Dragon Ball Female Characters – All Female Saiyans In Amazing Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Female Characters - All Female Saiyans In Amazing Dragon Ball
The Dragon Ball series has always been popular for its masculine saiyan warriors and powerful female saiyans. Unlike other races, the planet’s inhabitants in Dragon Ball constantly increase their power through intense combat.
Dragon Ball Female Characters – Saiyans have incredible physical strength, as well as a beautiful appearance. Despite the limited role they play in the series, scholars and fans alike have a lasting impact on their multi-generational appeal.
Dragon Ball Female Characters
This article provides a list of all the female Saiyans in Dragon Ball.
In the Dragon Ball series, there are only nine female saiyans, including one fusion saiyan. You can learn about their personalities, powers and roles in the series by looking through this list.

The hybrid Saiyan Dragon Ball Female Characters

Hybrid Saiyans of Dragon Ball Female Characters are a mix of Saiyan and the human race. They are said to have the most potential and are naturally more powerful than their male counterparts. However, transforming into a super Saiyan is difficult because it requires immense effort and intense training.

3. Bulma Leigh

Bulma Leigh
Bulma Leigh is a minor antagonist in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy and a Dragon Ball Female Characters. She has a daughter named Tenzin. There is nothing to confirm if she descends through Trunks or Bulla, but it likely comes down to whichever family has been most prevalent throughout the series and wouldn’t significantly change Bulma’s personality anyway. Bulma has pigtails, much like her ancestor Bulma, and they have a spiked texture like all Saiyans born with their hair spiky. Bulma Leigh also shares Bulma’s overall personality.
In the Only Appearance in the Shadow Dragon Saga, Pan was a high-ranking official at Capsule Corporation and did not know Vegeta and Goku’s descendants. At the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament, Pan and Bulma Leigh meet for the first time. In the tournament, Bulma Leigh came to watch her son compete against Goku Jr.

2. Bulla

Bulla is the second child and the younger sister of Trunks. She shares a common ground with him, as their father is Vegeta. Born six years after Kid Buu was defeated, she is half Saiyan and half Earthling. She came about during the Universe Survival Saga, when Lord Beerus gave Vegeta and Bulma a baby girl named Eschalot to help them hold off Goku Black from destroying all life in Universe 7; that’s how Bulla got her name.
She is close friends with Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl. Bulla is the most assertive of girls in Dragon Ball; she loves doing girly things and her personality bears a resemblance to that of her father, Goku.
As a baby, Bulla was generally cheerful, enthusiastic, and curious. When she becomes a teenager, she grows up to be headstrong, overbearing, sassy, sarcastic and spoiled–much like her mother.
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Bulla has had no difficulty with violence since childhood, but she does not display that same competitive spirit of a Saiyan. Bulla loves her father like her mother does.
Her mother came from a unique family, and that’s rubbed off on her. She showed no interest in learning about horses like her father did and also has no desire to take over the family business at all. She is also one of the important Earthling Dragon Ball Female Characters appearing in Universe 7.

1. Pan

One of the most popular Saiyans in Dragon Ball Female Characters is Pan – Goku’s daughter. Any son or daughter of Goku would be incredibly strong and resilient. They’re born with the power to bring peace to the world that’s needed beyond all else. She’s also a quarter Saiyan, like her father, and because she has an abundance of natural energy, she was able to master flight at such a young age. Pan started out as Goku’s granddaughter, who showed great promise from a very young age. She participated in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament (same one taught by her grandpa) where she easily defeated a large man with just two punches.
In Dragon Ball Super, Pan was shown to be very playful and a bit of a clown. When Piccolo made faces at her, she responded with happy and amused laughter.
Some of Pan’s behavior stems from her desire for attention. Gohan is partly to blame for this brash behavior, as he has been unable to handle disciplining her in the past.
Whereas in Dragon Ball GT, Pan is shown to be a tomboy. She’s similar to her mother in that she wishes to fight when she can rather than standing on the sidelines. She’s also quite violent, both verbally and physically.
Pan, who is an incredibly powerful mystic of Dragon Ball Female Characters, helps Goku from inside Videl during the God of Destruction Beerus Arc. During this arc, Goku would need the power of five righteous Saiyans to reach the Super Saiyan God state. Pan serves as a 5th saiyan and helps Goku become a Super Saiyan God to battle against Beerus.

