Top 10 Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer – A Thread Of Best Animes!

Top 10 Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer - A Thread Of Best Animes!
If you liked Demon Slayer and want more of the genre, check out these Top 10 Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer – A Thread Of Best Animes!Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer
I’ve included a part about what makes the suggested anime similar to Demon Slayer. You can decide what to watch next, based on the similarity between them.
In my most recent post, I’m going to share my top 10 anime like Demon Slayer. This series has become somewhat of a cult classic, and I’m happy to share my favorites with you. If yours isn’t on this list, let me know in the comments below!
Without any further ado, let’s begin the article.

10) Dororo – Anime like Demon Slayer which has a great Storyline! 

The first nominated Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer is Dororor! Dororo is the story of a boy who’s body was sacrificed to demons. His parents left him as a baby and he was found by an old man raising people. He is both physically disabled, blind, and deaf. One day, the old man dies and is replaced by Noah (the protagonist). Noah embarks on a journey to reclaim what was stolen from his late husband.
Eiji was taught to fight with a sword and started adventuring and killing demons to get back what he lost. After years of wandering, he met a kid named Dororo. They adventured together, defeating demons for a living.
This anime is a Japanese supernatural action movie that’s based on ancient Chinese mythology.
Somewhere in time, the animals and humans became one.
– Travel places to find and slay the demons.
– Both Japanese anime and Chinese traditional art have ancient traditi

9) Mushishi – First slice-of-life Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer

The second nominated Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer is Mushishi! Mushi are creatures that exist between life and death. They are not visible to normal human eyes, but some people have a much stronger power than others to see them. Those who can see and deal with these beings are called mushi-shi.
This anime follows Ginko, a one-eyed mushishi who wanders the land. He makes a living by helping villages solve problems and makes money by selling rare items with mushi infused in them.
Types of animes that have minimal action sequences are the ones with the highest ratings. One such title, which is commonly discussed on anime-related forums, is Mushishi.
– Mushishi and Kimetsu no Yaiba both have a dark and historical aesthetic, which are often similar.
If you enjoyed the part of the story when Tanjiro travels to other countries, solves demon problems and leaves, please watch Mushishi.

8) Tales of Zestiria the X

Tales of Zestiria the X
The Celestial records state that there are beings called Seraphim. They’re powerful divine spirits who have the ability to interact with mortals, which is often referred to as “shepherding.”
Sorey is a normal human who has been living in harmony with the Seraphim. Fascinated by the divine beings he decided to explore the nearby ruins. But upon entering them, his life changed forever and marked the beginning of an adventure that would span over years.
So what are some things in this Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer?
– If you liked the action sequences in Demon Slayer, then you’ll also enjoy Tales of Zesteria the X. This series was produced by Ufotable, as both Demon Slayer and Tales of Zesteria the X were made by that studio.

7) My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia
Quirk is the word given to describe an individual’s special ability. We call them heroes, because they are brave and powerful people who fight the villains who abuse their quirk and do evil with it.
The story of My Hero Academia is about a boy who wants to be the true hero, surpassing all obstacles. After meeting his idol, All Might, he realizes his mundane life doesn’t have to hold him back anymore. Now he can finally walk down the path and become a true hero.
In contrast, I find the story of this Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer.
Some similarities exist between My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. For example, both series have a protagonist who is an underdog and does not fit in with the rest of the world. Due to character similarities, personality-wise both series are about change.

6) Claymore

Claymore maybe not the most popular when talking about Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer, but we still have some point to think that is right! Yoma are malicious creatures intent on consuming all humans. Humans created a being known as Claymore – half human, half yoma.
After the massacre of her family, Reki became a Claymore in order to seek revenge and destroy demons. She travels from town to town and tries to get closer to the demon who killed her family.
So what are the similarities?
-Claymore is similar to Demon Slayer when it comes to the revenge. Both the MC are determined to defeat the demon that killed their family.
Demon Slayer was created to help deal with the unique challenges faced by modern families today. This podcast is a member of this, the Demon Slayer Association.
– The main characters of the story both lost their family members, which led them to join the organization.
– Each of the main characters travel around to do their mission, which is to save the world.

5) Blue Exorcist: The anime adaption of this popular manga series has just started.

