Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Anime have always been able to take special care with their LGBTQ+ representation. Sometimes it’s subtle, and in other cases, it’s completely out right. It can also be easy sometimes to not even notice them as a queer representation. In this case, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Hot Gay Characters In Anime
Anime has found success with LGBTQ+ characters.
Anime has represented and depicted LGBTQ+ characters in a creative way, with varying media. Anime traps are one of the most popular, interesting ways to do so. In addition to these, we have also seen several regular human male and female characters that were featured in many anime games.
Starting with Hanshin from earlier in this article, there has also been multiple anime that were solely dedicated to gay and lesbian romance. Fans of the genre have a huge variety of characters and storylines to choose from, so many have welcomed the addition of these types of characters and stories to the cast.
List of the 10/10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime from all time!

10. Kaworu Nagisa From ‘Evangelion’

Kaworu Nagisa

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Kaworu Nagisa will always be remembered for being the seventeenth angel in Neon Genesis Evangelion. He first came to NERV’s attention when they needed a different pilot for Unit 02 of their Eva units, and from his actions, it was clear he didn’t consider himself to be human either.
Because Kaworu has been a major part of the series as Sebastian’s follower, his dynamics with Shinji have been a big talking point among fans. Though it was never stated outright, most are aware that Kaworu harbors an affection for Shinji.

9. Leeron Littner From ‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’

. Leeron Littner

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Leeron is one of the heroes who supports the Gunmen with his extensive knowledge about repair. There is nothing that Leeron cannot fix and everyone knows that he’s gay. Most times, he can present this interest in a very stereotypical way.
Aran is a true leader in the group, but he’s also very serious when he needs to be. He can easily demonstrate his maturity and responsibility, depending on the situation.

8. Ryo Asuka From ‘Devilman Crybaby’

Ryo Asuka

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!

Ryo Asuka is the main antagonist in the Devilman Crybaby story. This character was originally a fallen angel, but became a member of a being called Satan. He later becomes an intersex-partnering individual with supernatural powers. This evil being is, in large part, responsible for turning Ryo into the embodiment of absolute evil represented by Satan. For some time, he’s best friends with Akira Fudo.
Akira is a powerful character in the show, with an incredible secret. Despite this, Ryo can’t help but care for him and always tries to be there for him, even when it isn’.t what people may expect him to do or want. In addition to his powers, Ryo is also a very talented person – he’s multilingual and even received a PhD at a fairly young age. Although Ryo never comes out as gay in the anime, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings for Akira and is probably one of the only people who genuinely cares about his deep secret.

7. Mafuyu Sato From ‘Given’

Mafuyu Sato

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Mafuyu Sato is one of the most popular fictional gay characters that stars in the Given series. He attends school and has a healthy relationship with Ritsuka Uenoyama, which makes him one of the most relatable characters out there.
Mafuyu is an accomplished high schooler and musician in his spare time who, like Uenoyama, has a lot more to share than words. People just have to listen with an open mind and hear for themselves to find out what makes them so thought-provoking.

6. Viktor Nikiforov From ‘Yuri on Ice’

Viktor Nikiforov

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Viktor Nikiforov is the husband of Yuri on Ice’s protagonist. Besides being an award-winning figure skater, he is also a coach and choreographer. It’s no wonder that he’s well known for being a “jack of all trades.” Viktor was born in Russia, where he has made some huge strides in the world of figure skating since a fairly young age.
Winning five world championships back to back, along with many European championships, Grand Prix finals and other competitions is no small feat. Viktor, one of the greatest figure skaters in history, has a compelling personality with natural self-confidence. His flirtatious attitude can easily charm anyone – although his skills may be what you find most charming.

5. Yuri Katsuki From ‘Yuri on Ice’

Yuri Katsuki

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Yuri Katsuki is the main protagonist of Yuri on Ice who got engaged to Viktor Nikiforov, one of the most popular gay anime couples of all time.
Yuri is an adorable guy who can’t seem to stop eating. His soft and innocent personality makes him the perfect match for someone who likes to be alone most of the time.

4. Puri Puri Prisoner From ‘One Punch Man’

Puri Puri Prisoner

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
As an S-Class hero, he has superhuman physical abilities combined with healing elements. This means that Puri Puri Prisoner can start in offensive mode and beat down his opponents easily.
When he attacks, his enemies will encounter unimaginable pain until they are swiftly knocked out. However, the Puri Puri prisoner also has sex on the menu, which is what led to his imprisonment in Smelly Lid Prison, where he wasted little time in bossing over his fellow captives.
Sentence rewriter

3. Ash Lynx From ‘Banana Fish’

Ash Lynx

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Banana Fish is an anime that has been very open towards the LGBTQ+ characters and the main character falls in love with Ash. In this anime, Ash Lynx has a gay relationship with his adoptive father (and other men) and only loves him as a toy for his desires. Ash Lynx was also forced to have gay relationships from childhood. Betrayals and hard times ensues in this brilliant anime.
The only time he cared for another person and had a real relationship was with the MC of this show.
His emotions sometimes get the better of him, which is one downside of his soft-heartedness. He can’t handle a loss very well but since he met Viktor, it’s been nothing short of a fairytale.

2. Bulat From ‘Akame ga Kill’


Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Akame ga Kill is a Japanese anime. Bulat was one of the many assassins in Night Raid, who were also identified as gay characters in the show. Bulat used to control the Incursio Teigu, a sentient weapon that he was devastatingly good at controlling. He was a tall muscular man, which made him the perfect person to handle the sentient weapon, Incursio.
His life was mainly about brute offense and power, with which he would smack down enemies. He also had a quirky personality and could often be seen teasing the other characters. Unfortunately, it’s a shame how he went down, but his Incursio will remain as a sign of his valiant endeavors in battle.

1. Yukito Tsukishiro From ‘Card Captor Sakura’ – The Cutest among Hot Gay Characters In Anime

Yukito Tsukishiro

Top 10 Hot Gay Characters In Anime Of All Time!
Yukito Tsukishiro is Touya Kinomoto’s boyfriend and is so much more than just a pretty face because his grades are out of this world as well as his sports skills, which are also amazing.
In the anime, Yue is a snake spirit who lives in Yukito’s pocket. His relationship with Touya has been nothing short of spicy, with Yukito confessing his true feelings to Touya after he saved him.
That’s it for this post. These were some of the most popular male LGBTQ+ characters in anime.

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