Bleach Female Characters – All Outstanding Figures Ranked!

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Bleach is one of the “Big Three” shonen anime series, including Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. The anime recently finished a 9-year hiatus and will be returning on October 2019. The story will continue and finish the Thousand Years of Blood War Arc. Bleach has amazing character designs for both male characters and their power levels, not to mention a bunch of badass female characters – Bleach Female Characters!.
In honour of IWD, let's talk about Bleach female cast. What are your honest thoughts on them? Things you like and dislike about them? Is Kubo a good writer in that specific
In the series, although there are male characters, one thing that is worthwhile to note is the violence and terror they induce. One company that excels at this is Tite Kubo. His female characters are beautifully designed and terrifyingly powerful to behold.
Bleach’s cast of characters is female-centred, unlike many other manga.
For example, characters like Rukia, Yourichi Shihoin, Retsu Unohana, Matsumoto Rangiku, and others play an important role in the story of protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo.
If you love the beauty of culture, you might spot some hot waifus from Bleach on this list. Now, let’s kick things off with these beautiful and strong Bleach Female Characters.

List Of The Best Bleach Female Characters

  • Mashiro Kuna
  • Hiyori Sarugaki
  • Kirio Hikifune
  • Nemu Kurotsuchi
  • Lisa Yadomaru
  • Meninas Mcallon
  • Momo Hinamori
  • Masaki Kurosaki
  • Kotetsu Isane
  • Nanao Ise
  • Ikumi Unagiya
  • Riruka Dokugamine
  • Liltotto Lamperd
  • Giselle Gewelle
  • Kukaku Shiba
  • Senjur Shutara
  • Sui Feng
  • Bambietta Basterbine
  • Tier Harribel
  • Rangiku Matsumoto
  • Inoue Orihime
  • Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
  • Kuchiki Rukia
  • Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Retsu Unohana

25. Most Loved by Bleach Female Characters Fans,

Mashiro Kuna
Mashiro is a genuine kawaii girl with luscious lime green hair among the Bleach Female Characters. Her look and style are adorable, which is inspired by the 90’s Japanese TVC’s that starred superhero characters like Ultraman and Doraemon.
When she was younger, she had a lot of trouble understanding how to act around friends and other people. This resulted in her being treated differently by her friends and fellow shinigami, who found her immature and problematic.
They’re named after their swords as well, so it’s no surprise that she was addressed by the fictional Captain Kensei while they meet Kurosaki Ichigo at the Vizard Warehouse.
Bleach has a wide range of powerful characters, with one of the strongest being a female character.

24. Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori Sarugaki 450x437 1 1
One of the most interesting and amusing Bleach Female Characters is Hiyori from the 12th Division. She served as the lieutenant under Captain Kisuke Urahara.
Her first appearance in this series is shown as her being a Vizored. She has incredible speed and a zanpakto that towers over her stature.
Once she puts on her mask and switches into Vizored mode, she can release powerful ceros from her mouth and hands.
Although she was only about four-and-a-half feet tall, Rukia Kuchiki’s immense power has made her one of the most powerful characters in Bleach. She’s more than capable of taking on the world’s strongest Shinigami, and this includes her temporary antagonist Kisuke Urahara.
Here’s the thing: nobody can outsmart Urahara.

23. Kirio Hikifune

Kirio Hikifune

Kirio Hikifune is not just a strong Bleach Female Characters, She also happens to be a character who contributes more than just fighting with her Zanpaktou.
Kirio cooks during the battle. She uses her reiatsu to create delicious food that can help her comrades recover and increase their chances of winning a battle.
Kirio has contributed dozens of wonderful inventions that help with the daily life of Soul Society. Urahara and Mayuri help out by contributing helpful devices such as the Cage of Life and souls or artificial ones.
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22. Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu Kurotsuchi
One cool character from Bleach Female Characters is Mayuri Kurotsuchi. His creations reflect his personality and that of the series overall.
Nemu was created by Mayuri in his lab in the Soul Society. She is like an artificially created daughter to him, and he considers her as his masterpiece. He upgrades her power and abilities like a Windows or IOS updates at times.
She has a longer life span than a regular person. This makes her even more fascinating, as her lifespan is likely to exceed that of other humans.
When you first meet Mayuri, she may seem like a motherly figure to Nemu. But you’ll see that she treats her more like an experiment than a daughter.

21. Lisa Yadomaru

Lisa Yadomaru (@IronLisa8) / Twitter
Lisa Yadomaru is one strong character from the popular manga Bleach. She also has an obsession with ecchi manga.
You can see Lis reading manga and chilling like an otaku. Despite her laid-back attitude, she is one of the strongest Vizored members.
Her sword can stretch to a longer blade, and she’s able to swing it with great speed. With her zanpaktous powers multiplied by the Hollow mask, she can fend off even the most powerful opponents.

