Everything about Demon Slayer

Everything about Demon Slayer

Everything about Demon Slayer

In this blog, we’ll be attempting to explain the entire Demon Slayer story. No time to waste, let’s get started.

Everything about Demon Slayer

It all started about a thousand years ago when a young, frail boy was born who was so sick he could die any moment. The boy was stillborn, with no pulse or breathing, but at the time of his cremation, he started crying for the very first time since his birth. The child suffered from an unknown illness that greatly weakened him and lowered his life expectancy to only 20 years.

The doctor treating him gave him a special medicine having the blue lily flower in it, which saved the boy, providing him great strength but turned him into something inhuman, a demon that craved human flesh, having no weaknesses but the sunlight. Although the boy was saved, he cursed the bloodline of his own family, causing all the future generations to suffer from the same illness as him.

However, the family was instructed by a priest to slay the first demon to save their family from dying out. The sickly boy became the demon king Muzan Kibutsuji, and the Uyashuki family laid the foundation for the Demon Slayer Corps. The Demon Slayer Corps tried to hunt down Muzan over the years while he was busy injecting his blood into other people and building an army of demons to protect himself.

Muzan was on the hunt for the Red Lily flower, a flower that promised to eradicate his one remaining weakness, making him the most powerful being on earth. After some time, Muzan comes in contact with a marked Demon Slayer Michikatsu Sugi-kuni, who uses the Moon Breathing Style. Michikatsu wished to become more strong than his brother.

This gave Muzan the perfect opportunity to invite him to the dark side, offering him a long life and great strength. Michikatsu then became the Upper Moon One, known as the Kokushiba. Later, Muzan had his very first near-death experience thanks to Kushiba’s twin brother, Yurichi Sukukuni.

Yurishi was an incredible Demon Slayer that possessed godly attributes, such that he almost killed the Demon King too. Although Muzan survived, he was scarred for life. Judy reaches terrifying strength before his death. Yurichi, on requests of his dear friend, Sumiyoshi Kamado’s wife, performed his Hinokami Kagura and also gave the couple his son of food at earrings.

The Kamado couple was enchanted by his dance and immediately memorized it too, and that’s how the great swordsman Yurichi is connected to the Kamado family. Some centuries later, we get to see the Kamado family living on top of a hill, the eldest of the siblings being Tanjiro and Nezuko, who are also our protagonists.

Donjiro being the oldest takes care of most of the work that required strength, like selling coals in the village. One day, when he was coming back, Muzan slaughtered his entire family and unintentionally turned Nezuko into a demon.

Tanjiro was horrified but soon realized that there might be hope for Nezuko, and as he was about to take her to the hospital, he was attacked by Neziko, who thirsted for human flesh. And at the same time, the Water Hashira, Kyutomayoku, came.

Gea was adamant about slaying Nezuko, but due to Tantra’s persistence and Nezuko’s control over her urges, due to her love and care for him, to stop Guru from killing both. Kyou then takes the Kamado siblings to his master and the previous Water Hashira, Hirokudaki. Tantra trains under him to get strong enough to take revenge for his family and to return Nezuko to normal.

Tanjiro trains under him for a year, whereas Nezuko falls into a deep slumber to conserve her energy. Tantra then takes part in the Demon Slayer exam to join the Demon Slayer Corps. Tantra manages to stay alive in the Demon Forest for seven nights straight and passes the exam.

Once the exam is over, Tantra gets his niece and sword made and embarks on his first mission carrying Nezuko inside a special box. On his first mission, Tantra faces a demon that uses blood demon art and has been kidnapping girls from a village. Tantra’s next destination is Tokyo, where he first encounters Muzan.

Tanju notices the familiar scent and follows the demon king, but is easily fooled by him into thinking that he’s a human. Tantra gets distracted by a demon while Muzan makes his escape. Then, Tantra becomes acquainted with Tamiyo and Yushiro, who claim to have been making an antidote that converts demons back into humans.

