Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

Yuta Okkotsu is one of the most interesting characters in the series. Both from a story perspective and a power perspective. Being called someone who’s only second to Satoru Gojo in unusual abilities. So lets talk about what those abilities actually are. Reverse Cursed Technique allows Yuta to heal himself from losing limbs, entire body parts, poisons and anything that doesn’t one shot his brain.

Reverse Cursed Technique being something he has been able to use since the beginning of the series. With its limits being that it can’t heal damage done to the soul, physical injuries only. Reverse Cursed Technique also being something that Yuta can output offensively to one shot Curses all the way up to special grade.

Ironically being the same two traits that make Mahoraga so difficult to kill, constant regeneration and the ability to one shot cursed spirits. The Black flash which Yuta uses in the movie amps his striking power for one hit to the power of 2.5. This move can’t be used intentionally although successful attempts can be made.

Landing the Black Flash puts Yuta in a zone where his body reaches 120 percent of its potential. Making manipulating Cursed Energy for him as easy as breathing air, the duration of this Zone being unknown. Rika is a Vengeful spirit that fights alongside him and is what Yuta is mainly known for. Rika being able to carry the Cursed Techniques that Yuta copies with his cursed technique Mimicry which he uses to copy the techniques of others.

Rika can also fire energy blast like a dragon ball Z character and replenish Yuta’s Cursed Energy that he stores inside of her for later use. An entire war being started over Rika in volume Zero as Suguru wanted to take control of her since in his own words she was so powerful that mastering her power would let him wipe out every sorcerer in Japan and all the humans on the planet.

Rika has an ability that’s shown during his fight against Suguru and outlined even further against Uro and Ryu. That being a high output Cursed Energy blast that Yuta can fire directly at his opponents when Rika is fully manifested.

I’ve seen this be misinterpreted as Yuta copying Ryu’s technique even though he uses this exact same attack in Volume Zero before even knowing that Ryu existed, the confusion coming from the “high output” wording in the statement. This has absolutely nothing to do with Ryu as one,

there’s no point in time where it’s even implied that Yuta has his technique, he used the ability over a year before meeting him, and Rika was never shown eating any of Ryu’s DNA which was the condition for him copying Uro’s technique earlier. The statement means exactly what it says.

The beam can only be fired when Rika is fully manifested. When she isn’t Manifested he can’t use it. There is no other implication behind it. The difference between Yuta using the same beam attack against Suguru being that against Suguru he used a Binding vow to surpass the limits of Cursed Energy, and against Ryu he didn’t. It’s the same attack, the first time it was amped, the second time it wasn’t.

The Cursed Techniques that Rika holds for Yuta inside of her body include Innumaki’s technique Cursed Speech. Cursed Speech lets Yuta do many things to his opponents from stopping them from moving, crushing them, twisting them beyond recognition, making them explode, and even commanding them to die on the spot.

The only way to protect yourself from cursed speech being to protect both the ears and the brain with Cursed Energy. Yuta suffering none of the drawbacks that Innumaki has when using the technique. Uro’s Technique that lets him bend and shatter space on his opponents is highly underrated. The technique has no name but has many advantages.

Some of which include being able to bypass the guard of his opponents, redirecting enemy attacks, and causing his enemies to miss by bending the space around them. The technique being something that Yuta gains access to after Rika eats Uro’s arm in the culling games. Something that needs to be spoken about with Yuta that pops up at least once a month is him not being able to copy The Six Eyes or Gojo’s Cursed Technique.

This comes up over and over again so putting it to rest here will get this out of the way. Yuta can not copy the Six Eyes since it’s something that’s inherited at birth, also lore wise two Six Eyes users can not exist at the same time.

Without the Six Eyes there’s no reason to copy Limitless as the Six Eyes are what make the technique so effective, Limitless without the Six Eyes would be way harder to control, a massive stamina drain as it even tires out Gojo during the hidden inventory arc, and would be far less useful as the six eyes are what let Gojo control space on an atomic level along with them heavily reducing the amount of cursed energy that the techniques drain from his overall stamina pool.

Yuta has many other abilities that haven’t been revealed yet so they won’t be included in this blog.

