10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters Ranked!

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In The Chainsaw Man news, the manga series is getting an anime adaptation. In this article, we’ll break down the top 10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters in the manga series.
As of December 2021, the manga’s circulation in Japan was over 12 million copies. The manga won the Shonen category at the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2019, as well as the Harvey Awards in the Best Manga category in 2019. There is no doubt why this manga is so popular by now.
The story of Denji is set in a world where fears give birth to powerful beings called “Demons.” One of Denji’s closest friends, Pochita, is a demonic canine that rescued him. Today they’re still living very differently to the rest of humanity – slaying demons for their yakuza boss!
Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters
When the Yakuza betrayed and killed him for a contract with the Zombie Devil, Pochita merged with Denji and revived him. Now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird demon-human hybrid. After merging with Denji, Makima recruits him to join the public safety demon hunters.
This manga is full of varied and unique characters, so it will be very exciting to find out who the strongest character in Chainsaw Man is.
So if you want to know, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a fantastic list that helps you know who is the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

10. Angel Devil – The First In Top 10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Angel Devil
Angel Devil is a wise and powerful Devil Hunter who makes his living hunting down Alters. He’s a pure devil and doesn’t view himself as anything else, even if he’s often characterized as the “Devil Incarnate.” After Kishibe, he is undoubtedly one of the strongest 2-star Level 2 Devil Hunters in Japan. His laziness is just one of the reasons he has yet to break through into 3-star level.
He’s capable of absorbing a human’s life span with a simple touch. In turn, he can transform himself into weapons with supernatural properties. There is no other force in existence that comes close to his power.
Aside from his formidable ability, he is also protected by some tough wings. His wings provide protection from gunfire and can act as a shield.
As a Devil, an Angel should be able to regain health by eating blood and wielding a spear.

9. Kishibe

One of the most Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters is Kishibe. He’s a Tokyo Special Division 1 public safety devil hunter, and he was promoted to captain when some of the special divisions got attacked.
Everyone may know that Kishibe is very calm and straightforward, but no one knows why. According to Makima, he’s the strongest member in the Tokyo Special Division 4.
This man made contracts with three “fairly dangerous” devils.
There is a contract with the Devil for an unknown price, and there is also a contract with the Devil for an unknown price. There is also a contract with the Devil for an unknown price.
Along with his previously mentioned skills in both hand-to-hand combat and knife-weilding, he also happens to be incredibly strong.

8. Quanxi

Quanxi is one of the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters series and has a nickname called “First Devil Hunter.”
That girl possesses a level of strength beyond human capability. Plus, she’s a skilled swordsman!
Combining her high speed with multiple blades, she can destroy enemies before they even know what’s going on. Her doubles as a general utility to have in any situation.
Quanxi is a ruthless warrior who is exceptionally skilled in combat. She prefers to cut down her enemies with speed and efficiency before they can harm her or her team.
She has a powerful and fast physique.
Quanxi became an Arrow Devil after signing a contract with them. She can fire dozens of arrows at the speed of light, and she’s capable of obliterating bodies of people at close range with a single arrow.
Quanxi can heal wounds, even without being a perfect replica. She also has the ability to rebuild her entire body from just her head.

7. Hell Devil

Hell devil
In mythology, the devil is depicted as a red-skinned, horned being. They’re usually represented by having hooves, horns, wings and a hoarse voice.
Captured in Hell, the devil must struggle to break free of its confines. Luckily, it has access to one of many doors in the sky. As soon as a door opens, the Devil can send specific individuals to Hell and extract revenge. You’ll observe that this creature has six fingers emerging from its hand and that it can restore health by consuming blood.
The iconic Hell Devil reveals herself to… make a deal. In one contract, she gets three children and one of her body for the price of three souls. In the second, she helped save a bunch of people from the Anti-Makima Squad by trading in her life for theirs.

6. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil
Punishment Devil is one of the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters. He is a demonic figure that comes from fear of being punished; he was born as a result of his mother’s fear.
Punishment Devil is the demon of revenge. He must be mano-a-mano summoned by scorn and a large sacrifice. In his whole lifetime, Punishment Devil only had two contractors. As you might imagine, this makes it difficult to gain access to him.
When Makima saw the Gun Devil, she had an idea: to try and summon the Punishment Devil to fight it. The only devil capable of doing this is the Punishment Devil.
As a member of the Punishment Devil, your health will be restored by consuming blood from your enemies. You must grow by taking on ever-stronger parasites when you become more powerful so you can survive the next challenge.