Muzan is reminded of his great fear when he sees Tanjuro’s earrings and recalls his past with Yurichi when Muzon almost got killed. Tanjuak is ambushed by the demons but successfully defeats them with the help of Tamiyo, Yushiro, and Nezuko. He then departs again with Nezuko for another mission and gets acquainted with the eccentric Zhenitsu Agatsumi.

Everything about Demon Slayer

Tanjiro and Zenitsu are then directed to a mansion on the hill by a crow for a mission. Tantra gets acquainted with the Warhead of the Nosuke during his mission in the mansion. He recites a powerful demon at the rank of lower moon six, trying to save the two children inside the mansion.

Tanjiro and Zenitsu confront the demon, and Enosuke tags along. Zenitsu and Enosuke demonstrate their powers and helped Andrew in defeating the lower moon demon. The trio then stay for a short while in the house with the Wisteria family sigil and then embark on a new journey to Mount Natagumo on the instruction of the Kasugai crow.

Meanwhile, Giu and Shinobu are also instructed by Kagaya to investigate Mount Natagumo. The trio comes in contact with the family of a powerful lower moon rank 11 demon, Rui. Zenitsu, using his breath of lightning, fights against Rui’s brother, while Anaska handles his father using his beast breathing technique and spatial awareness.

Gui tries to get his hands on Nezuko to make her join his family and use her against Anjaro, but at that moment, Tantra recalls the Hindu kami kagura dance, shifting his water breathing style to sun breathing style, and slashes Rui’s neck. However, he is unable to land the killing blow and is saved by Giu, who informs him to leave with Nezuko due to his orders for eliminating all the demons on Mount Natagumo.

The siblings get captured and are presented in front of the Hashiras, but the head of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kikaya Ubuyashiki, insists on executing Nezuko. However, due to the insistence of Giu and the former Water Hashira, the siblings are set free on one condition that Nezuko be killed immediately when she eats a human.

What’s more, tangible was also left alive, due to him being the only one in the demon slayer core to have seen the demon king in person. Tangier Rosenito and Enosuke then trained with Genya and Kaneo to strengthen their breathing technique. Meanwhile, Musan kills the lower moon demons, leaving only the rank 7 behind and offers him his blood to kill Tanjiro.

The trio was ordered to go to the infinite train where they come across the Flame Ashira and Goku. Tanjura tries to inquire about the Hirokami Kagura, to which one Goku shares that his father might know something about it on the train. The lower moon rank 7 demon is present and uses a spell to put all the passengers in a never-ending sleep.

Tantrum dreams about his family being alive, making him feel extremely happy. However, he soon realizes that he has to kill himself to break from the spell. Niziku awakens Sanjiro, who then goes to fight against Anmu, while Rengoku also awakens and keeps the passengers safe. Enosuke joins Tanjuro in fighting against Zenmu, who keeps using the sleep spell on Tanjiro, confusing him between dreams and reality.

As soon as Enmu’s killed, Akuza, the upper moon rank 3, arrives. Tanjiro and Enosuke are unable to do anything against Akuza and submarine. Goku tries to fight against him. Rengoku puts up a great fight to which he’s invited by Akuza to become a demon. Rengoku says that he is a human and will be a human till his death.

Akuza kills from Goku and manages to escape. At dawn, Akkason returns to Muzan but the news of Kyogre and Goku’s death. But Muzan is unimpressed by it. A distraught Tanjiro follows Kyoto’s crew to his home and releases the Shira’s message to his younger brother Cinderella and Goku.

Kimojo’s father berates his late son badly and destroys his records so that Tanjura won’t get any information about the Hindu Kami Kagura. Later, his father starts crying upon hearing about Kyoto’s death. Tanjiro with Zendizu and Anosake continue their journey with the Sound to Jira Tenganuzui, who was in search of his missing wives.

The two disguised themselves as girls to continue their investigation in the Red Light District. The demon slayers find out that Daki of the upper moon rank 6 is behind the kidnapping and confront her in a battle. The fight with Daki is very important as it evolved the Kamado siblings. It made them much stronger.