Some of these include his domain expansion which was interrupted when Yuta Uro and Ryu activated their domains at the same time. And the many other techniques stored inside of Rika’s body that haven’t been used at the time of this blog. Most of which we’ll likely see later on. All of these things help to build Yuta into one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Despite him only being in his first two or three years as a student. Being a Special Grade Sorcerer giving him at the bare minimum the ability to wipe out a country entirely on his own. While growing far stronger the more he collects and masters the many abilities of the jujutsu world. 2 Yuta’s most impressive scaling moments happen in Volume Zero, where he goes from being a weak high school student to one of the strongest people on the planet in a single volume.

Yuta starts training to use Rika’s power and goes from getting slapped up by Maki to competing with a Semi Grade 1 Cursed Spirit, to challenging and defeating one of the strongest sorcerers in the world. Who even said himself that Yuta didn’t even understand how to use Rika properly at the time of their fight.

Yuta’s Final Opponent in the Volume Suguru Geto being a Special Grade that was hailed as one of the strongest sorcerers of his generation even during his teen years. Who was believed by those around him to have the potential to beat Gojo given enough time and training.

Gojo even being confident that Suguru could win an entire war against every sorcerer in Japan almost entirely on his own, which is something that Suguru confirms himself although with less than favorable odds. Odds that go up to ninety nine percent if he defeats Yuta Okkotsu, putting the pressure of saving all of Japan and the entire planet on Yuta as he defeats one of the strongest enemies he could have faced at that time within his rookie year.

Suguru being a threat to the planet being based on Suguru’s plans to wipe out every human being on earth after defeating Yuta, claiming Rika for himself, and defeating all of Japans sorcerers. Rika’s soul is freed from her Vengeful spirit body and Yuta goes to train with Miguel across the country.

Growing far stronger over that period of time and regaining his special grade status that was removed when Rika moved on to the afterlife. For the next 140 chapters the readers are left with nothing on Yuta except the legend that his name created. Giving him more build up than nearly anyone in the entire series for four years straight that no one else had.

Examples of this even come from Gojo himself where he states that Yuta and Hakari have the potential to become stronger than him. Todo thinking Yuta was the only person worth fighting in the exchange event since he wiped out Kyoto single handedly before he left. The Tokyo squad constantly talking about Yuta’s strength.

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

And Gojo having complete faith in Yuta to handle Kenjaku after he was sealed inside of Prison Realm. The Special Grade title that Yuta regained after his training with Miguel being spoken about when Yuki another special grade, fights Kenjaku, someone who took over Suguru’s body. Special grade sorcerers at a bare minimum being strong enough to wipe out an entire country entirely on their own.

Which is consistent as they’re meant to be able to take out Special Grade curses easily, Special grade curses at the time of this blog having their most impressive feats being Dagon Creating an island with his domain expansion. An amount of energy that’s less than what would be needed to take out an entire country in one shot. Yuta comes back during the Shibuya arc where he’s tasked with killing Yuji.

Which isn’t his true intention as making a binding vow to end Yuji’s life was the only way to get the higher ups to trust him. His real intentions being to fake Yuji’s death a second time and to watch over him and the other students at Gojo’s request. A request Gojo made before he was sealed.

Yuta interrupts Naoya’s fight with Choso and Yuji and his aura alone is enough to make Naoya back out of fighting him. This is the same Naoya that saw Gojo and Toji as the ultimate pictures of strength, and saw no other sorcerer as even being worth his consideration.

Who was even willing to fight Stage 1 Maki after she gained some of Toji’s power. Yet Yuta without Rika summoned makes him shit himself, Yuta’s aura being something that Yuji compares to Gojo himself. Yuta closes in on Yuji and a fight between a suppressed Yuta and Yuji who’s fighting for his life begins.

Yuta having so much Cursed Energy that Yuji can’t even track his movements. Yuji gets kicked so hard that it knocks the wind out of him with one attack and Rika in her weakest base state is too strong for Yuji to do anything against. Let alone her full manifestation and a fully powered Yuta who can perform in ways that are similar to if not better than her in the Culling Games. The gap between Yuta and Yuji being clearly shown.

