Top 12 Animes Similar To Black Clover

Animes Similar To Black Clover
Do you love Black Clover? If so, here’s a list of other Animes Similar To Black Clover.
But before that, let me give you guys who haven’t watched or heard of Black Clover a quick synopsis of what it’s about.
Animes Similar To Black Clover
Black Clover is a manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.
It is set in a world where magic has become a part of everyday life and can be used by anyone. And every person has their own power and set of weaknesses. In this universe, we find Asta- a boy who doesn’t believe in magic and wants to become the Wizard King- the strongest and most powerful wizard of all.
He can’t use magic, but he trains his body constantly in the hope, one day, he’ll be able to realize his dream of becoming a powerful wizard and fulfilling his promise to his brother.
Black Clover
So I’ve gathered a list of 12 anime similar to Black Clover. I’ve also ranked them based on their similarity, and common strong points. I took into account the characters, their personalities, the world settings, and plot of various anime and found these top twelve anime like Black Clover.
Without further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

12. The Seven Deadly Sins – The First Animes Similar To Black Clover

The Seven Deadly Sins

Anime fans across the world have fallen in love with The Seven Deadly Sins. The show starts off with the adventures of Elizabeth, the third princess of Liones, as she searches for the “Seven Deadly Sins”.
The Seven Deadly Sins were rumored as the mightiest warriors to ever exist, but, in recent history, they were known as legends.
Now they are labeled as traitors, wanted criminals, and enemies of the kingdom.
“Seven Deadly Sins” is one of the most popular and well-known TV shows in the world. Its popularity has spawned a never-ending debate about what actually happened in the past. Depending on which perspective you view the show, you’ll get a different story about what transpired and a view of Animes Similar To Black Clover..

11. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – Next Animes Similar To Black Clover

 Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
The world’s most prestigious magic academy is the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. It promotes excellence in magic and is dreamed of by aspiring magicians.
However, their teachers’ dreams of being successful are thrown into the abyss by a lazy and unmotivated guy who is indifferent towards life. He effortlessly becomes the most hated teacher from the start after a few days.
And when he finally revealed his true skills, the students instantly took to him, treating him almost like a hero.
similar to black clover
When talking to students, I realized that they have a great sense of adventure and many of them have never lived outside the walls and infrastructure of the empire. That’s why it was important for me to tell them the truth about what was going on in this new world, because what if they were following orders without knowing it? Thats what make this Animes Similar To Black Clover.

10. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes – Old Animes Similar To Black Clover

 Legend of the Legendary Heroes
“Alphamagic” bearers are mages who can use all kinds of magic, giving them an edge in combat.
Although they are often thought to be useless and merely capable of causing devastation, these animals, as well as their species, have been fought for thousands of years.
Ryner Lute and Ferris Eris embark on a journey to find all of the legendary hero relics that have been scattered across the country.

9. World Trigger – Amazing Animes Similar To Black Clover.

7 Anime Like "World Trigger" - ReelRundown
In a world where humans go to war with creatures from another dimension, called the “neighbors”, the last hope is the Border Defense Agency. They use special weapons called “triggers”, which shoot out blasts at really high speeds, to defend against the enemy.
Osamu Mikumo is a BDA agent who gets caught up in an invasion and is forced to fight them with his low-grade gears.
World Trigger manga takes one-month break due to author Daisuke Ashihara's poor health - News Update
When Yuuma, our hero, is faced with a difficult task, he can handle it with little to no hassle thanks to his years of experience. He was one of the Neighbors in high school and brings that skillset over and onto the big field.
There are leaders in World Trigger who are powerful enough to be classified as S rank. Just like magic knights in Black Clover, the agents in the series lead fighting units.

8. UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! – Interesting Animes Similar To Black Clover.

UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 BD Subtitle Indonesia Batch - Anime Station
The story takes place in a world where magic is common.
In the aftermath of his death, his parents, Touta Konoe is raised by Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Evangeline explains that their “true nature” (i.e. how they can’t die) and then decide to go to UQ Holder’s – a society of immortals who work in favour of justice.
There’s plenty of action and intrigue in this anime series, as well as some humor and moments of fan service.

7. Soul Eater – Dark Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Soul Eater
There are many magical and mystical creatures in the world. One of these is the Death Scythe, who keeps track of these mythical beings to make sure they don’t cause harm to others or themselves.
Soul Eater black clover
Death City is surrounded by famines and natural disasters, and the people are already dead. It’s home to the popular Death Weapon Meister Academy, which was founded by Lord Death himself.
Soul Evans, a demon scythe from the Death Weapon Meister Academy, is working his way towards becoming the Death Scythe by devouring 99 evil spirits and 1 witch’s soul. Along the way, he picks up Maka Albarn as his wielder.

