Boy was  also partners with Zunesha – a massive elephant.

And I mean MASSIVE – Zunesha is confirmed to be  35 km tall – that means Zunesha is 3 times higher   than a Sky Island. Zunesha is SO big in fact, that  a whole island lives on top of him. The minks,   a race of animal/human hybrids, built their  country Zou right on top of this giant elephant. The crazy thing is that 800 years after  the Void Century, Zunesha is still alive   and kicking and has even communicated with  Luffy.

Zunesha doesn’t literally talk – he   communicates with other characters through  a mysterious power called the Voice of All   Things. This power is also supposedly the  way that Roger was able to “read” poneglyphs   without knowing how to actually translate the  writing. The thing is though – that entire 800   years, Zunesha wasn’t freely walking  around the ocean. He was doing time.

That’s right – this elephant is a criminal. 800  years ago after committing an unknown crime,   Zunesha was sentenced to walk a certain  path in the ocean continually for all   that time. It was only once Momonosuke  gave him the order to do something else   that he could.

For some reason,  Momonosuke, the Shogun of Wano,   has the power to communicate with Zunesha as well  as even give orders to this gigantic creature. There are only two more things that are  confirmed pieces of info about Joy Boy.   First off, Joy Boy is the one who really left  behind the treasure known as One Piece. The   series started off with the Pirate King  Gol D.

Roger telling the world that he   left a treasure behind, but the truth is  more complicated than that. In reality,   at the end of his journey, Roger actually found  some kind of object of enormous importance that   was left behind by Joy Boy. On this island,  Roger learned the truth of the ancient history   and the Void Century and wished that he  could have been alive in Joy Boy’s time.

The mysterious treasure that Joy Boy left  behind caused Roger to laugh like crazy,   leading him to name this island Laugh Tale.  He also revealed that for some reason,   he arrived at Laugh Tale too early.  There goes Oda being mysterious again. We’re not sure why Roger was “too  early” in arriving to Laugh Tale,   but it probably has to do  with Joy Boy’s second coming.

That’s right – Joy Boy’s coming back. According  to a long-held prophecy, Joy Boy would be   reincarnated 800 years after the Void Century –  or 20 years after Roger reached Laugh Tale. This   prophecy is known in part thanks to a character  named Kozuki Oden, the former shogun of Wano   Country. The Kozuki Clan in ancient times were  the ones who actually wrote the poneglyphs.

Oden   sailed with Gol D. Roger to Laugh Tale and kept a  logbook of their travels. Roger and Oden learned   that they’d arrived “too early”, but that in  20 years Joy Boy would return to Wano. This   led Oden to make his goal of opening Wano’s  borders to welcome Joy Boy in 20 years’ time. And the second Joy Boy…is none other than Monkey  D. Luffy.

That’s right – our main character Luffy   is the second coming of the legendary hero Joy  Boy. During the fight with the Emperor of the Sea,   Kaidou, Luffy awakened a new power. What Luffy  calls “Gear 5” is actually the awakening of his   devil fruit. After all of these years in the  series, we learned that Luffy’s devil fruit   wasn’t actually the rubber fruit – it was a super  powerful fruit called the Sun God Nika fruit.

We still don’t know much about the deity the Sun  God Nika, but we can guess that it’s connected   to Joyboy in some way. When Luffy transformed his  hair and clothes turned all white and he couldn’t   stop laughing. He also gained new powers this  are seemingly only limited by his imagination. When Luffy first appeared in this new form,  he was also jumping across the battlefield   silhouetted by the moon.

This mirrors the very  first time we learned about the Sun God Nika   from Kaidou’s subordinate Who’s Who.  He tells that when he was in prison,   fellow inmates would tell hopeful tales  of a liberator called the Sun God Nika.   During this explanation, we also saw a figure  with a similar silhouette to Gear 5 Luffy. However, when Luffy awakend this form,  Zunesha, the giant elephant said something   fascinating.

He said he could hear the “drums  of liberation” seemingly referring to Luffy’s   heartbeat. He the announced that “Joy  Boy had returned.” Clearly Luffy,   Joy Boy, and Nika are all closely related somehow. It’s ironic that Luffy awakened this form while  fighting with Kaidou because it seemed that   Kaidou was trying to find Joy Boy or possibly  even trying to become Joy Boy himself.

It’s   hinted that he might have chosen Wano as his  base because the prophecy hinted that Joy Boy   would appear there. Kaidou’s right-hand man,  King, had told him the legends of Joy Boy long   ago and Kaidou seemed to become fascinated  with the prophecy and legends of Joy Boy. Kaidou almost defeated Luffy several times  during their battle.

After one defeat,   he dropped Luffy into the sea, stating “So,   you couldn’t be Joy Boy either.” Clearly  Kaidou had seen others try and fail to fill   the role of Joy Boy. It might the case that  Kaidou himself failed at becoming “Joy Boy.” Even after seeing Kaidou’s flashbacks, much of  his past is mysterious.

It would seem that he   was obsessed with being the strongest, with  creating warfare all across the world. Being   the World’s Strongest Creature, it seemed that  his crew followed the rule of “Survival of the   Fittest.” However, it seems that another goal  of his was to find Joy Boy all along. After all,   part of the prophecy of Joy Boy’s return  involved Wano Country and its borders opening.