Yuji wakes up from thinking he was dead and is immediately greeted by Yuta. After which he realizes Yuta suppressed himself and entrust him with killing him if Sukuna ever goes on another rampage.

Yuji’s gauge on how Sukuna is at this point is murky at best as he didn’t seem to be aware of what Sukuna did in Shibuya until Sukuna told him, or anything that Sukuna has going on in his mind, meaning that Yuji may be completely unaware of how strong Sukuna actually was against Mahoraga and Jogo, and may only know about the aftermath of the fight, not its inner details.

This is also questionable as Yuta has no idea how strong Sukuna is either, having never seen him in action, but if you want to take that statement at face value that Yuta can beat a 75 percent Sukuna then there it is. The Culling Games start and the main cast is tasked with stopping Kenjaku from recreating the Heian era as a first step to a much larger plan.

The culling games being Kenjaku turning hundreds if not thousands of people in Japan into sorcerers or awakening them as vessels and having them fight each other for his own interest. Some of these fighters being some of the strongest combatants from their respective eras like Hajime Kashimo, The Angel, Uro, Ryu, Kuroroushi, etc. Yuta being charged with taking out the Sendai colony entirely on his own.

Once he’s there Yuta intends to end the Culling Games entirely by himself. With his main goal being to gain four hundred points, kill Kenjaku and stop his plans for world domination. By far having one of the most volatile colonies in the seires so far having to face four special grade level opponents.

Kuroroushi who holds the powers of life and death, Uro who can bend and shatter space, Ryu who has the same level of strength no matter how he discharges his cursed energy, and Druv who was strong enough to hold these characters in a free for all stale mate. AMG After killing Druv Yuta’s next opponent is Kuroroushi.

Kuroroushi is a special grade cursed spirit brought that holds the Festering Life Blade which controls the powers of life and death. While being able to summon millions of flesh eating cockroaches that eat their enemies down to the bones themselves. With insects that he can shoot into his opponents that will rip apart their bodies from the inside out.

All of this considered Yuta doesn’t even remotely consider Kuroroushi as someone he needs to go all out against, as he’s more interested in suppressing himself to keep his abilities a secret from Uro and Ryu who were watching him in the distance. Yuta being confident that he can one shot Kuroroushi with Reverse Cursed Technique at any point in time. Even refusing to use Rika.

Aiming to kill him with close combat skills alone. Yuta immediately outsmarts and pressures Kuroroushi who’s intent is to kill him, pushing him back with seemingly little effort. Kuroroushi summons his millions of flesh eating cockroaches which Yuta one shots with no hesitation. Until Kuroroushi sends flesh eating insects inside of Yuta’s body and hits him with the Festering Life Blade, which Uro and Ryu think should be enough to one shot him despite him killing someone who had them in a deadlock earlier. Yuta recovering from this with Reverse Cursed

Technique and one shotting Kuroroushi with offensive Reverse Cursed Technique with a head shot that takes out Kuroroushi’s body in one strike. This catches the attention of Uro who attacks Yuta immediately. Uro being someone who can bend space and shatter it on her opponents. Being able to bypass the guard of her enemies by warping the space around them.

Along with redirecting attacks at long and close range. Yuta still isn’t going “All out” at this point as he still needs to collect Uro and Ryu’s points. Especially considering that he killed Druv and Kuroroushi. Yuta now having to find a way to beat two Special Grade level opponents without killing them, otherwise his mission would fail.

Figuring out her cursed technique with little time and information after a brief conversation with Uro and seeing her abilities first hand. This is interrupted by Ryu who hits Yuta with a granite blast that Uro blocks by bending the space around her body. Yuta taking the brunt of the damage, and deciding that Ryu is the bigger threat. Something that both Uro and Yuta agree on at the same time.

With Yuta running straight at Ryu with no hesitation. Ryu is another fighter brought back from the past who can fire cursed energy straight from his body. Each blast or discharge that he uses having the exact same strength no matter how he does it or how much of it he uses. Although his attacks can be charged to become even stronger which is something that he details later.

