The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

Sukuna has just summoned the strongest shikigami of the 10 Shadows. This is the same monster that killed Gojo’s ancestor with six eyes and Limitless. It almost destroyed Sukuna and has it never been tamed by any 10 Shadows user. But how did it all come to this? Chapter 217 of Jujutsu Kaizen confirmed Sukuna’s girlfriend from the Heian era, and she reincarnated for this whole purpose of making Sukuna put a ring on that finger.

It’s not a bad deal, well if I was a girl, but we do have to remember that Megami and Sumiki are siblings. No, no, no, no, siblings. So yeah, it’s not that right? Yeah, hell yeah. Luckily for Megami, Sukuna isn’t interested as he just wants to kill Sumiki so that his soul falls completely into the abyss, evicting him out of his own. So after one person were you from existence, Sukuna has made his way to Yoruzu, who is itching for a fight.

I mean, who doesn’t want to fight the king of all curses? My guy Kashimo only reincarnated into the cutting games for that very reason. Even Angel wants a piece of him because of his infamy as the Fallen. But Yoruzu’s not like the other girls, but you went crazy. It, she’s had a full-on crush on Sukuna since the Heian era, and it seems that Kanjaku was playing the matchmaker by bringing her back.

After all, she says that she recognized Sukuna despite his vessel’s face because of her love. Both Yorazoo and Sakura have the power to revert their faces back to original, but they have the same line of thinking. Having their faces of their host is much more advantageous in the future. Remember, guys, destroyed or not, Megami is still officially the head of the Zening clan.

So using his face has the potential to give Sukuna access to even the upper echelons of Jujutsu. But it’s interesting that Yoruzu talks about Sukuna’s appearance because it is connected to none other than Master Pende. Going back to Kim Jaku’s conversation with her in chapter 208, he found the appearance Tengen chose for herself amusing.

But her face is quite similar to Sukuna’s with multiple eyes. It’s notable that both Tengen and Sukuna are known for evolution beyond human apprehension. But while Sakuna turned into a superior being, Tengen regressed to the point of totally losing her physical form. We can actually learn more about the relationship between the two through Sukuna’s law and the Nihin Shoki and Kojiki, as well as why Tengen is a cheap copy.

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

This is a story about a pair of twins called Prince Orusu and Prince Takuru that Sukuna is said to represent. Takaru, the younger brother, was ordered by his father to teach Usu some manners when he began acting out. However, even the king feared Pakuru’s bad temperament, and for good reason because instead of simply teaching his brother, Takuru ended up killing Usu.

This leads us to the theory that Sukuna also had a twin or a brother that he killed, absorbed in the womb, or even eight, leading to his evolution and making him a natural calamity even in his human form. We already know that having a twin is a major problem for the Jujutsu growth of both siblings, as we see with Mai and Maki.

So if Sukuna also had a twin who was impeding his growth, it wouldn’t really be out of character for him to kill that person. This also explains why he has such great power, multiple arms, and an unsettling desire for human flesh. Even in this chapter, Yoruzu suggests to Sukuna that for their honeymoon, they can eat monkey brains, destroy a few villages, and end it off by munching on some dried male heads – delicious!

What this reinforces is Angel’s statement on Sukuna going against the laws of God, as all of this is taboo, thus earning him the title of the Fallen. But coming back to Yoruzu, she continues with her rant stating the Angel did not notice Sukuna’s presence. The fact that she acknowledged Angel having a chance to recognize Sukuna implies that they all were close peers, although they all clearly had different ideologies.

And you know who else existed at the same time? Kengin and Kenjaku. For instance, in chapter 214, Sakuna mentions that Kinjaku does the creepiest things whilst fighting Yuji, who is the brain’s masterpiece creation. Moreover, in chapter 206, King Jackal reveals that Tengen is hiding something major, even calling her a friend.

Those Tengen and Sukuna existed at the same time, giving way to the theory that her evolution is just an imitation of Sukuna’s, as both sought their version of enlightenment. But Yoruzu, on the other hand, doesn’t have grand plans like Kinjaku. She just wants to have a poetry recital at their wedding, referring to Waka or Yamato UTA. This is a genre of Japanese poetry which was common flirtation in the Heian era.