Wano Country had closed borders for years and  was isolated from the rest of the world. Joy   Boy – someone who spreads joy or happiness – and  the Sun God Nika, who represents freedom – as   well as the drums of liberation: All of these are  connected in ways we can’t quite see yet. However,   since it’s still such a mystery that gives the  fan base a huge opportunity to make awesome   theories about how Joy Boy will play a part  in the story.

And if you don’t want to miss   any updates on Joy Boy and one piece in general,  you should make sure to subscribe to the channel. But before we talk about speculation, we’ll look  at a likely origin for Joy Boy. Oda might actually   be drawing on history when creating the idea of  Joy Boy in One Piece.

The idea likely comes from a   Haitian God called…well, Joyboy. In Vodou beliefs,  Joyboy is a God of hope and music. It’s likely   that Joyboy was originally an African God that was  brought to the Caribbean during the slave trade. This God is said to spread laughter and joy with  drumming and dancing – which would seem to connect   to the idea of the “drums of liberation.”

This God also gave hope to enslaved people,   which would seem to parallel what we’ve  been told about Sun God Nika in the story,   who is a symbol of hope for  enslaved people in One Piece. And to some fans, it seems like Joy Boy  and his huge significance have come out   of nowhere.

However, we all know that Oda  is the master of foreshadowing and left us   a lot of clues. We already mentioned that Joy  Boy was originally mentioned in a poneglyph   all the way back on Fishman Island, but we’ve  been getting plenty of hints before that, too. In Skypiea, when Luffy was seen silhouetted  in front of a bonfire in a pose that looks   just like the Sun God Nika.

Oda has even said  that it was one of his favorite panels of the   whole series. In that same arc, the Shandians  worshipped a Sun God. The Giants also worship   a Sun God. And the Sun Pirates, who were formed  by former slaves, wear the mark of the Sun – an   early hint about slaves praying to the Sun God  Nika for freedom. All of these oppressed people   are awaiting the “Dawn of the World” – a Dawn  that can only come with the arrival of the Sun.

Now that we’ve been over all the  things we know for sure about Joy Boy,   I want to take some time to talk  about the craziest theories about   this legendary character. First off – did  the original Joy Boy also wear a Straw Hat? In a frozen cellar in Mariejois,  the capital of the world government,   the secret ruler of the world government,  Imu keeps a massive Straw Hat.

Tập hợp 19+ luffy joy boi mới nhất - damri.edu.vn

Why? Did   this secret object belong to the first Joy  Boy? And what then is the significance of   the smaller straw hat that was passed  from Roger to Shanks and then to Luffy? Also, what did Joy Boy do that was so  significant? We have so little information   about him that it’s hard to say what he might  have done.

Could he have been the ruler of the   Ancient Kingdom that went up against the World  Government? The story has recently revealed that   the Ancient Kingdom was technologically  advanced – if Joy Boy was its ruler,   could he have had control over the Ancient  Weapons? Holding that kind of power would be   enough to make the World Government fearful as  well as jealous.

I mean, could Joy Boy have even   created the Ancient Weapons…well, if  he’s much like Luffy probably not. And speaking of that advanced technology that  Dr. Vegapunk has revealed existed in the Ancient   Kingdom – what connection does Joy Boy have  to their mysterious power source?

Does Joy Boy have something to do with the giant robot that  scaled the Red Line and tried to attack Mariejois   200 years ago? We’ve only just learned about this powerful weapon of the Ancient Kingdom, but it seems pretty convenient that at  the same time it attacked Mariejois,

Fishmen were starting to fight for their rights.  Does the mysterious technology of Joy Boy’s   Ancient Kingdom have something to do with people  fighting for liberation or the coming “dawn”? Was he the world’s first pirate? Maybe  he was a literal pirate king – not in   the sense that Roger was pirate king,  having achieved all a pirate could hope   to achieve. Joy Boy might have been a  the actual ruler of a pirate kingdom.

It would make a load of sense then why the  World Government would try to erase his   existence. He was their enemy in their war for  supremacy over the One Piece world. In addition,   if he was a pirate it would make sense that  the World Government would outlaw piracy,   even against pirates who  don’t steal or harm people.

Did he seek a similar dream to Luffy, wanting  to spread freedom and joy wherever he went?   Did he unite all the oppressed races of the One  Piece world? If Joy Boy or the Sun God Nika are   beacons of hope for enslaved people, perhaps  his dream was to bring people together and   prevent discrimination.

For instance, the  promise the the Fishmen might have been to   use the Noah to bring them to the surface so  that they could live under the sun alongside   humans. Perhaps the minks wouldn’t have to  hide on Zunesha’s back anymore and could also   step into the light. Maybe Luffy will be able to  keep the promise that the original Joy Boy broke.

And if the original Joy Boy had a giant straw hat  – does that mean that Joy Boy was a giant? And   if he lived that long ago…could he have been an  ancient giant? In fact, there’s some pretty strong   evidence that Joy Boy could be Oars – the giant  zombie that the Warlord Gekko Moriah revived.

After all, if Joy Boy had a giant elephant,  shouldn’t he himself be giant, too? And maybe   it was more than a coincidence that Luffy’s shadow  ended up in Oars. But if that’s not convincing,   then you might just need to check out this blog all about how Joy Boy was an ancient giant!

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