Blue Exorcist
When evil threatens the purity of humanity, two brothers must fight back. In this story, the two boys are not related by blood, but carry a dark history linked to their family’s past and event the symbol of their strength, the blue exorcist.
Rin Okumura, a normal looking teenager, after being attacked by demons finds out that he is in fact, the son of Satan. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps to conquer Earth, he decides to become an exorcist and fight for humans.
So what are some things that are similar between small businesses and influencer marketing?
– The two series follow protagonists who are trying to figure out why their family members have been killed by the evil creatures called demons.
the MC is fighting demons: to save the mankind & to get revenge.
– The MCs are both optimistic, but one is more naive in their world view.
– Both MCs are part of a demon slaying organization.
– Similar to Kimetsu no Yaiba, Blue Exorcist has that sibling love and affection.

4) Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
Among Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan maybe the most popular anime. Titans are mysterious, gigantic beings that feed on humans. In order to protect themselves, humans built a giant circle to keep them away from their enemies.
One day, the titans breached the outer walls and Eren Yeager saw his mother being devoured by a titan. All of this helped to fester his deep-rooted hate towards the titans even more.
Driven by rage, he worked hard and trained to become a solider in the scout regiment who dealt with the titans and swore to slaughter every single titan that exists.
So what are the similarities?
– In Season 1 of Attack on Titan, as with many other anime series, Eren comes across a great number of struggles.
-Demons, like Titans, eat humans as well.
– Ki-emonosuke, the protagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba, uses demon slaying corp to fight against the military police.

3) D.Gray Man 

D.Gray Man 
A group of demon hunters who have dedicated their lives to exterminating all demons. But if any normal human comes in contact with a demon, they’ll die. The only way for them to combat the demon is to use an “anti-demon” weapon called “Innocence.”
Allen Walker, a member of the Black Order with “an arm” and a cursed eye, must battle the mysterious Millennium Earl in order to save humanity as well as end suffering for souls long trapped within Akuma.
What makes this anime similar to Demon Slayer?
– Both the protagonist have a serene and compassionate personality, but they also have determination.
— Both the protagonist and antagonist feel empathy for each other.
In both popular TV shows, the villains often have the ability to transform people into demon-like beings without their consent.
– There are certain organizations in anime that act as intermediaries between humankind and demons, like the Exorcists in both “Attack on Titan” and “Death Note.”
– An elusive entity that can blend in society is the leader of the villains.

2) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Similar adventure to save a sibling

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
The story of Fullmetal Alchemist revolves around two brothers on a journey across the world. They are out to get revenge, and they are doing everything they can to change their past mistakes.
This experiment is meant to help people who have been crippled by disease and/or injury regain their abilities and live a more fulfilling life. The history of this experiment is riddled with high-gamers sowing their roots into the idea of trying to “grow” gold from the ground.
Demon slayer is a fantastical anime that takes place in a world where demons rule. What makes it unique is its focus on the protagonist, who is half demon and learns that he is the reincarnation of a hero. What features of Fullmetal Alchemist make this Anime That Is Like Demon Slayer ?
– Both protagonists in Brave and The Girl Next Door have the goal of saving a sibling they care about.
– The main villain or antagonist is always in the shadows and is not known to the public.
– There is lighthearted flirting shown between the characters here and there.
-Both the protagonists have survived tragic backstories.
In both Fullmetal Alchemist and Kimetsu no Yaiba, the protagonists go on a journey to save their siblings. There is a nice sense of adventure in that characters are even sent to different locations in their stories.

1) Seraph Of The End – Best anime like Demon Slayer

Seraph of the End
And the most suitable when talking about anime like Demon Slayer will be  Seraph Of The End! With the virus killing everyone older than 13, vampires in the shadows decided they had better start helping the humans. They were able to protect them by taking their blood as a donation.
Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya were wiped out of their family because of the vampires. With nothing left to live for, Mikaela had a plan to escape with the other kids who she felt like she was a part of, however this plan ultimately failed and cost them their lives.
Yuuichirou was the only survivor, and he was taken in by a vampire-slaying military unit called Moon Demon Company.
What are the similarities between Demon Slayer and this anime?
– Very similar first episodes.
– This anime is like Demon Slayer in that the MCs goal is to ‘turn back someone in to human,’ – that being their rival who has made an unholy pact with a demon.
There is an organization that specializes in killing these demons. People like Demon Slayer regularly take on these beasts to protect the people of Sigil.
– The main characters were orphaned and thus joined the organization.
This article was my list of top 10 anime like Demon Slayer. Although the subject only gets into specific examples from my favorite ones, I’m sure someone out there knows a few! Feel free to share your thoughts or let me know if you see something that needs clarification in the comments section at the bottom of this post.
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