On top of that, Yoruzu asks Sukuna for a reward if he is alive after she wins their battle. Sukuna, being the king of curses, is perfectly confident that not only will he win, but Yoruzu will also die in the process, which is why he simply says that he will give her everything. In fact, he even states that his own loss equals death for him, so she’s free to do whatever she wants with his corpse.

But this just makes Yoruzu happy as she proposes marriage, to which Sakuna agrees, putting him under a binding vow. Yoruzu doesn’t even care about living and states that ‘I am the one who wants to kill you, and I want you to be the person to kill me.’ Having a few screws loose seems to be like a trait that the strongest sorcerers introduced to Kaisen all share, no matter the era.

Because let’s just think about it, right? This guy and even her, but this is in line with Principal Yaga’s lesson to Eugene in chapter 3. He stated the reality of being a sorcerer, telling him that they need to be motivated but also crazy because of how the Jujutsu world is.

But Yoruzu’s crazy is on a whole different level as she is not letting Sakuna have a cakewalk of a fight, battling seamlessly at both close and long range even against powerful Shikigamis with her cursed technique, which is the fully realized version of the Zenin’s technique. Now if you’d forgotten, My’s ability was construction.

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

There are plenty of instances where cursed techniques run through genetics like six eyes in the Gojo Clan, which could mean that Yorazoo is potentially related to the Zenings.

With her cursed energy pool, Yorozu can seamlessly manipulate liquid metal, similar to a ferrofluid that changes its volume whilst maintaining stable physical properties due to Cursed energy. She can use it to create any object and structure except special grade weapons, whereas Mai simply created the objects themselves, and she was limited to Conjuring only one bullet per day because her cursed energy was suppressed due to sharing Mackie’s Heavenly restriction.

Thus, Yorozu has a super advanced version of the technique, and she has built numerous weapons to become a veteran sorcerer. But this doesn’t really impact Sukuna because he’s using Megami’s curse technique with no glitches after the bath in the earlier chapters.

Megami’s soul was interfering with Sukuna’s stats, including cursed energy output, but when he was attacking his allies, but even with his sister as the opponent, Megami isn’t becoming a bottleneck, meaning that the bath ritual was successful. Sukuna now has total control of the body and just needs to make it permanent.

In fact, 10 Shadows is even more lethal in Sukuna’s hands than Megami’s, the actual owner. With our balls-deep observation curse technique, I have noticed that Sukuna’s hand signs in summoning the 10 Shadows are not the same when compared to Megami’s, meaning that he is interpreting the technique in a completely different way as a more refined version.

So, if you look closely, Sukuna’s hand signs summoned a new way and divine dogs that are not just bigger or stronger than Megami’s, they are literal monsters. Like honestly, these dogs look more demonic than they do divine. They don’t even have a complete form like usual, but a more akin to literal shadow.

He can even summon multiple shikigami without using a domain expansion as Megami did. This proves that theory that occurs techniques not only rely on output skill and cursed energy reserves but also an interpretation. Back in chapter 134, we learned that Ghetto wasn’t using cursed Spirit manipulation at its 100 percent like Kinjaku, who made it an extremely op technique, telling us that because techniques depend heavily on the sorcerer’s interpretation.

Another good example of this was in chapter 116. Sukuna had flexed a wild card on Jogo and fought him using his own curse technique, fire. He then kindly explained Jogo’s inadequacy by stating, ‘You should have burned everything you desired to ascend.’ Her without thinking Sakura went on to say, ‘To reach the height of Gojo, one must not worry about the future. Rather, they must have the hunger to fulfill their desire.’

This statement can easily be overlooked, but it holds a heavy meaning. Sukuna, who understands the true essence of cursed energy and Jujutsu altogether, is incomparable to Megami, who has no guidance to learn his technique. He usually refuses to be taught by Gojo, and neither did he grow up in the Zening clan, who are the original owners of 10 Shadows.

