Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

Every week we take a closer look at the news chapter of Tattoo Fujimoto’s Masterpiece, Chainsaw Man. This week, we are taking a closer look at Chainsaw Man Part 2, Chapter 16 or Chapter 113. It’s been two weeks since we’ve last convened, so unsurprisingly, there is a very fair amount of news, possibly the most we’ve ever had.

First off, it seems that we are back to a temporary bi-weekly schedule as the next chapter will come out on the 20th. I’m 100% getting this one when it comes out, and if the cover doesn’t have you sold, take a look at the back. Of course, there are more movie references, with some characters getting their own movie poster.

Pochita starts in his own Jurassic Park themed one, Power in a Kill Bill one, Ochaine Clockwork Orange, and Denji in The Shining. Some very, very cool stuff. The manga is scheduled to hit shelves on the 27th of January next year, so look forward to that.

The yearly sales figures for the best-selling manga are in, and Chainsaw Man ranked in at a very respectable number eight. This means that it was the eighth best-selling manga of the year.

I expect that number to be much higher next year as the Chainsaw Man anime wraps up and part 2 carries on. In Japan, the opening for Chainsaw Man, Kickback by Kenzie Neju, has topped the music charts, being the number one most listened song till of the week. So, very, very cool, and props to all those who are involved for making this banger of a song.

Also, it was the fourth anniversary of Chainsaw Man, meaning that four years ago, Chainsaw Man chapter one first took the front page of Weekly Shonen Jump. Time really does fly by.

Last but not least, there was a new reveal for some smaller bite-sized Chainsaw Man figures which I could not find a link or price for. If somebody does have that, it would be a great help if you could drop it down in the comments. So if you do, thanks because I wouldn’t mind buying one of these myself to have on my shelf. That about wraps it up for Chainsaw Man news, so let’s get into the recap.

Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

Last week, we got to meet the possible Chainsaw Man clone, Haruka Isume. He’s a part of the Devil Hunter Club, which the potential famous last Justice devil is also a part of. Yuru still needs Mitaka to turn somebody into a weapon, so Mitaka, not knowing that he’s the real Chainsaw Man, decides to ask Denji on a date, planning on turning him into a weapon. In the end, she asked him out, and he accepts.

This chapter picks up with Mitaka getting ready for her date as she tries different things. Yuru says that she needs to add some flair because zombie talk is plenty to go with a jacket and a polo. Mitaka says that Yoru is a devil, so she doesn’t have a sense for fashion and she’ll be able to win Denji over easily. All she has to do is show him a good time, and he’ll be head over heels.

A little bit later, the two are in front of a massive, beautifully drawn fish tank. The two stare at it as Mitaka has apparently prepared an entire speech about the fish. It goes on for so long in these mountain-sized word bubbles. Denji interrupts, saying that he wants to go look at the penguins. Mitaka says that she’d made a plan to look at the starfish for another half an hour.

Supposedly, she’d come up with a perfect plan to enjoy the exhibit, and if they deviate from it, it will only ruin the experience. She continues to drone on, thinking that she’s winning him over. He interrupts again to say that he still wants to go look at the penguins. She straight up says to him, ‘Would you mind shutting up?’ Then she’s fed up with him, and rightfully so, as he walks away to see the penguins on his own. He says a little something that kind of flies by, ‘I decided to think about stuff in my own way.’

By the end of part one, Denji had realized that he wasn’t really ever free. He never got to make his own decisions; everybody made them for him, especially Makima, who was literally the control devil. So now he’s living a life as he sees fit and not for anybody else. Granted, he could have been a little bit nicer about it, but so could have Mitaka. As he’s out of sight, Mitaku gets frustrated, saying that Denji is the one who’s messing up their date. She doesn’t seem to understand that her idea of a date isn’t what most would consider fun.

Yuro lays this on her, saying that Denji looked like he is about to fall asleep during her little monologue. Mitaka says that Yuro doesn’t get it because she’s a devil. A voice behind them agrees. Mitaka turns around to see the same creepy Freckle girl who we think is the Justice devil. She says that Denji is somebody who doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong.

She knows that even if Mitaka tries hard, she won’t be able to turn Denji into a weapon; her conscience will always make her do the right thing. Let me talk is surprised that the scroll knows about her abilities, and the girl finally reveals herself as the War Devil’s big sister, the Famine devil. Meet the Famine, and most likely also the Justice devil, who goes by Fami for short.

Yuro chimes in, telling Mitaka not to listen to what she’s saying before all of a sudden, she just disappears, and so does Fami. Mitaka hears Fami’s voice from somewhere, saying that she took Yuru outside temporarily and that she’s only doing this to help Mitaka. She’ll let her back out as soon as she can turn Denji into a weapon.

Chainsaw Man: chapter 113 review

A lot to talk about, but let’s get to the end of the chapter first. Denji is now walking back from the end of the hall where he came from. He says that no matter how far he walks down the aquarium, he can’t seem to find an exit. So either this place is insanely big or the infinity devil is back.

This chapter was an excellent start to a new arc that also gave us a lot — I mean, a lot — to think about. First off, the elephant in the room, Fami. What exactly are her motives? My guess is the reason she wants Mitaka to be used to killing is that she wants her to be part of the Devil Hunter Club. She would be a powerful asset and good to have another Horseman on her team. But what exactly is her end goal with the Devil Hunting Club is kind of up in the air.

Also, does she know that Denji’s actually Chainsaw Man? I’m gonna go on a limb and say yes because she talked about him as if she knew about his past. Maybe she wants Denji dead so she can have her fake Chainsaw Man guy on her little makeshift Avengers to be the one and only Chainsaw Man. Also, she wants both chainsaw and Ed, probably because he could eat her.

Also, there’s something strange that Yuro said. She said, ‘Don’t listen to Fami.’ She could be saying this because Fami is a fake or lying to Mitaka in some way, or Yuro’s inferiority complex is shining through, not wanting Mitaka to know that she’s the weakest out of the Four Horsemen.

One last thing they wanted to mention now is that Mitaka and Yoru are separate. Mitaka can say and think things without Yuru ever knowing, meaning that she could tell Denji about her situation and then she could tell her about him being Chainsaw Man again without Yoru knowing. I feel like this is going to come into play somehow, but I’m not 100% sure yet. Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys in two weeks. Have a good one!

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