5. Cosmos Devil – Only Word Top 10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Cosmos Devil
Cosmo, the Cosmos Fiend, is Quanxi’s girlfriend. She possess one of the most powerful techniques in the story.
Cosmo is often mistaken for a ten-year-old because of her short shoulder-length hair gathered into pigtails, her facial piercings and their hearts for pupils.
Cosmos Devil doesn’t say anything else other than its word, “Halloween.” Everyone in its community knows the costume and likes it so much that they don’t want to go anywhere without it.
Among the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters, She has the ability to make her targets understand everything in the universe which leaves them semi-catatonic. In simpler terms, it can be difficult for them to focus on anything but Halloween until they die.
When they’re afflicted with this curse, the victim will be unable to think or say anything other than “Halloween” until they die. The person is also able to heal themselves via blood consumption.

4. Gun Devil

Gun Devil
One of the most powerful characters in the Chainsaw Man series is Gun Devil. He is also a secondary antagonist in Public Safety Saga. He represents fear and evil, thus making him one of the strongest characters in ChainsawMan.
Gun Devil is a huge devil that resembles a gun-like head with an arm that has the ability to kill 1.2 million people in just five minutes. He has incredible speed and can travel across multiple countries without being detected.
He has the ability to kill any adult male within 1000 meters in order to protect his own life. He also has the ability to kill a child under the age of 12 within 1500 meters, if they’re in his line of work.
Incredibly powerful and fast, Gun Devil’s power is increased by when any demon swallows any part of his flesh and make him on of the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters.

3. Makima – Most Popular In Top 10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

The main antagonist of the Chainsaw Man series, Makima, started off as a significant protagonist in the Public Safety Saga. Before she morphed into being the main antagonist in the Gun Devil Arc, she embodied the fear of control.
Makima, the Control Devil, is a powerful and all-knowing devil who has scared the world for centuries.
She’s cunning and manipulative, always threatening Denji with extermination if he disobeys her. For example, she controls him by promising romantic and sexual relationships.
The Kiganda people of Chad grow up strong and healthy, so Makima has tremendous physical strength. This allow her to fight without the support of any of her subordinates.
She can send an unknown force through a sacrificial ritual, giving her a slew of superhuman abilities. She’s able to kill her opponents by transferring their power onto another person. Plus, she can use powers that have been transferred into the afterlife by other victims such as those who were killed in battle.
What if the Chainsaw Devil was on a planet that didn’t have oxygen? That’s where cloud technology comes in. Along with Makima’s physical blows, she can also shoot an invisible force from her finger to send the Chainsaw Devil into space.
The reader never sees her in her devil form during the manga, though she does use her full power when fighting Chainsaw Man. This indicates that she has a lot more to offer than she initially reveals. It takes a true strength and skill of someone skilled in combat like Chainsaw Man to be able to take out this character. She is not only one of the Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters, but also one of the most remarkable Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil is a mythological creature who represents our fear of the dark. He is described as an “invisible spirit of the night” who never experienced death because his power is strong.
Darkness Devil is well-recognized as one of the most powerful devils in all of Chainsaw Man manga. With a power that’s nearly unmatched, people even speculate his abilities could surpass those of the strongest character ever: Chainsaw Man. There’s no doubt that he is also one of the strongest characters in the story.
He is able to move quickly and attack at high speeds. He also has extraordinary strength, the ability to lift humans and devils with great ease. He can also wrap the surrounding area in darkness, while simultaneously manifesting the bodies of many bisected astronauts.
To attack their enemies, he summons blades with bells attached to the hilt. That can be telekinetically controlled. His other ability is to instantly cut the arms of any number of people, rendering them useless.
There is one ability that makes him stand out. When he stares another being in the eyes, they will start coughing up blood until they die

1. Denji – The Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

A yakuza kills his father and leaves him in debt. He works as a slayer, but after he became fused with his demon, “Pochita,” he became man-cyberwolf Chainsaw Man Devil.
By pulling on the cord coming from his chest, Denji can transform into a Chainsaw Devil. He grows 3 blades from his arms and legs, capable of cutting anything in his reach.
Denji may have the ability to heal almost any deadly injury, but that depends on how much blood he consumes.
His training transformed him into someone much stronger and stronger than anyone else his age. He is fairly durable, capable of fighting without weapons, and has fast reflexes. In part because of the training, he’s learned how to fight strategically.
After Denji becomes a full devil, he gains extraordinary speed and strength. That allows him to quickly defeat multiple hybrid-devils in seconds. His power is further highlighted in Hell. When he defeats all of the demons who live in hell, even Makima admits that she has been killed 26 times!
The pros of this transformation are that it has the power to assassinate, consume, and exterminate any opponent. Enemies will no longer able to escape or revive from this transformation. They’ll be erased from existence for good. That’s why it’s the most powerful in Chainsaw Man.
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