Female Saiyan in the Dragon Ball Female Characters 

These are the female characters of the Saiyan race. Although their planet was destroyed by Frieza, we were able to get glimpse of these particular female members before he obliterated everything in sight. They’re also part of Frieza’s army now because they supported him.

3. Nion

When major characters like Broly and Vegeta come into the spotlight, it’s important to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses. Nion is a minor character from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but she occupies a pivotal place in the film. She does an outstanding job with analyzing Saiyan strength, which is evident when her colleagues Moroko and Shito speak with King Vegeta about potential threat of Broly. Nion is right to think that Broly could become the legendary Super Saiyan– he even becomes it in the end!
Nion appears to resemble her fellow scientists in more than just appearance. I both share a similar mannerism and wear battle clothing like most Saiyans living on Vegeta Planet. Unlike the pure-blooded Saiyans who seem to be mostly black, Nion’s hair is bluish-purple.
Because Nion is a low-class Saiyan, it’s reasonable to assume she’s in the science field because she’s lacking “combat necessity”.

2. Fasha

Fasha is one of the main female characters in the Dragon Ball Z series. She is also known as Celipa in the original Japanese version. As a Saiyan warrior, she serves as a member of Team Bardock that consists of five members. Fasha is the only member of this team to be a woman.
Fasha is an incredible fighter with a lot of energy. She and her teammate Bardock attacked planet Kanassa in their Great Ape forms and made a cameo in the latest Dragon Ball Super movie. She also appeared on Frieza’s scouter when he used it to detect snipers in King Vegeta’s castle.
Xenoverse 2 reveals that Bardock valued her as a fierce warrior. He thought she was more dependable than the average person, so he sent her on important missions and trusted her with his life.
(Semi) Super Saiyans like Fasha can transform into a great ape after the sighting of a full moon or Blutz Waves. However, this is only possible for Saiyans such as her.
Fasha has the ability to transform herself into a tiger and focus on an enemy without attacking her team. This allows her to perform sneak attacks against stronger opponents.
As soon as Vegeta transforms into a Great Ape, Fasha is the first to notice and begins hurling power blasts. The form gives her group a significant boost in power, but it’s not without faults. Fasha has limited control of the form, and can’t talk while she’s in it. She remains the only female seen in battle, utilizing the Great Ape transformation.

1. Gine

Gine is a female Saiyan who was formerly a low-class Saiyan warrior. She is the wife of Bardock and the mother of Raditz and Goku. Gine first appears in Dragon Ball Super: Broly as a minor character, but she reappears later in Dragon Ball Super as one of Bulma’s most important allies. Gine has a gentle, pure-hearted, loving, cheerful, energetic personality with her youngest son, Goku, and grandson, Goten. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Resurrection F she develops a genuine union of companionship with Bardock.
Even though Saiyans generally do not develop male-female relationships except for procreation, Gohan and Bardock had a great bond between the two of them.
Gine also makes an appearance in the flashback of Goku. The flashback shows events of what led to the husband’s decision to save Granolah’s life.
Gine had a varied career before finally joining Team Bardock. She spent time as a member of the Team Bardock and used to face many dangers in the battlefield. However, her savior was Bardock, saving her every time.
Gine’s soft personality made her unfit for the battlefield. This difference in personality led to a special bond between her and Bardock, which is more noticeable after they retired from battle.
Gine is not a strong fighter, according to the manga. That’s why it makes sense that they would retire from the army and go work as a meat distribution employee on their home planet.

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