One Piece: Sanji’s powers explained

One Piece: Sanji's powers explained

One Piece: Sanji’s powers explained

One Piece: Sanji's powers explained

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, but beyond that, he’s arguably the third strongest member. Now, while I originally found it very odd that this random cook is so strong, it actually turns out that there are some secrets to his power, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

I’ll be going over all of Sanji’s powers and abilities. Black Leg style is a martial arts form created by Red Leg Zeff, AKA Sanji’s mentor and role model. It’s a form of fighting in which the user only uses their legs and feet in order to preserve their hands for the more important task of cooking.

This fighting style was created before the main series started when Zeff was a pirate, but it was first seen from Sanji in chapter 54 when he used it to take out a group of pirates in a matter of seconds. He did this by using an attack called Party Table Kick Course, which brings us to the naming scheme of Black Leg Style.

Like many other characters in the series, Sanji’s attacks have a certain naming scheme to them. In this case, the attacks are usually named after something food or meat-related. So, for instance, he has an attack called Kunkasaur, which basically means Crush, but actually, concass is a French term used to describe the process of crushing ingredients such as nuts or grains.

When he uses this ability, he spins rapidly on one hand or in the air, and he uses the force of this spinning to make his kick even stronger. Speaking of strength, you can imagine that a user of Black Leg Style has to have extremely strong legs, and you would be right, as even before the time skip, he was able to kick away cannonballs in mid-air.

But there’s an even stronger technique that he could use that could power up his kicks even more. Diablo Jambé, or Diablo Jumble, as I’ll be referring to it, was first seen in chapter 415 during Sanji’s fight with Jabra. In French, Diablo refers to devil, and jambae means leg, and this name is fitting because this technique allows Sanji to light his leg on fire.

He accomplishes this by spinning on one leg and using not only friction but his burning emotions to actually heat up the leg. This not only increases Sanji’s attack potency but also his speed, and pretty much every attack that he can do regularly, he can do with Diablo Jumble as well.

Post-time skip, he has mastered this ability to the point where he can ignite both legs without even the need to spin, and he can go even further beyond this by lighting his entire body on fire. Now, if you’re asking how, well, I’m here to explain this. See, Sanji is a simp to the point where he will not hit any woman, even if it’s in a life or death situation.

So you can imagine how much rage he has built up since for two years, he was stuck on an island with crossdressers, and this rage is so potent that in times of anger, he can light his entire body on fire. Now, if you’re asking the more sane question of how is he not dead, well, in chapter 1023, it was established that Sanji’s passions and emotions burn hotter than any flame that he can produce.

One Piece: Sanji's powers explained

Even so, Sanji’s opponent, Queen, speculated that the only reason he can perform the album Jambu is because of his genetic modifications, which brings us to the second branch of Sanji’s powers. So, in the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji’s true heritage was revealed. Before he encountered Zeff, he was actually a member of the Vinsmoke family, the royal family of the German Kingdom.

Sanji’s father, Vinsmoke Judge, was actually the great scientist that created the Raid Suits. However, he was a complete dick who decided to genetically modify his children to have no emotions so that they can be perfect soldiers. Fortunately, Sanji’s mother, Sora, did everything in her power to stop this genetic modification.

As a result, Sora died, and while he did become a regular child, he was tormented by the rest of his family for being weak. This obviously led to him running away, and fast-forwarded a decade, he ran into Germa again.

After the events of Whole Cake Island, he found the Raid Suit in his pocket as a gift from Judge for saving his life. And 30 chapters later, he decided to wear the suit as a disguise, even though he hates his family with a burning passion. On a basic level, the Raid Suit greatly enhances the user’s physical capabilities.

The cape for the Raid Suit is bulletproof, and the boots allow a person to fly, regardless of whether they could before or not. Each suit also has its own special ability since they’re personalized to the wearer. Sanji’s suit allows him to turn invisible, an ability that he’s been wanting for his entire life, for obvious reasons. But shortly after wearing the Raid Suit for the second time, Sanji himself stated that his body felt off.

In his fight with Queen, Sanji refused to wear the Raid Suit because of his pride, even if it put him at a disadvantage. This led to him getting all of the bones in his body crushed because of Queen’s unorthodox tactics. But in chapter 1028, it was revealed that because of wearing the Raid Suit, Sanji had awakened the genetic modifications that his mother had suppressed.

See, Judge had manipulated the lineage factor, which is said to be the blueprint of all life, and by manipulating it from a young age, he can modify a person’s body. This is exactly what Judge did to his children. By manipulating the lineage factor, he not only made them emotionless but also gave them enhanced strength, speed, and a durable exoskeleton that could withstand attacks from Yonko commanders.

And by withstand attacks, I really mean it, as Queen full force swung his sword at Sanji, and it broke over his head. What the…

And this is how I think he was so strong at the beginning of the series. Sure, he trained a lot under Zeff, but I think his genetic modification had something to do with that as well. And when you think about it this way, it makes sense. In his first major fight with Gin, a human, he lost, but in the arc right after this, he fights Fishmen who are 10 times stronger than humans at birth. But that’s just a little theory that I have. During the raid, Sanji was met with a choice.

One Piece: Sanji's powers explained

He could either put on the rage suit and become an emotionless killing machine and easily defeat Queen, or he can destroy the raid suit and just be a flawed human being. And obviously, being the upstanding guy that he is, Sanji decided to destroy the raid suit and keep his emotions. It turns out, this is the right course of action as Sanji not only kept his emotions but all of his genetic modifications as well.

By using these modifications in combination with Diablo Jambu, Sanji was able to create an even stronger technique, Ifrit Jambu, a technique vastly stronger than Diablo Jambu with even hotter Flames that are blue. But you know, in the comments, tell me what y’all think about Sanji’s new powers and tell me what y’all think about Sanji as a character.

Me personally, I like Zorro over Sanji, but I can’t lie that there are moments where Sanji is just way cooler. I also enjoy his role as the third strongest Straw Hat because when Luffy and Zorro are being complete dumbasses and getting themselves captured or something like that, Sanji’s always the one to save them.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. I don’t really know what the blog is gonna be next week. I was kind of thinking Bleach because you know, the anime just came back out and you know, I’m kind of into that now. But I was also thinking about making a blog about the Yonko as well, so y’all can tell me in the comments which one y’all want.

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