20. Meninas Mcallon

Meninas Mcallon


Fans of the anime Bleach have yet to see Meninas Mcallon, who made her first appearance in the ‘Thousand Years of Blood War Arc’ in April 2018.
Meninas is a member of a Quincy group called the Sternritters who are working under the existence that is Ywach, the Quincy God. She has incredible strength, which she uses to tower over her enemies. Meninas’ most powerful attack is a “Heilig Bogen”, but otherwise, her abilities are mostly focused on overwhelming them with lightning attacks.
Her powers can be gathered from spiritual energy in the world around her and then empowered with it to provide a powerful blow.
Renji is a character who has stood out due to her unique design and pointy hair, making her one of the strongest Bleach Female Characters. She’s not just a bunch of cutesy bows and pink though; she’s a top-tier female character in the manga.

19. Momo Hinamori

Momo Hinamori
The talented and uniquely skilled actor in Hinamori Momo makes her first appearance in the Soul Society arc, an officer working under Captain Aizen before he betrayed Soul Society.
She’s closest friends with Captain Hitsugaya, but she has more respect and love for her Captain Aizen.
Many of the female characters in Bleach are known for unique powers and strengths, and even Hinamori Momo is no exception. She is known to be more powerful than most through her use of Kido techniques.
Thanks to her personality and dedication to following Aizen’s plan, there are those who hate her in Bleach.
But, who isn’t fooled by Aizen and his Kyokasuigetsu?

18. Masaki Kurosaki

Masaki Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki is the mother of Masaki Kurosaki and the wife of Isshin Kurosaki.
She has two other daughters in the series, Karin and Yuzu. Masaki’s appearance is little to nothing until we see her in the later showings of Bleach. However, she is key in the development of our protagonist, Ichigo.
Her unfortunate death came from the powerful hollow Grande Fisher. She died trying to protect her son, Ichigo, which left him traumatized.
As a full Quincy, Masaki was protected by Ishida’s mother as she was one of the last Quincy’s from her race.
Ichigo’s a Shinigami and Quincy hybrid.

17. Isane Kotetsu

Isane Kotetsu - 虎徹 勇音 | Bleach characters, Bleach anime art, Bleach anime
Serving under the powerful female character in Bleach, Retsu Unohana, Isane Kotetsu is a funny relationship to tackle. Seeing that she’s one of those characters you can’t help but like, as well as being an Lieutenant makes her even more endearing.
Isane is a member of the “Shinigami Women’s Association,” a group of women who do fun activities together.
She likes to take pictures of things she shouldn’t be! She can be a haughty person who can’t stop herself from trying to click a picture of Byakuya’s family.
Despite her being funny, she is known for her strong healing kido skills that make her the second most powerful healer in Soul Society. When Captain Unohana is in town and has a need, Rukia dedicates herself to being gentle and caring towards the proud captain.

16. Nanao Ise

Nanao Ise 450x331 1 1

You’ll see who the current Head Captain is in the manga, and he calls her by a nickname that’s created in Japanese. Nanaoo Chan is the name.
A light-haired female served as a Lieutenant under then Captain Shunsui, and is now the Vice-Captain.
She is the vice president of the “Shinigami Women’s Association.” She often spends her time alone while being annoyed by her captain.
When Nanao reaches to remove her glasses, it’s easy to imagine someone younger and ready to take over the top spot.
She is an avid reader who spends most of her time in the libraries of the Soul Society.
Despite being vice president, she is the one who takes care of most of the meetings. President Yachiru is a busy character who’s constantly creating havoc at her estate, and so Vice-President Sodeh is often the only one attending these high-level meetings.

15. Ikumi Unagiya

Ikumi Unagiya 450x349 1 1
Ikumi Unagiya is a character in “Fullbring Arc.” She owns a small Unagiya shop in Karakura Town.
The Bleach Female Characters can be slightly re-worded to make the meaning more clear
After losing his Shinigami powers, Ichigo returns to his normal life. The latest chapter of his life begins with finding a job. He ends up working for Ikumi.
Although he’s a strict boss, the protagonist is still in good hands with her.
Her dark character design makes her one of the most searched for female characters in Bleach.
If that “Unagai” Tee is lucky, she would have insane strength and combat skills.

