CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

Welcome back to Chainsaw Interviews, where every week we take a closer look at the newest chapter of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s masterpiece, Chainsaw Man. This week, we’re taking a closer look at Chainsaw Man Part 2, Chapter 11, Word Chapter 108. This week’s Chainsaw Man news was pretty tame. Last week, Euro Niko began their fight, but Yoru was not doing so hot. She exhausted every single plant she had except for one. She gave her body back to Mitaka.

This week picks right back up where we left off, with Mitaka trying to reason with Huko. Yuko won’t budge, comparing herself to the Gun Devil, saying that the Gun Devil killed millions of people, whereas she’s only killed four. Mitaka realizes that talking is futile, so she asks Yoru how to make a weapon.

This is where we finally get a concrete answer as to how her powers work. Yoru says that you have to touch an object while saying its name. So, Mitaka places her hand on her school uniform, saying ‘super strong uniform sword.’ Then, the uniform starts to morph off of her, turning into a sword, leaving her with nothing but her underwear on.

Itaka tells Yuko that the bullies are her problem, but Yuko says that she isn’t doing this just for Mitaka, but for everybody. How she sees it, if she kills a few bullies now, then every other bully in the world will be scared to ever be mean again. She plans to be a symbol of peace like Chainsaw Man.

Oh boy, a lot to unpack here. It’s just something that I haven’t said in what feels like forever. If I’m not looking too far into it, my guess is this is a comment on the cycle of violence by Fujimoto. Let’s say that these bullies’ lives at home aren’t the best, so in order to feel better about themselves, they take it out on other people they feel are weaker. These weaker kids can only take so much before they finally snap, which is in this case Yuko.

CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

Yuko then comes to school and takes revenge on her bullies. She also takes it out on other kids in the crossfire, like the Devil Hunting Club, who are weaker than her. She basically becomes the bully herself and creates new bullies, and those bullies create more bullies. I’m not saying that this is what I think is going to happen, but it’s what happens in real life.

Eco thinks that this violence is going to send a message of peace, but she doesn’t realize that relying on fear is only going to stoke the flames, not put them out. Anyways, Yoru asks Yuko about the terms of her contract with the Justice Devil. Yuko says that she never gave the Justice Devil anything; she was the only one who got a benefit.

She claims that she got a heart that shines with the light of justice. Along with it, I don’t really know if that means she’s a hybrid or whatnot because we still don’t have a clear idea of how hybrids exactly come to be. We don’t know if they all come like Denji or they have the respective devil as a heart.

Even so, I don’t feel like she’s a hybrid because most hybrids are relatively humanoid, not like a squid. You could begin to resume her killing spree, but Mitaka runs after her with her new sword, saying she only intends to chop up her legs instead. Yuko just slaps the sword out of her hand.

Both Yuko and Yoru comment on how weak that sword was. Both Yuko and Yoru comment on how weak that sword was before Yuko suddenly gets chopped into bits. Turns out, the sword she made was a lot stronger than it looked, and it also turns out I was right in earlier blogs.

I theorized that the more the War Devil believes it owns something, the more powerful the weapon becomes. The uniform sword was so strong because it was the last thing that Mitaka’s mom gave to her before she died, but she didn’t think it would completely obliterate Yuko. She gets flashbacks to Bucky for some reason, which at this point feels like a million years ago. Then she realizes that Yuko is gagging on her own blood on the ground.

CHAINSAW MAN: Chapter 108 review

Mitaka rushes over, trying to see if she can do anything, but she’s too late, and Yuko is now dead. Before Mitaka can react, a young girl appears behind her, asking, ‘Do you want to save her?’ Mitaka looks at her for a moment and is confused but ultimately accepts. The girl leans in, saying, ‘Anything for my little sister.’

Who the heck is this? I have so, so many questions and theories. A lot of people seem to think that this is the Death Devil. I don’t really see why, other than something that happens in a few pages, but I don’t really have anything better. Mitaka and Yoru obviously aren’t going to be the main villains of Part 2, so another Horseman might have to fill that seat.

This is exactly where the Death Devil could come in. Well, whoever this is, she obviously is a fan of Chainsaw Man, having two ripcords as earrings. If this is the Death Devil, then maybe she might be looking for Chainsaw Man by attending a school, but for the opposite reason of Yoru.

It wouldn’t be the first time the main villain or even one of the Horsemen of Chainsaw Man was a fan of him. This was mocking this whole stick. The Death Devil could want to revive Yuko and see if she can draw out Chainsaw Man. Also, what does she mean by ‘little sister’? Even Mitaka questions this, and I have a feeling that she is either referring to the Justice Devil because in the previous blog, I speculated that the Justice Devil could be one of the Four Horsemen, or she could be calling Yuko that because she is a fellow Chainsaw Man fangirl.

In that case, why wouldn’t she just call her sister? Why a little sister? Maybe with Maki Magan, she considers herself to be Chainsaw Man’s biggest fan and every other fan inferior to her. Anyways, the next thing that happens is some Devil Hunters pull up and are met with a kaiju-sized Yuko popping out of the school building. This chapter was good because something finally happened. I don’t have to just recap the entire chapter.

I finally have stuff to talk about. And one more thing before we go, if you’ve been waiting for Denji to join the fray, I don’t think we’ll have to wait long. Iko’s entire thing is that she can read minds, meaning she knows your every move before you take it. The thing about Denji is he doesn’t ever think when he’s fighting; he just kind of makes stuff up as he goes, hoping for the best.

It could be the natural counter to Yuko. Anyways, that’s all I have for today. I’ll see you guys next week. Have a good one!

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