Tantra got a better grip on the Hinoka Kagura, and Nezuko awakened her full demon form to fight against Daki. However, after defeating Daki, her older brother Gyotaro, the upper moon rank six, awakened as both siblings shared one body. Fortunately, the demon was killed with the help of the Sound to Shira and Tanjuro.

Tajiro Camano then travels to Swordsmith Village to get his niece and blade replaced. Tanjara finds out about the Urichi Type Zero training doll through the Mists of Shira and trains with it to the point that it cuts off the doll’s head and finds a 300-year-old sword inside it. Hotaru, the swordsmith, takes a look at the sword and offers to repair it for Tanjuro’s use.

Meanwhile, Muzan sends the Upper Moon Rank 4 and 5 to destroy the Sword Smith Village. Thankfully, the demons were slain with the help of Nezuko, Tajiro, Genya, Mitsuri, and Muitero Tokito. Nezuko attained immunity from the sun which piqued Roussan’s interest, and he shifted his complete attention to devouring Nezuko.

The demon slayers realized that they had to become much more powerful to defeat Muzan, so they started the Hashira training period. While the Hashiras were training, Muzan paid a visit to Kagaya and threatened him. Kagaya, in an attempt to completely eradicate Muzan, blew up his house along with his wife and two daughters.

Tomio appears and stabs Was on with a drug that turns demons into humans to weaken him. Unfortunately, the demon’s daughter is later killed by Muzan. In the meantime, all the Hashiras along with the young demon slayers arrive in corner Muzon. The new Upper Rank 4, Nakime, helps himself in retreating to the Infinity Castle and drags all the Hashiras and demon slayers with her.

The Hashiras get completely surrounded by demons there, whereas Shinobu opens the door to a room where the Upper Moon Rank 2 is feasting on several women. Shinobu allows them to eat her just so she can poison him enough to weaken him. This allows Kaneo and Onosuke to successfully kill Doma.

Guillome and Tajiro face off against Akusa, who proves to be a troublesome opponent, but the duo manages to somehow defeat him. While Zetty too fights against the senior Kigaku, who became the new Upper Moon Rank 6, the love of Shira and Surfer, Tajira, confronts Nakime who proves to be quite hard to take down.

Giu, Tanjiro, and Yushiro provide their assistance in beheading the Upper Moon Rank 4. The Mystishira was thrown into a different location and comes across Kokushiba. The fight with Gokushima doesn’t last long as the Mystician was easily defeated. Genya tries to offer his help and gets both of his arms slashed instead.

Fortunately, Gyome, the strongest Ashira, arrives, who puts up a good fight against Gokushiba. Guillome manages to defeat the Upper Rank 1 with the help of the missed Ashira. Muzan suddenly bursts out of his cocoon of flesh with a new appearance and power to fight against the demon slayers.

Using his powers, the demon lord poisons the mysticshira, the serpent to Shira, Tanjiro, and the other demon slayers pretty badly. Both the Hashiras die in each other’s arms, but Tanjiro is saved by Yushiro’s medicine. While being unconscious from Muzan’s attack, Tanjo dreams about the ancient memories of Yurichi and learns the 13th form of the Hikokami Kagura. Tanjiro, upon waking up, uses his new learned technique against Muzan, which proves to be quite useful but still not enough.

Combined with Gyome, Giu, Xiaomi, Zenitsu, and Ninosuke’s powers, Tanjiro manages to successfully defeat Muzan. However, Muzan transferred all of his remaining blood and cells to Tanjuro, turning him into a demon. Saying that if Tanjoro survives, he will be much stronger than Muzan and then he should carry out the mission to annihilate the demon slayer core. Tanjiro awakens from his demon king form, and he starts attacking the demon slayers around him.

Kaneo swiftly manages to inject Tanjiri with the medicine that Shinobu and Tamoya created for turning demons into humans. Chandra stays resilient and Muzan is finally defeated for good. Afterward, the demon slayer corps is disbanded for good. Nezuko also turns into a human and lives happily alongside Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke in the old Kamado house.

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