Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Reviews, where every week, we take a closer look at the news chapter of casting Fuji Motor’s Masterpiece Chainsaw Man. This week, we’re taking a closer look at Chainsaw Man Part 2, Chapter 15 or Chapter 112.

There wasn’t a ton of news this week, but some stuff worth mentioning. First off, it seems that Fujimoto might be returning to a temporary bi-weekly schedule, since this next chapter will come out in two weeks instead of one.

It seems now that he might switch to bi-weekly after he puts out an extra long chapter like today’s, switch back to weekly after a while, and then repeat, or this could just be a short break for Thanksgiving, which supposedly Japan does celebrate on the 23rd of November. Whatever it is, I’m fine with it because that means I finally have a break from two blogs a week. Anyways, let’s get into the recap.

Last week, Yukon Mitaka had an emotional farewell as Yuko was going into hiding. Though as she was making her way to her destination, she was decapitated by something that looks like Denji, but is certainly not Denji because we saw a panel of him sleeping. We speculated last week that this thing could very well be the Chainsaw Man devil, the representation of humanities and possibly Devil’s fear of Chainsaw Man.

Anyways, this chapter starts us off with me talking (you’re going back to the ruins of the school to find the weapon Mitaka made to kill Yuko). Unfortunately, it was just as strong as it was fragile, with the duo finding it in pieces. Mitaka asked Yoru if she knew the girl who we think is the Justice devil, since she had called Mitaka her little sister.

Yoru says that she doesn’t, telling Mitaka that she’s probably just some psycho lady. Either Yoru didn’t know who she was, or she’s most likely lying through her teeth. This girl is very much like the Justice devil; all roads lead to her being so. Mitaka even speculates as such – Yoru being one of the four horsemen, unless she has some sort of amnesia, definitely knows that she is the Justice devil. After all, it would be in character for her to lie.

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

It’s pretty clear that Yoru has some sort of inferiority complex. This could come from the possibility that she was the weakest out of all of her siblings, being the runt of the litter. She was probably picked on a lot, especially with the thing that she represents – War – slowly fading away as time goes on. She probably doesn’t want to drudge up memories by telling Mitaka about her past; instead, she skirts around the subject, passing her off as a mad woman.

I thought that the deal with the Justice devil and the one clueless growth of freckles was that the Justice devil possessed her for a minute and then moved on. This was because the two had entirely different personalities, and the girl seemed to have no memories of knocking out Mitaka, though she could have been lying, just trying to save face.

They could possibly have a dual symbiotic relationship like Mitaka and Yoru. Anyways, Mitaku’s surprised to see the girl before she can say anything. Somebody else, wearing the same exact uniform, steps in front of her and introduces themselves.

Meet the student council devil, Hunter Club President Eruka Isueme. He starts going on a tirade, explaining that they lost two of their members during the attack. You heard that Mitaka fought pretty well during the attack and wanted to employ her services in the club. Yoru immediately takes over, asking if they know who Chainsaw Man is.

Ruka starts laughing, pulling up his shirt, revealing a rip cord. It’s fairly obvious this is the dude who killed Yuko. Somehow, he has Denji’s abilities. Whether this means that he is the Chainsaw Man devil or he got Denji’s abilities through other means, anyways, Yoru walks away, saying that she still has other matters to attend to.

As they go their separate ways, Mitaka questions Yoru as to why she didn’t fight him. Yoru says they would be foolish to right now, especially since she couldn’t beat Yuko on her own, much less somebody who beat her before. She tells Mitaka to make her another strong weapon, or she’ll kill her. Mitaka agrees, saying that, at this point, she just wants Yoru out of her life for good. She’s fine with being miserable, or her situation is the beginning affect people like Yuko.

She knows that she’s heading down a path that will only lead to more people dying, and possibly even her. She’s willing to do anything, even turning somebody into a weapon. This is what I was talking about last week when I said that we’ve seen some serious character progression in terms of Mitaku’s views around other people.

When she was first introduced, she acted like everybody else would be better off dead, but Yuko helped her realize that life is much better with people you enjoy being around, but also how much it hurts when those people are taken away.

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Back on track, Mitaka watches from the high floor of an apartment building as people go about their day. Yoru says that they need to find somebody to turn into a good weapon. In order to do that, you need guilt – the guilt you feel when you turn something into a weapon, the stronger that something will be.

So, something like your pet would work, but somebody who you feel like deserves to die, like a death row inmate, wouldn’t work. Yoru suggests that you find somebody in between those lines, like her uniform; that would make a powerful weapon. She spots Denji picking up littered cigarette butts off the ground.

She shows that he’s an idiot and a loser, but at least he’s a good person. She watches him for a little while before he takes the ashes from the cigarettes, empties them out onto a paper, rolls them up, puts them inside a pack. Curious as to what he’s doing, she follows him around the rougher parts of Tokyo.

She watches him from a corner as he’s supposed to pack to a homeless guy for the price of a new one. She decides that he’s between a pet and a criminal but doesn’t deserve to die. Yoru chimes in, saying that she needs to think of something in order to get her body back; thinking of it as a necessary evil, but an end to a nightmare.

Thinking about Yuko, Mitaka walks up to Denji and asks him to wait up. He doesn’t really look too excited to see her, recognizing her as the chick who didn’t like Chainsaw Man. She asks him what he’s doing, and he says he’s selling part-time cigarettes since he’s not allowed to have a part-time job.

She starts judging him rather unfairly, in my opinion, and he tells her that he has a lot of stuff going on, so get lost. She asks him if he’s busy the next day, and he wonders why she’s asking, very, very nervously. Mitaka asks him if he’s free tomorrow, would he want to go on a date with her. In a strange face of disbelief, Denji agrees.

Okay, things are finally starting to heat up, figuratively, and if Denji gets his way, literally. I’m curious as to when Nayuda is going to come into play with all this. It’s pretty obvious that Genji sells cigarettes to provide for the both of them.

Mitaka doesn’t know this and sees Denji as an idiot, but maybe once she sees the reason behind how he acts, she’ll change her opinion of them. I’m also curious to see how Yoru is going to react to Denji raising one of her sisters.

Chainsaw Man: chapter 112 review

Another thing I want to talk about is what exactly Denji is going to do on this date. Neither of them has much experience in this category, so I wonder if Denji is going to do the same thing he did with Makuma and go see movies, the stuff he did with Raise, and trespass. Anyways, that’s all for now. See you guys in two weeks. Have a good one.

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