Thus, Megami truly doesn’t comprehend the mechanics of his powers, and he’s still learning them all on the fly. Moreover, he doesn’t believe in himself when he fights, which is why he can’t envision a stronger version of himself. And, in turn, this makes him unable to interpret a more powerful technique.

For instance, Megami’s mentality of summoning Maharaga was seen as a suicidal trump card rather than something to overcome and use in future battles. Mega me believes that he is weak, therefore he is. But on the other hand, we have Sukuna who is confident, even arrogant in his power and skill, and rightfully so.

He sees himself as the pinnacle of strength and rules by allowing him complete control over 10 Shadows, which is why he seems to have tamed the strongest shikigami of the technique, Maho Raga. True, back in the fight, Sukuna’s constant attacks are timed by Yoruzu, including Divine Dogs, not leaving a scratch.

But what actually hurt her was that Sakuna was using his vessel’s technique to touch his future wife. That’s right, she ain’t into all that. That’s right, Yoruzu wanted Sukuna to use his own technique, revealing that it is called Mizushi or Shrine. Even Sukuna’s domain expansion is called Malevolent Shrine, telling us that cleave and dismantle are attacks of his technique just like the domain. Yoruzu even asks Sakuna if he is sure he can kill her with someone else’s technique.

The Complex Relationships of Sukuna: Exploring the Dynamic Between His Wife and Brother

But of course, Sukuna doesn’t pay her any mind like the rest of the chapter, which sends her into a fit. Damn it, so wonder that Sakuna didn’t kill her earlier in the Heian era itself since he doesn’t seem the type to entertain tantrums like this. But with how prideful he is, it must be that Sukuna doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction of dying by his hand.

In her rage, Yoruzu gets freaking serious and turns into a hollow. Huh, looks like she was inspired by that one cockroach you to kissed in Chapter 175. But well, the new form she takes on is of a flesh armor that is inspired by a variety of borrowings from multiple strands of evolution, another feature of her cursed technique.

In response to this form, Sukuna calls upon Maharaga to get rid of his stalker. He says that this is the perfect time for a test drive, and you thought the worst he could say was no. But this raises the question of why would Sukuna so and Maharaja in this fight if he hasn’t tamed it? We know from Shibuya that a 10 Shadows user has to solo any shikigami they want to tame, and exercising it with a third-party help nullifies the technique once the exorcism is completed.

Additionally, Sukuna was explicitly not part of the ritual during Shibuya, but when Megami summoned Maharaga, we did not see the eight-handed wheel as a crown over his head. However, with Sukuna, we can see it, implying that he has tamed Maharaga off-screen. If we go back to Chapter 118, Sukuna had some trouble when dealing with Maharaga himself, even though once he figured out the trick, he easily wonk.

Like, let’s not forget that Saguna stated Maharaga would have killed him if he didn’t have 15 of his fingers because of positive coast energy as well as adapting to any and/or phenomena. But the fact that he deems that Yorozu will be a good test of Maharaja can be seen as an acknowledgment of her skill as a sorcerer.

This perfectly demonstrates the difference between the Heian era Sorcerers and modern-day Sorcerers, as most of them have incredible power and skills like Kashumo and Kinjaku.

It also shows that Sukuna truly respects these strong sorcerers of the Heian era, the Golden Age of cursed techniques, and only mocks the weak people of modern day, except for this canon father. Then again, Sukuna saying that he wants to test Maharaga means that we could expect a Godzilla Kaiju type of shikigami.

If he hasn’t tamed Maharaga yet, then it would be an insane showdown that will give special grade curses a run for their money. And talking about special grades, I feel that it’s no coincidence that Sukuna and Yoruzu are fighting in the same colony as Utah and Rika because Utah and Sukuna, at least, have the struggle of marriage in common.

What I meant to say is that since all the powerful sorcerers detected Sukuna’s presence, there’s a high possibility that Yuta will show up and interrupt this fight, which would be absolutely insane.

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