14. Riruka 

MAX LEVEL 200% 6 Star Riruka Dokugamine ​- Test Play Showcase! | Bleach: Brave Souls - YouTube
Riruka is one of the members of the Wandering Soul’s Xcution group, created by Garganta. She has just as much power Bleach Female Characters as Ginjo does.
Someone who has a lot of self-centeredness, works through their bursts of anger with quick and decisive actions.
Ichigo has a unique power that she uses to the benefit of her abilities later on.
You’ll find that everything changes in the Doll House. From its pink exterior and heart-shaped bed to its big, soft toy, this place is definitely one you’ll instantly fall in love with.
Her abilities and unique fullbring technique make her one of the top character in Bleach.

13. Liltotto Lamperd

Liltotto Lamperd 431x450 1 1
Liltotto Lamperd is currently a member of the Sternritters. This makes her particularly good at devouring everything that comes in contact with her.
Lilltotto is a girl who has a wonderful talent for swallowing just about anything she wants. Her mouth and throat are incredibly stretchable.
Imagine an unstoppable force with a strange affinity for black letters.
Just like other Quincy members, Gnomos can create weapons and wings to fly at top speed.
She is indeed one of the most popular female characters in Bleach, and everyone loves a girl who swallows.

12. Giselle Gewelle

Giselle Gewelle

Giselle is one of the top Bleach Female Characters. Her blood has a unique killing power that makes her a force to be reckoned with, too. It’s just as scary as everything else about her.
Giselle is a nuisance to the Sternritters group and has earned the nickname of “Zombie” from her constant rewording with her self-proclaimed power.
Besides this dangerous power, she also possesses the power of Quincy’s. Quincy’s use spirit energy to enhance your abilities and create weapons and wings.

11. Kukaku Shiba

Kukaku Shiba
Kukaku Shiba is added to the list of ‘Hottest Female Characters in Bleach’. She’s the leader of the Shiba clan and makes it one of the most powerful females in Bleach.
If you like strong, muscular, tomboy waifus, Kukaku is likely your type.
When Yoruichi’s attempt to sneak Ichigo into the Seireitei fails, she instead brings him to the Shiba mansion. There is a meeting of Ichigo, Orihime, Ishida, and Chad.
Her best friend, Yoruichi, agrees to help her out, but she’s also the sister of the late Shinigami Kaein Dono.

10. Senjumaru Shutara – ‘Only Anime’ Bleach Female Characters Waifu

Senjumaru Shutara 450x253 1 1
The “Only Anime” Bleach community has yet to see Senjumaru Shutara in action. She appears in the Thousand Years of Blood War Arc, which was released as a feature-length movie and is worth watching.
She is a brave member of the Royal Guards who protect the Soul King and the Seireitei.
These highly skilled individuals are known as the Royal Guards, and they’re each powerful as a captain here.
Quorra’s power is both terrifying and incredible. She’s entered the scene at around the same time as Riddick himself.
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Shutara cleverly uses her six golden arms to lift heavy things and produce quality sewing needles.
Her unique abilities put her in the top 10 female characters in Bleach. She maneuvers around opponents using a needle technique to manipulate clothing and control opponents.

9. Sui Feng

Sui Feng 1 1
When it comes to strong female characters, Bleach has a few that are truly unique. One of these unique Bleach Female Characters is Sui Feng. With her powerful will to win and her badass combat moves, fans can’t help but love this Shunsui’s secretary character.
But that doesn’t matter, because she’s in love for Yoruichi Shihoin.
She is the Captain of the Second Division in the Gotei 13. Her powerful zanpaktou, “Suzemebachi”, is one of the deadliest weapons in Bleach.
When she strikes her enemy with her zanpaktou, a white spot appears on the person. When she strikes them twice, they die instantly.
Sui Feng’s Bakai begins as a weapon-like sidearm, but she has a spiritual connection to it that sends tingles through her body and is often only used when she cannot use her Shikai or Bankai properly.

8. Bambietta 

Bambietta Basterbine 450x315 1 1

If you want the best journalism coverage on your blog, Bambietta is your girl. She’s known for her explosive and confident technique when she’s writing about something.
Bambietta has only been introduced in the anime as of now, but fans will still see her in future seasons of the show. She puts out reishi, which can turn anything it touches into a dangerous bomb.
My technique is like a virus once someone come into contact with it. If they are powerful enough to overcome it, they will survive, but sometimes it’s not enough.
Aside from spiritual pressure, Quincy has a strong arsenal of options.

7. Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel | Bleach anime, Bleach cosplay, Anime sketch
Tier Harribel appears on the screen when Aizen invades the Karakura town with his Espadas. She is known as Tres Espada, which translates to the third strongest Espada.
She is also one of the hottest dark-skinned young women in Bleach.
Many readers were left unsettled by the sudden betrayal of Aizen.
Harribel has an incredibly unique fighting style that focuses on manipulating water and using it as a weapon. This makes her one of the best female characters in Bleach.
After the battle with Aizen, Quatro Cerberus is seriously injured. As a result, she turns into the de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo.

6. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto 450x338 1 1
Bleach is one of the most popular anime in the world, and Rangiku Matsumoto has captured international fans with her beautiful red eyes. If you’re looking for a hot-blooded female lead, then Rangiku will rank highly on your list.
However, Kubo has shown her being a fan service at times, but she is one of the most prominent characters in Bleach.
Urahara is Rangiku’s boss and is also referred to as Urahara-san. Toshiro adores her boss and can’t help but bump heads with her a lot, literally.
One of the few drawbacks of this great character is that she hasn’t unlocked her bankai. To compensate for this flaw, her Zanpaktou “Haineko” is very powerful, and it matches her unrivaled fighting prowess.
The Shikai technique turns her sword into ash and spreads it out evenly around her. Whatever the ash comes into contact with can be cut by her sword, which makes it quite effective when used with other swords.

5. Inoue Orihime

Inoue Orihime
In most anime, the female character will usually be the weakest one. However, Orihime Inoue is a very strong heroine in Bleach Female Characters, which makes her one of the strongest female characters in that show.
One of the kindest styles of Bleach style never gets old is this classic, adorable girl.
Orihime has the ability to rewind time and heal people. Being the kind-hearted person she is, she ends up in dangerous situations more often than not.
Ulquiorra kept an eye on Orihime in the Hueco Mundo, where they formed a weirdly beautiful one-sided friendship. Orihime played a key role in the Hueco Mundo Arc and helped Ulquiorra with his tasks many times, so he was willing to help her during the battle against Aizen.
One of the downfalls with watching this anime was that fan favorite, Orihime. It seems like she screams “Kurosaki-kun” throughout the entire series and fans started to dislike her for it.

4. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
In the anime, Nelliel appears as a small kid lurking around Hueco Mundo with two crazy friends. She then meets Ichigo and co later and gets stuck with them.
We eventually find out that their really isn’t another Nel. It’s the Ex Arrancer Nel from childhood, who is ridiculously dangerous in her real form. Her most deadly attack is the Cero Double, which knocks people unconscious with only one blow.
Translation: If she is hit by a Cero, she can turn the attack into an opportunity for a double powerful force!
Nelliel is a “Centaur”, a character who can turn into a half-human, half-hippo form.
Her incredible power makes her one of the most powerful female characters in the manga.

3. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki
Rukia’s entrance in the anime was poetic, standing on a light pole overlooking a blood-red moon Bleach Female Characters. It was the perfect amount of nostalgia while feeling new and refreshing.
Rukia was taken in by the Kuchiki family. Byakuya treats and protects her like his own sister.
After the death of her mother, Rukia was used as a pawn by Aizen and Urahara for their chess game battle.
Rukia’s zanpaktou, “Sode no Shirayki,” is an ice sword. Rukia can only freeze things she touches.
Her Bankai is too OP to be seen on the TV! It freezes and destroys the user it comes into contact with.

2. Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin
No one can beat the popularity of Yoruichi! She is one of the most powerful Bleach Female Characters, and also one of the most popular Bleach waifus out there.
Yoruichi is so strong and tough that even some of the other female characters don’t rival her.
She takes on the form of a black cat in the human world when she visits Kisuke Urahara’s shop.
Don’t get it twisted, she has a zanpaktou and also unlocked her bankai, but she chooses to battle using her crazy combat skills.
Before Ichigo entered the battlefield against Byakuya, no one had helped him unleash his bankai.
Amelia was able to be in her cat form for a century.

1. Retsu Unohana

Retsu Unohana
Retsu Unohana is one of the most powerful members of Soul Society. As a Bleach Female Characters, she’s also one hot commodity for fans of older women.
One of Retsu’s signature characteristics is her serenity. The only difference is that a small number of people know that she is the first “Kenpachi.”
Mayuri’s are the strongest line of warriors, to become a mayurii one must defeat the other mayurii in charge.
She has a lot of powerful abilities that make her easy to fight against, such as kido, shunpo, hakuda, and her amazing swordsmanship.
She is the best healer in the Seireitei. Her shikai can heal things which others can’t do.
Unohana’s Bankai is the most terrifyingly strong release in the Bleach series because it has the power to heal its wielder’s wounds.
We are so excited for the return of Bleach. There will be a new Bankai released, and Soul Society will once again be strong.
We’re back! This post is the top 25 Bleach girls of all time!
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