When one of his attacks are released earlier than usual and didn’t reach their max potential. Yuta is able to swap hands with Ryu and comments on his strength, saying that if he’s not on guard he’ll take serious damage. This is the same Ryu that three shot Rika hitting her with a punch later on in the fight that she wouldn’t have been able to handle even in her strongest form.

The same Rika that Yuji couldn’t even break free from when in her weakest state. Yet here’s Yuta throwing hands with him and surviving showing how strong he actually is. Rika takes a cursed energy attack to the back and blocks Ryu’s Granite blast with his bare hands. Taking a second Granite blast at point blank range right after before getting hit by Uro’s Thin Ice Breaker.

Yuta now reaching his limit having healed himself at least six times since his fight with Kuroroushi. Yuta’s “Boundless Cursed Energy” finally reaching its limit. Yuta brings out Rika and tells her to give him everything with her taking his Cursed Energy levels back to fighting shape and giving him access to his mimicked Cursed Techniques.

The fight now being Yuta and Rika vs Uro vs Ryu. Yuta with his hand selected Cursed Techniques versus someone who can bend and shatter space, and a long range opponent that can nuke Yuta several times without tiring out. Although the same conditions still stand, Yuta can’t kill his opponents because he needs their points.

While he is going harder than he was before, it’s clear that Yuta isn’t fighting at his max potential in this fight because of a few simple things. Uro and Ryu are never shown using Reverse Cursed Technique, so an assumption could be made at this point that they don’t have it. This would make Cursed Speech’s many options like exploding enemies, crushing them, twisting them, or telling them to die go to options that could end these fights far quicker than how they actually went.

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

Instead Yuta uses movement restriction techniques to beat them down to the point of making them give him their points while they’re alive. Yuta Uro and Ryu clash several times and eventually end up in a three way domain clash that gets interrupted by Kuroroushi who came back to life with Parthenogenesis. Yuta eventually gets Uro’s Cursed Technique by having Rika eat her arm and finishes off Kuroroushi.

Using Uro’s technique later to redirect Ryu’s Granite blast to strike him after having a beam clash with him, in which Ryu was slightly stronger. Druv, Kuroroushi, Uro, and Ryu all being defeated by Yuta despite him not being able to go all out on the latter two. Making Yuta someone who wiped out one of the strongest sorcerers on the planet in his first year as a fighter.

Someone who controls one of the strongest Vengeful Spirits of all time. Who Yuji can’t beat in his most suppressed state ever shown in the series. Who can beat four special grade level opponents without even using his power to its utmost limits. That being said it’s not a secret why Gojo says that Yuta has the potential to surpass him one day.

And even entrust him with watching over all of the students while he’s gone. Having zero hesitation in trusting Yuta to kill Kenjaku. And seeing him as someone who will become one of the strongest Jujutsu sorcerers to ever live. On that same subject Gojo as mentioned before is confident that Yuta will become even stronger than he is when reaching his max potential.

With Rika herself being so strong that he considered her nearly impossible to exorcise on his own. Even going as far as to say that when at his best, Yuta is expected to break the limitations of Special Grade completely forcing the entire Jujutsu world to rework its power system.

Something that was also said about Yuji and Todo when reaching their absolute peak years in the future. One of the most controversial things about Yuta is his “Boundless” Cursed Energy. More casual fans of the series thinking that this means infinite, regardless of Yuta saying himself that he can run out, and then running out mid fight against Uro and Ryu.

Boundless in itself is a hyperbolic statement. It isn’t to be taken literally. Boundless in the context of the story meaning having such a vast amount of that it’s seemingly without end, or an amount that far exceeds anything that other characters have seen up until that point. Yuta when fighting Yuji directly tells him that he can run out of Cursed Energy, which he actually does later on against Uro and Ryu.

The only examples of actual infinite Cursed Energy being Gojo and Hakari. While Gojo does have a finite amount as outlined by Yuta in Shibuya, the amount that he uses is smaller than his own regeneration rate so he’ll never run out, a byproduct of having the six eyes. Hakari having one hundred percent infinite Cursed Energy when hitting his Jackpot ability for four minutes straight.

Neither of these being the same as Yuta who can and will run out if pushed far enough.