6. Hunter x Hunter – Popular Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Hunter x Hunter
One of the best-rated Shounen anime is Hunter X Hunter. In the story, Gon is 12 years old and he wants to become an official hunter like his dad. Puts in the effort to take the Hunter examination, where he meets his future friends Kurapika, Leorio and Killua.
They’ve been through the trials and tribulations of the Hunter exam and bond with each other as they learn how to survive in harsh conditions.
The Hunter becomes one of the best hunter-trainers in the world. In this series, he has to face several perilous situations with his friends, but must also overcome the evil criminals of a global scale, known as the Phantom Troupe.
Hunter x Hunter
If you’re looking for some highly entertaining animes with a sci-fi twist, then HxH is the perfect pick!
Animes Similar To Black Clover brings anime fans back to the Shounen genre. Featuring a hero struggling to achieve their dream, fighting criminals and protecting what’s precious to them.

5. Little Witch Academia – Adore Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Little Witch Academia
Luna Nova Magical Academy is an international school for witches and wizards of all ages to find their magical potential. It’s an exciting place where young witches, wizards, and non-magical individuals alike come together to learn everything they need to know about magic in a safe and nurturing environment.
In the world of magic, witches are revered and famous. Follow in their footsteps and actually walk the path as yours! Black Clover starts off with a normal human, Atsuko “Akko” Kagiri, who’s not a witch yet joining Luna Nova Magical Academy and taking the first step towards realizing her dream of becoming a witch just like “Shiny Chariot”–a renown witch who’s disappeared years ago.
Little Witch Academia
She found the magic wand used by Silver Chariot in a deserted forest on her way to school.
Even though she can’t cast real magic, Akko never stops trying to become the greatest witch possible. She’s relentless and works hard to please her audience – and it does.
Besides magic, the other common aspect of these anime is that the main characters to appear in list of Animes Similar To Black Clover.

4. Magi – Most Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Magi are specially-trained beings that serve as the guiding lights of the kingdom by helping to explore Dungeons–magical places filled with treasures.
It’s a new day for Aladdin and Ugo, one in which they’ll explore the world together on an adventure that will span their lifetime. With his mentor Ugo by his side, Aladdin whisks through blinding light and towering mirages, stumbling into worlds only he can see to make this dream a reality.
Animes Similar to Black Clover
To fulfill his role as a magi, Alibaba looks for boys and girls, who have the potential to become Kings. That’s when he meets Aladdin, who then invites him on an adventure. The two then embark on an exciting journey!

3. My Hero Academia – Most Talked About Animes Similar To Black Clover.

My Hero Academia
In a world where genetic potential for powers and abilities is called “quirks”, Izuku Midoriya was born without any such power.
Since childhood, Midoriya has idolized superheroes and the one he holds in highest esteem is “All Might”.
Black clover similar
At 10 years old and despite his quirklessness, Izuku decides to apply for U.A Academy, a well-known school that trains top notch heroes. However, before that, his childhood friend, Bakugo gets caught by a villain and almost killed in the process.
Seeing his bravery and courage, his favorite superhero, All Might, commends him and chooses him to be the successor of his Quirk. Thus Deku begins a new journey to become the #1 hero!

2. Ao no Exorcist – Best Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Ao no Exorcist
With the demon King, Satan, unable to find a suitable vessel for him to possess, he sent his son Lucifer on a mission in Assiah. He was hopeful that one day he’d be able to possess his son’s body and begin wreaking havoc during the mission.
Ao no Exorcist
However, the son of Satan, Rin Okumura, walks the path of an Exorcist and goes off against his father’s will. He protects what his father vowed to destroy.
For a Golden Paladin to be true, he must join the True Cross Academy. Here, he meets comrades who are all in pursuit of their own dreams.

1. Radiant – The most Animes Similar To Black Clover.

Radiant is a Shounen anime retelling of a classic story. It’s very similar to Black Clover in that both are critiqued for their cliches and “unoriginality.”
Many people who love cliched moments and watch anime often times only for the feels, like me and you. Simply put, if you’re reading this article, then you’ve clearly enjoyed Black Clover. I love it!
black clover animes similar
“Radiant” is the source of ferocious creatures called “Nemesis” that fall from the sky to destroy towns. Sorcerers are able to fight them, as normal humans will die when they come in contact with a Nemesis.
Despite the fact that sorcerers are despised by some, they’re still incredibly powerful, and they’re treated like regular people in most cities.
Seth’s goal is to become a great sorcerer and destroy the citizens of Radiant who discriminate against others. He`s hoping this will help him prevent a future of intolerance and stop discrimination from happening ever again.
And that is my top 12 Animes Similar To Black Clover!
Comment below if you have other opinions!

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